Tell me your scale tales....please....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Been sitting here for a week deciding what to share and not bore you all to death.

I spent all day yesterday on the blogs reading and occassionally responding. And discovered that I like to read the newbies and anything with the word 'scale' (stupid scale, I hate my scale, etc.) in the title.

So rather than tell you about my so-so week - please give me your best tale about the scale or maybe even tell me about the types of blogs you like to read.

Thanks in advance. And I'll even start this with my own scale tale...

Didn't own one for a long time. I wasn't my highest, but still weighed in the high 200's. Someone that I considered a friend gave me hers (what was she telling me, or what was I saying to her that made her think I needed one). An old balanced 'health-o-meter'. I put it in the spare bathroom at the far end of the hallway, where I seldom went other than to clean the cobwebs out of the porcelain features.

Occassionally when I felt a need to depress myself, I would walk down that hallway and step on. I could actually vary the weight by as much as 15 pounds just by leaning way forward or way back. Only fooling myself that much more.

Around the first of this year, 'health-o-meter' posted a $10 off coupon which I took to my nearest Walmart and found a nice little digital scale that remembers two weights (I use it #1 without clothing & #2 with clothing) and I got it for a bargain price of $8+tax. Not as good as free, but atleast I didn't feel judged by a friend.

Now this may not be as interesting as your scale tales, but I can still lean forward and back and step on with the right foot before the left etc to get different weights. But the variance is only a pound or two, so my official weigh-ins are done on a totally different scale and in front of a witness. No more lying to me! Smiles
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    I also have a balance beam scale at home. It looks like a doctor's scale and you can balance it to zero so that it is accurate when I get on the scale.

    I love the style that I have as I can stand straight and tall, move the weights until it is dead center balanced, and then get off the scale and look at what I weigh.

    I've had it for years. To me it's a keeper. And it is trustworthy and doesn't lie to me and there is no way to cheat on this thing.
    2894 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8158758
    emoticon i love this. My scale and I have a go around all the time. I swear I think my floors are warped! I can get on and gain a pound, then move it somewhere else and it is less! So, now I have it in a perfect spot that showed the lesser weight! I think I need to get a new one or else have more floors redone! emoticon

    You have a good sense of humor - I like that and your blogs Debie! Keep it up! emoticon
    3805 days ago
  • LIQUID11
    WiThings WiFi Connected Body Composition Scale. The BEST scale on Earth!!

    "Find your balance and harmony with the Withings body scale
    Using the Withings body scale is fun, straight forward and super easy. You get in control of your body weight, body fat, lean mass and BMI and you can observe long time and short time trends at a glance. The separation of total body mass into fat and lean mass parts helps to understand the evolution of your body and to differentiate between good mass and bad mass"

    3962 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/3/2010 7:11:19 AM
    I used to be the weight recorder for my TOPS chapter. I was so happy when we bought a digital scale for weigh-ins. It stopped so many of the complaints from members such as: I want so and so to weigh me, she weighs me less. You can tap that a little more to make my gain not so high.
    You get where I'm going with that. So many of the issues have come to a halt. I was a happy weight recorder for many years after that. Now I'm a happy
    3967 days ago
    I have a balance beam type scale. I even keep it "balanced" by placing a weight on it every couple weeks, to tweak it if needed.
    And, STILL..... I can weigh myself, and head to my doctor for my weigh in and gain five pounds on the trip there!!!!!
    3967 days ago
    I'd owned my old scale since I was in elementary school. We bought it for a science project, and it died shortly after I joined spark people. I make sure to tell people what I weigh... Even though that hurts when I've gained, but it keeps me honest. I know better than to think anyone actually remembers my numbers other than me... and the weight tracker, of course. I actually haven't had the heart to throw out the old scale. Which sounds silly, but it's true. It's hiding in my closet with my old prom dress.
    3969 days ago
    I love reading your blogs, too! They are not boring, and they are always full of things I want to and enjoy reading!

    I don't have a scale tale, but I sure don't like them, and lately, they aren't liking me, either! emoticon emoticon
    3969 days ago

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    I love reading your blogs. Reading your writing's gotta be like sitting there listening to you talk. I love that! Nothing boring here!

    Scales. I've been using my beloved antique doctor's scale for years. Okay... I haven't used it for years... but I've had it for years, and it's amazingly accurate for an old gal! Got her at a flea market in the late 70s. My then-husband polished the brass... we replaced the rubber mat... I carefully repainted it... and she's a beauty. When I had my bathroom remodeled, there's no place to put her. And scales like this don't work on carpeting. Not sure any scale does come to think of it.

    Sooooo... a couple of months ago, I went scale shopping. I purposely didn't buy a scale that remembers. H3LL no! What on Earth would I do if someone activated it and could see what I weigh!? I hate living with that sort of paranoia. Pathetic... but it's my pathetic... so I deal with it by purchasing discreet scales! (When I weighed in on my antique scale, I was careful to move that big weight from the 200 notch down to the 150 notch to fool people. Yeah, right.)

    Annnnyway... that scale is still a virgin.... I think. I haven't had the nerve to step on it yet. BUT I have a feeling someone has... because it's been moved. Buahahahahahahaha... I have veys of knowing dees tings!

    Although I'm scared, at this point, to know what I weigh, part of me is looking forward to knowing. When my mojo is healthy and I'm doing well on my diet, the scale has always been a good friend... an honest cheerleader of sorts. I've said it many times before that while I appreciate encouragement and advice, I don't like patronizing cheerleading. Scales are anything but patronizing. I appreciate that. They're not the enemy.
    emoticon emoticon
    3969 days ago
    I bought a new scale when I started this journey. I love it because I know it is accurate. I only weigh first thing in the morning, naked, about 3 times a week. For awhile, I was weighing every day and I had to quit with that. It became a bit obsessive. I do like the scale because it keeps me honest and on track.

    About blogs, I tend to read anything with a clever title or play on words. Dont usually read anything that sounds negative unless it seems like someone is in a bad place and needs some encouragement. I also read blogs from my buddies, like you!
    3969 days ago
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