Have you ever deleted a Spark Friend?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

OK, before my friends freak out - I'm not mad at anyone and those of you who are actively reading this are very safe.

I think of my spark friends as family and I want to give them as much support as I can. I also expect that they should at least acknowledge that I'm trying to help them.

So when I ask about deleting, it is only because at some point I have be-friended a sparker who friended me and then dropped of the face of the earth. Some of these I've had no contact with in over three months, others I suspect are only collecting 'friends' and though they remain active, never (and I mean not since I've been 'friended') have I heard from them again, even though I'm routinely leaving them comments, etc.

I'm not hear to collect and see how many friends I can get to "friend" me - I take this job seriously, what point do I stop sparkmailing, commenting on their page, and checking their feed - only to get NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in return.

I want to focus on those of you who need my help, my time on SP is valuable too. And out having a life definitely burns more calories than sitting here and typing words that aren't appreciated.

So I ask, have you ever deleted a Spark Friend? I just want to thin down and focus on those of you who really respect my time. And here I'm asking because I'm afraid of deleting someone who listens, but never responds, please respond, I'm here for support, not because I'm bored.
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  • JLITT62
    I've thought about it . . . I've got some who haven't been active in over a YEAR. But then I imagine how I would feel if someone did that to me.

    I don't red the friend feed for all my friends . . . I subscribe to blogs, and I always read their blogs. I read my friend feed when I can.

    And if they're not active, I just don't get there, except every once in a blue moon.

    My $.02
    3883 days ago
    Yes but only those who have not responded or are not active. I reply to all the daily blogs and try to go into my friends on my Sparkpage and say hi!

    3884 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    I don't delete them, I just ignore them if they ignore me.

    Note. I add people that I like their page or blog so I can find them again even if I don't interact with them very often. Maybe that isn't the right way to do it, but I do like them, just don't always have anything to say.
    3903 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/2/2010 9:02:34 PM
    Eeek! Don't delete me! I'm technologically inept and only recently discovered what a friendfeed was! (This morning, as a matter of fact, which explains how everyone else seems to be so on top of things on SP...)

    3907 days ago
    I have not deleted anyone from Sparkpeople as yet, but then I am relatively new and don't have a whole lot of friends. I've been deleted. I don't know why, but I didn't take offense. Perhaps I was not inspiring enough, or the person felt she needed to reduce the amount of time she spends on SP or maybe it's my sporadic involvement on the site! I've been hit and miss for the last 3 months. Health issues, family issues and travel have made it difficult to get on line much at all...and frankly, since I am relatively new here, I took what time I did have to stay in contact with old friends and family on another site. All that having been said, don't feel bad about "cleaning house". We all have to purge every now and then in order to stay sane and that includes friendships...real and virtual!
    Take care of you,
    3912 days ago
    I wish I knew how to delete "friends." I have some that haven't been around for years and I'd like to clean out.
    3912 days ago
    Yes, I have deleted some of my "spark friends". Like you, I have friends who haven't been active in 3-6 months. They've literally dropped off the face of the Earth. So, I deleted them. I know people who've deleted me or didn't add me when I added them. It's not personal. Never take something like this personally.

    I'm always grateful when someone adds me as a friend and if I don't add someone, I'll always give them a nice goodie in return. I would like to know the person I'm adding, but there are times when I do think some people collect Spark Friends just like Facebook or Myspace.

    Don't feel guilty if you want to delete some of your Spark Friends.

    3913 days ago
    no i never have deleted any friend of mine...and i read each and every friend feed everyday completely...i begin fromrecent and reach to where i had commented last so i dont miss out on anyone...
    3913 days ago
    I have deleted a "spark friend". She became offended at something I said. Sorry about that. And now, I do look at her page occasionaly, and find she hasn't "blogged" in 3 months. I believe she is laid up do to injury. Sure was sorry to lose her as a friend.
    3915 days ago
    Ive deleted off myspace and thats a practical crime in itself, lol. I wouldnt worry about it. its not like they will notice or be offended by it. if they are just adding to add, trust me, they wont notice. I had done that when i first joined myspace, adding everyone and there mom and her best friend. I only have a select few to talk to now, only those who i stay in touch with. emoticon
    3918 days ago
    Yes I have. I do it to thin my friend feed. If they are not active on Spark, then I also do it for when I go thru my friend list and send goodies to everyone.

    I also have deleted friends because they went over the deep end into negativity and I do not want to deal with negative people.

    I also deleted someone that got MAD at me because of my goal weight. It's my goal weight, not yours, why be made at me for it?

    3918 days ago
    I think it's OK if you are not actively involved with one another and just "cleaning" up your list. Note: please leave me on... :-)
    3918 days ago
    Dont delete me.. I need you!!!!! (as for the others,I think its ok to delete them. If they start connecting with you again, then you can always add them back!)
    3920 days ago
    Yes I've deleted SP friends that I no longer have contact with. Some times people friend others like on Facebook just too see how many they can gather. Just like you its time consuming to sit and respond to those that never reply back. Go ahead, delete them with no guilt attached...
    3920 days ago
    Wow tough topic.
    3921 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/16/2010 7:00:50 AM
    I value your input especially when it comes to lap band surgery. It helps to get the view point of someone who has been where I am, now. I’ve always thought your comments were thoughtful and insightful. Sometimes I get depressed and sometimes I just get busy with life. However, I do value our on-line friendship.

    I have a few people who I suspect are serial friend adders. They never respond or give generic responses to the masses. I’m thinking of cutting them. I am at a crossroads in my life and I need supportive people like you not people in search of popularity like them.

    3921 days ago
    Yes, I have deleted a few, and been wrong about the friend! I feel the same way YOU do! It fills up my friend feed, and I know I miss things that my active friends are saying, doing, or experiencing. I've just had a hard time doing it again since I accidentally deleted someone who I thought was "gone" or not interested.

    I hope to hear more... I'm going to come back and see what others tell you.

    DON'T you dare delete ME! emoticon emoticon
    3922 days ago
    Yes, I've deleted "friends". Most of them were people I met when I first joined Spark many moons ago. Since that time I've found that we don't have that much in common and, like you, I was starting to feel overwhelmed.
    3922 days ago
    No, I have'nt been here long enough to need to delete anybody. I only have 15 friends and think that's almost too many to really keep up with.
    3922 days ago
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