Cake Balls??? OMG, not another thing to obsess over!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I listen to the news - not always because I want to, but it is the only digital TV channel that I get besides cartoon (and I can only take so much of them). So one of their little 'in between' news stories was about a new shop opening up and selling Cake Balls.

Don't they just sound to yummy? Well, now I'm obsessing over them. I'm on the web, they look really easy to make and now that I know that, I want to make some. No, not just one batch, several. The sound so yummy and easy to make and I think they would make unusual gifts for the season. OMG, I'm just obsessing over these things. I keep thinking of all the various cake mix flavors and all the different candy coating flavors and it is just ridiculous the possible combinations.

And I haven't even eaten one of these things yet and I'm thinking about them day and night!
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