What a contrast…….

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes, what a contrast I see…….

I am sitting and typing on my computer while I can hear my dryer going. I have moved all items that need to be moved off the carpets that will be cleaned in a little while… We plan on turning up the heat and running fans to dry those carpets quickly while we go off and watch a movie. We’ll come home later to a healthy meal, warm home and comfy bed.

Now the contrast:
.I also have the “Today Show” on TV and am listening to the horror stories coming from Haiti. People being treated for terrible injuries, now infected due to lack of facilities to treat them. They have no homes to go to, let alone carpets on their floors. Workers, from all over the world, who have left their homes and families to desperately search for survivors. Children so confused and frightened, tremendous grief of not even knowing if family is alive or not.

We are so blessed to be living in the USA where there’s medical assistance even when tragedy strikes. These people in Haiti, who had nothing to start with, now have even less than that. And I’m worried about carpets drying.

Yes, life needs to go on, so I pray for and donate to the Haiti relief….But it seems so little.

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