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~2 NEW GOALS~Any Suggestions??

Sunday, October 31, 2010

emoticonHello..Ok so this is basically a venting Blog..BUT also just a couple of new GOALS for myself to stay on track!! emoticon

My food for the past week has been HORRIBLE!! I have to say I am an "emotional eater" emoticonI don't mean just candy..

My fitness is not very good either..So since I am having a hard time getting it in I'm gonna try something new..So PLEASE tell me what you think..(be nice,LOL!!)

emoticonFIRST off I NEED to realize..Well REMEMBER that there is NOTHING I can do on my own!! I must pray on it first..And seek GOD..He WILL keep me going in ALL situations.

emoticon emoticon emoticonWATER is a MUST for me..I'm one of those people that can GAIN 10-15 lbs OVER NIGHT because I didn't get in my water.Even if I watch my sodium I will gain..WATER is the key FOR ME!!
emoticonFitness is a tough one for me..I'm a procrastinator!! I will put it off until the last minute,then find an excuse to NOT do it..Hey I'm just being honest emoticon

So I have created a list,and TAPED it to my cabinet in the kitchen emoticonAs I get in my WATER I mark it down!!
And with my fitness..I have a NEW rule of eating a piece of fruit,and ONE cup of coffee in the morning..Then its SWEAT TIME!!
There will be NO emoticonlounging around with my 3yr old watching cartoons.
So I figure I will put him in my room so he can watch his Mickey Mouse..Then I have the time to workout!!
If I stick to this I know I will see a huge difference..The hard part is doing it at 6:30-7:00 in the morning emoticonPLEASE HELP!! How do I find the energy to do this?? emoticon emoticon

My Mother is on my Team 8 Week Battle..So we have both made a list for each other..She will call me asking if I have done what is on my list..And I will her as well!!
Accountability is important.

NEED to start losing again..GOD will get me there!! I have come TOO far to go backwards!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated emoticon

God Bless My SparkFamily~Christina
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    God will help you do it. He has helped me immensely through my weight loss and I know that he can help you get back into exercising and drinking your water.
    3841 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    I think having you and your mom report to each other is a great start! Also praying and putting it into GOD's hands! I think your on the right track!
    3841 days ago
    Christina ~ You CAN & WILL do this with God's help!!!! A list is a good thing, but i agree that you need to set "SMART" goals!!!!

    Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon
    3841 days ago
    Have you ever been in an argument with someone where you just know in the depths of your heart that you are right- and so you patiently hang in there, reframing the info as often as you have to in order for the point to get across? And, no matter how frustrating, you're okay b/c you are right and eventually everyone gets on the same page?
    Well, it's sorta like that here, I think. You've had a lot going on and have slipped backwards from where you want to be and maybe it's taken down your confidence that you can do this. But you gotta have the belief and knowledge that you CAN do this! BELIEVCE YOU CAN because YOU HAVE done an amazing job to get where you are.
    I look at your page and your pics and i see someone with soooo much strength. You have travelled far, mama. And it is NOT easy when you are ruled by the schedule and food needs of a little one. But YOU CAN WIN THIS ARGUMENT!!!! You have the knowledge, and you know how to call on higher powers. But you have to really, really believe that you can.
    SOmetimes we need a few days to re-build that belief.
    MAybe go a day at a time with your goals- the ones you put out there and that others have suggested. Let the mementum build from a few good days and you'll be back on your way.
    We are here for you with a group hug emoticon emoticon emoticon and knowing that emoticon
    You are emoticon and are on your way!!!!
    3841 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/1/2010 9:09:30 AM
    I think all these steps are great...here is an additional suggestion...don't make the Work-Out such a BIG deal...as Chris Downie has said - it is okay to do several 10 minute exercises...throughout the day. It is sooo much easier to do it this way...and I am finding that although there are plenty of days that I don't do a gym Workout, there are NO days when I don't do exercise. I have also read that it is good to get your metabolism going a few times a day with these 10 minute exercises... Start by setting the bar very low - pick the 6 easiest strength training exercises you can find on the SP fitness page. Then, each time you go to the bathroom, do 2 of them. I do calf rocking in the morning when I brush my teeth, I do wall pushups and boxer during the day, seated knee lifts while sitting at my desk, and wall calf raises when I brush my teeth at night. Then I have a list of another 10 - 20 that I fit in depending on how I am feeling each day. If I get to the gym for a full Work-out, then that is gravy!!
    3841 days ago
  • LEAKAY59
    Honesty is such a great quality! And if you can't be honest with yourself first, the rest is all hooey!

    Christina, I KNOW that YOU CAN DO THIS! And we are all here to help you do it! I posted this on a blog a while ago, but it was while you were moving, so I don't think you saw it. I heard it in a transcript at work, actually, regarding how to get our state government back on track.

    What we need to do is set SMART goals for ourselves. Well, that sounds pretty obvious, right? But what exactly are SMART goals? Like this:

    S = Specific (like your water goal)
    M = Measurable (if you can't measure it, how will you know you've met it?)
    A = Achievable (otherwise why bother?)
    R = Realistic (we all know saying we're going to lose 10 pounds this week just won't work.
    T = Timely (Do it NOW!)

    Battle On, Our Fearless Leader! We're all with you! emoticon
    3841 days ago
    I'm hearing you loud and clear this is my situation at the mo the only thing i love about this though is the exercise.I'v always loved walking and dancing so i'm well in there.

    As for water i'm supposed to drink 12 cups a day for my goals etc but i'm lucky if it's one these days so i have 6 paper clips in a pot everytime i drink a pint of water i drop 1 into the pot next to it i'm not aloowed acoffee or tea till i'v drank at least a pint of water first so far it's encouraging.

    Food well erm i'm just plain and simply gready the more i eat the more i want so this week i'm being extra strict until i'm at a point where i have lost weight and feel confident i won't binge.

    Lastly like you i have a set of daily goals which i must meet and this is helping me focus.

    You'v come so far i know you can do it just take a deep breath and follow your plan god will strengthen you if you let him.

    emoticon emoticon
    3841 days ago
    Ok, well could you email me the list too.

    All I can tell you is what I did to get myself motivated this week. I looked over my fitness mins. and realized taht since school has started my fitness mins have dropped by half or more. So my goal is to up that immediately.

    Like you more water. You are usually good at water.

    And my food needs a makeover. I have been eating the same thing over and over. If once I get back to more exercise and I am not losing then I will find some other foods taht I can exchange.

    Also, I may need to eat less. God knows how much I love food, so I will have to ask Him for the strength to eat less.

    You can do this Christina, just remember you have gone thru a HUGE upheaval, with moving your entire home and you have had to comfort your son and yourself and we do what we know. So, now you will do better.

    Love you lots,
    3841 days ago
    I think you are on the right track for wanting to set concrete goals and have plans to achieve them. I suggest you make it "small achievable ones"

    Start with just five minutes of fitness - when you have done that for a week bump it up.

    You can ALWAYS do more than 5 if you get into it but that 5 is all you have to commit to so you will usually at least do that :)

    Good Luck
    3841 days ago
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