Not such a good day today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

emoticonWell everything started out beautifully….A cool day with a bit of a snow in the air which was gone quickly.
DH and I decided to get our haircuts, (need to look great for Thanksgiving you know)! emoticon
Then to the grocery store for some “Cuties”, (actually mini Oranges) love those sweet small fruits. Home for lunch…. Nope, DH wanted to go to McDonalds to have a McRib Sandwich…so off we went. I had a Chicken wrap and was making eyes at this beautiful baby sitting across from us. emoticonHe was such a little ham and had us both laughing… We finished our lunch, I grabbed what was left of my coffee and went home. We live not 5 minutes from the McDonalds. Got in the garage and OH, NOOOO…..I had forgotten my purse. We quickly headed back. When I walked in the couple was still there with that cute baby and said that the clerk had taken my purse back inside and it should be waiting for me.

NOOOOO, that didn’t happen. 2 young teenage girls had seen me walk out. They left the restaurant after us, only to walk back in and said their Mom had left her purse. Now the gal that had taken my purse for safe keeping just handed it to her without asking her to identify anything inside. This kind gentleman was also standing there and handed me his cell phone to call 911, as DH was sitting in our car waiting for me, I called 911 and luck would have it there was a police car in the vicinity. The gentleman that loaned me his cell phone even stayed around to offer a description of the girls to the police as did the McDonalds clerk. He told us that they had looked suspicious to him and even gave the description of the truck they were in, but NO license plate number...

Now I don’t have to tell you what I have been doing since then…….TALKING ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!! emoticonCredit card companies, bank etc. Thank God I called the police as I’ve been asked for the police report number several times. Still have more to call in the a.m. Social security office, and several company’s that are automatically paid by our credit cards.……… Need to get replacement cards etc. Oh yes, had to call a locksmith to have our locks changed in the house and to get new keys for the car. emoticon

When I called our Bank America company those kids had already had 16 charges on my card, and it had only been 2 hours…….not sure how many more charges they racked up before the cards were all stopped. Thank God I have theft protection on them. What really disturbed me was that both witnesses believe that the Mom was driving the truck they got into.

I hope they had fun at my expense, some day maybe they will realize what they did. I’m just hoping that when they used my card at Penney’s that the security camera was on them. The policeman said that “May” help. So glad I didn’t have much cash in it as we hadn’t gone to the bank yet.

God says to forgive….and I’m trying to “For They Do Not Know What They Did, well maybe they did, but I'm sorry that they think it was fun.

PLEASE, WATCH your purses this Holiday season; I pray it doesn’t happen to any of you.

Sure wasn't hungry for dinner so I stayed within my calorie allotment for today...That's a plus.... emoticon

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