No Return Address

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I just have to share this with those of your that read my blogs.

One of my friends here on Sparks posted a blog that talked about “Never Again Island”. She shipped all her tonnage, and other things that she didn’t want any more to ”Never Again Island” and FORGOT to put a RETURNED ADDRESS on her package.
I thought that idea was pretty neat. If I want to never see things again, like higher numbers on the scale, then send them off there. I have yet another friend that thinks of weight as pounds of butta…..…So I have decided to ship off all my unwanted Butta sticks to “Never Return Island” and I WON’T put on a RETURN ADDRESS.
I am especially working on the 5 pounds that I found around the Christmas Holidays. (I hate that lost and found department). I’ve packaged up about a pound of that, (probably water weight) and am going to send that off to “Never Again Island”.
Never to be seen on the scale numbers again!!!!!! I just hope the package doesn’t leak.
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