Saturday, February 20, 2010

someone busted my van window out while I was working and helped themselves to my stuff talk about a mess!!! emoticonof course I only have liability so it cost over 200 to fix my window
they stole my digital camera and all my weight watchers stuff including my journal in what looked like a purse and my new glasses that cost over 200 and my fav purple purse my alarm never went off
emoticon they never opened the door they just reached in so maybe ???that is why it didn't go off???so now afraid to go back tonight in case they come back emoticonI am afraid and mad and depressed have gorged myself all day couldn't sleep have a terrible headache and now its time to go back to work ..not ready thank goodness this is my friday wish me luck
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  • no profile photo CD6439628
    I hate thief's.
    3763 days ago
    emoticon that you were invaded. Besides losing needed items, you also lost your privacy with that incident. It will take some time to let this pass, but you will. Take some deep breaths and focus on the things that you still have--including yourself!! I'm so glad you were not injured!


    4140 days ago
  • MTNHIKER1971
    Poor thing, that is horrible... Hang in there!
    4140 days ago
    OMG " BUMMED" is an understatement!! I am so sorry you were violated this way.

    Don't be too hard on yourself for eating more than usual. In this case, that is probably a justifiable comfort eating time. Just try to get your sugars balanced out. Then hop back on the track again tomorrow.

    Sending you lots of healing energy. May your special angel embrace you today and for as long as you need as you gain your sense of security back.

    Healing Blessings
    4140 days ago

    So sorry. I hope that the butt hole who did this reaps what he has sown.

    Take care of yourself!! emoticon
    4140 days ago
  • BIGT_56
    That is terrible! I hate a thief!! From now on, when you leave anything in your car, either put it in the trunk or under the seat. Theives will look in your car window to see if there is anything visible to grab quick. If they don't see anything, they will go to the next car. They don't want to take the time to hunt for anything and risk getting caught.
    Another thing I read was if you are shopping and come out to your car to put bags in and go back to shopping, move your car to a new space. There may be theives watching for you to go back in, so they can grab your stuff. When they see you get into your car, they figure you are leaving.
    4140 days ago
    Dont be in fear, fight back. You walk into work with your head held high and I hope you made a police report. Dont let these skunks take your peace. The devil is always looking for ways to take us down and working through our fear is one of his best tools. Dont allow him to get by with that, he is under your feet in the name of Jesus by the blood of Jesus.
    4140 days ago
  • DIMI1124
    I hate that people feel they have a right to take your stuff. It does anger me. The good thing is you were not in the car( could have been a car jacking instead) I know how it is to loose things ( lost everything in a fire and had no renters insurance) This will pass. Get the anger out don't suppress it then be greatful for what did not happen!
    Sorry for your loss. emoticon
    4140 days ago
  • WEEZIE30
    Bummer! I'm sorry that happened to you. Seems like lately there has been a rash of purple purse nappings. I know someone else that had there purple purse stolen too!
    4140 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    emoticon emoticon You really had a terrible day, I'm so sorry for what you are going thru. This is emotionally destructive to you as are obviously experiencing all the emotions of this act by someone who has no respect for another person. Hang in there & focus on the moment, did you report it to the police, maybe this is not an isolated event & the perpertrator may get caught at some point. Hope your weekend improves.
    4140 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2332407
    What a Bad Day for you. How awful of those kind of thieving people. I can never understand how someone can do things like that. The cost to you is always more than what they took. My heart hurts for you. Reminds me of when someone broke into our camping trailer at the lake. I understand how you must feel. I'm so emoticon . My Prayers are with you.
    emoticon /Irene
    4140 days ago
    Sorry to hear this. Just thankful you personally are fine. My DD had her broke into and so from talking to her I can understand a little of what you are going through. Her DH lost his lap top which had all his research on it that he was working on for his Dr. degree. They were at a bible study and there were several other cars broken into.

    4140 days ago
    So sorry about your break in:( That is such a scary violation of your property :(
    That is bizarre your alarm didn't go off! Maybe it isn't working? They are usually sensitive to motion. Maybe check with the alarm company. Those things seem to go off when ever there are high winds that rock the cars here. It seems unreal it wouldn't go off with violence of a window being broken.
    Its not likely they would come back, but leaving something of value in the car (the camera) would have been a lure. This is usually a crime of opportunity. Smash and grab doesn't take long. If you are concerned about safety, maybe ask a co-worker to walk you to your car.
    Its very understandable to be upset, don't beat yourself up over a binge.
    4140 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6097965
    OMG - how horrible. Some people really are ratbags.

    A BIG emoticon to the theiving *&^%$£

    A hugely BAD day for you... and I guess it will take some time to get over it... but you will. Indulge if you must today... but back on track tomorrow - don't let *&^%$£ like them dictate how you feel - kick back and don't let them win.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4140 days ago
    Woah! That sounds awful! I'm sorry to hear that something so rotten just happened to you. :( In regards to your car alarm, I think it depends on what type you have. Some of them go off so often when other people even get near the car (annoying LOL) and others I think are if anyone actually touches the car hard enough to damage it and others only when someone actually opens the door to get in. :( I'm not sure but I think it should have went off in some way. if a window was smashed because normally wouldn't they smash it and then open the door to not have to cut themselves? I hope that they catch the person who did it and that you get your belongings back. If not though, I know you can recover and get back on track. It definitely sounds scary but we're here for you for emotional support and maybe you can take a friend the next time you go to work or have someone walk you out to your car when you're there? Keep up the great work and keep on Sparking!
    4140 days ago
    So sorry. You really did have a bad day.
    4140 days ago

    So sorry for the loss and now for the added stress over the matter. People are just so thoughtless... I hope that you can some how turn things around and let go, so that you are not dragged down every time you think about it. You do have the Power, you are the only one who has Power over what you think and do. I wish you Peace.
    4141 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Sorry to hear of your bad luck- someone once did this to me when I was young with my gym bag- they got the huge sum of a very smelly set of training clothes and workout shoes lol..
    I wish they returned them however..
    4141 days ago
    Praying that thing will work out better for you.
    4141 days ago
    Man that stinks! So sorry you had to deal with that! Things can only get better! Don't let some idiot that has no conscience control what you do! It will only upset yourself more to over eat. Wake up tomorrow and move on! You can do this! Again...sorry you had to go through that!
    4141 days ago
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