accident up-date

Saturday, January 29, 2011


so many of you have been checking on me, figured i should do an up-date

can you believe it's been 29 days? 4 weeks ago today

i can't believe it

i really can't believe that i'm so down and out yet

chest/lung trouble-- it hurts so bad-- if they told me they would cut me open to find and fix the damage, i'd be all over that-- just seems unreal that this is normal-- i can barely move yet- my chest hurts so bad- i'd still have to rate it at a 10 pain level-- sheesh- dr is giving me percocet in supplies of 75 at a time..........wish they would help!

feet/ankles- still swollen- actually felt my toes for the first time wed........dr is still just saying it's from being too sedentary-- so i'm trying to walk around the house more

fingers- nerve damage- i did do tests at the hospital wed for the nerve damage-- i see the surgeon mon- but my dr had the results thurs- he says they will have to do surgery- from what i'm reading on-line- arm/elbow will be in a splint 6

there's some huge psychological problems with all this

i'm totally dependent on others- i haven't even gotten a rental car yet- with these feet, i can't really twist around to look, i'd have no business driving

of course- i can't go car shopping

so i really am grounded

it snows- and i have to ignore it- and hope someone shows up offering to do it- the 2 girls next door did it twice- but haven't been back since- i had a guy who showed up- after i paid him and he left- i realized he only did about half of it! i did try and shovel the back porch- there's so much ice, it's really dangerous-of course, i fell- skinned both knees, bruised my shoulder, huge bump on my head- can't even explain how long it took me to get up-- well, now it's all icy out there again-- not sure what to do-- it's so dangerous- much less- it makes me look like the dregs of the street not taking care of my stuff!!

i live in a 2 story house-- i'm still sleeping sitting up in a chair in the living rm........regardless, it freaks me out to even think of being upstairs sleeping in my bed-- i also won't go up there and shower after dark-- took me a while to figure this out- it's just too scary to "be up there"- i'm totally vulnerable right now- if someone did break in or something- i can not even try and protect myself.....that's scary- that is really freaking me out

let's see- what else

absolutely amazes me how few people i've heard from- i'm the care taker- you stub your toe- i'm sending a card, etc........none of all of them people have called or e-mailed or nothing

that's messing with my head!

my kids are helping- trucking out here to take me to dr- going shopping- etc

my parents are old- 78 and 80-- i didn't tell them right away cuz i figured i'd be fine in no time- and then i'd tell them

well it's like a lie- the longer you lie.........the harder it is to take back- do i tell them now- or- just wait til i'm 100%??

i need movie lists- i'm renting movies-- i've done all of the in demand if you have ideas of what i could rent.........bring em on!

thanx for listening........i can honestly say- if it weren't for my great spark buddies--i'd be in a lot of guys are holding me together!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    sorry for your pain but thank you for sharing with us!
    2201 days ago
    How did I miss this blog? I see you are back in action on Spark. I do hope to hear from you, dear friend. You might remember me as HVMBRU OR WHATEVER. I used to have a Betty Boop (cowgirl) Profile Image. Please - let's hear from you!

    Helen (xxoo)
    3300 days ago
    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this! I'm sure we'd all be there to help if we were closer.
    what is going on about the other driver? were they arrested? court dates? are you able to get there to make sure they are being held accountable?

    As for the movies, I just finished watching all the Bourne movies. they were good.

    hang in there!
    3489 days ago
    I am so sorry that all of this has happened to you. I want you to know that you are in my prayers! I hope all goes well with the doctors and know your sparkfamily is thinking about you!
    3795 days ago
    Hey Sparkelingjewel....Like the young lady said."By his stripes we are healed"...I'm glad that you are okay. God bless you.
    Love Luyah
    3797 days ago
    Are you doing any better?
    3800 days ago
    emoticon By His stripes, ye are healed. Lifting you up in prayer that all of your aches and pains are alleviated. Sending you warm thoughts! emoticon
    3801 days ago
    I just wanted to send a hug (gentle hug) your way...that must be extremly painful. I understand your fears of being upstairs and something happens.

    If you get a cast tell them you want a pretty color! My daughter had them do purple and green for hers--then she had black and put sparkles on it for the next holiday. She enjoyed the variety of choices while enduring wearing a cast.

    The people you help are not caretakers like you, makes it hard when they don't reciprocate, but that is just not what they know...wish they'd get it figured out so you'd feel their support.

    Sending you thots of sunshine to melt away the snow...

    3801 days ago
    I just read an email about your accident and they're are not enough words to express my sorrows for what you are going through!! And to find out that you're not getting the help that you need and obviously DESERVE just sickens me!!! It makes me want to just jump in my SUV and take care of everything that's not being done. I live in CO so I know that's impossible. It's wonderful to hear you have such a geat support system on SP but there has got to be a way for us to get you a great support system where you're at. I don't know how but somehow. I know you're going to have your bad days, but I hope you keep your chin up. If there is anything I can do for you (even being so far away) just say the word. emoticon emoticon
    3801 days ago
    This is the first time I have written to anyone here..dont know why but...I just wanted to tell you I hope you are feeling better and that you are up and around soon. The best of luck to you sweetie.
    3802 days ago
  • no profile photo CD84413
    I hope this finds you recovering & finding ways to enjoy yourself. I'm home too recovering from surgery. The 7th. of March will be 6 weeks & I'm so ready to get back to it. I am carrying around a Jackson-Pratt drain still so I'm limited. It's doing it's job so I have to stop whining.

    Take care & I'll add you to my prayer list.

    3802 days ago
    oh honey!!!! i am sooo sorry for this terrible expeience. don't give up hope, don't give up on yourself. there are still things you can do to exercise while sitting. curls with soup cans or water bottles. laps around a table. keep moving, a little at a time! keep your chin up, we are all here for you!!!! emoticon
    3802 days ago
    It's been a while since you've blogged I hope you will update again soon....thinking of you, holding you in the light & hope that everything is alright!

    3802 days ago
    Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your accident.
    I was in one years ago, not as bad as what you are experiencing, but I can relate to the trama.
    As for having to take care of your property and being in a position where you are at the mercy at others, is very humbling and scary too.
    My prayer is that God give to you the strength that you need at this time. May he place it in the hearts of many to reach out to you at this time. May you have a quick recovery and from this, may you have a testimony to share with others.
    3803 days ago
    I hope you are feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    3803 days ago
    I hope you are feeling better! I have been in a car accident and it does take awhile for your body to recover. I hope you are feeling and doing better since your last update. If I lived closer to you, I would come over and shovel your snow!

    Take care of yourself and I will be praying for you~ emoticon


    3803 days ago
    Sure hope you're doing awhole lot better since your last update.Let us all know, we pray and think of you daily. Please get well soon. emoticon emoticon
    3804 days ago
    I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. I hope you are feeling a little better now. Hang in there, and know all of us on sparkpeople are praying for you.
    3804 days ago
  • NEELY747
    I just read about your accident through an Emotional Eaters email and I want to let you know how TERRIBLY sorry I am. You will be in my prayers. And what a bitch that lady is for not having insurance. I hope to hell she got cited and ticketed for that!!! The worst part is that your car insurance will go up because she has none that can pay for your car so your insurance will have to take over. I hate how car insurance companies work. I'd sue her if I was you. She obviously deserves it. But I'm more concerned about your health. I had a stomach virus for three days several days ago and I was massively depressed about not being able to eat healthy and work out for those few days. I now realize how lucky I was. My heart goes out to you. Please let me know if you need anything. Going to SparkFriend you so I can keep updated on your progress. BEST OF LUCK and LOTS OF LOVE.

    emoticon emoticon
    3804 days ago
    I"m so sorry to hear about your accident. And I'm so sorry I didn't realize it sooner!

    I hope things have gotten better since you posted this...time for a new update. Let us know how you're doing.

    Keeping you in my prayers.
    3805 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Sorry to hear about your accident and all that has happened. Hope you are now doing better. We are all praying for you. emoticon
    3805 days ago
    Wow! You have really been through one HELL of a of an ordeal!! I hope the nothing but the best for you and yours. Please get better soon and onto a speedy recovery. Just keep your chin up and keep chugging along and you'll make it!! emoticon
    3805 days ago
  • HEART64
    I wish you the best I hope you get better prayers go out to you
    3805 days ago
    Hope you get to feeling better soon. It's so sad when your down no one seems to care when you have done so much for others. I've been down that road just like you and still doing it. I'm glad your kids are helping. I will be praying for you to get well soon Pray can change it all for ya. emoticon emoticon Linda
    3805 days ago
    Sorry to hear that the anxiety is still hanging around, but it is understandable. You have had a lot going on.

    As for the percocet - if they aren't working, notify your Dr and he can change you to different medication. They can also combine certain medications to make it control you pain more effectively. What is your dr saying the chest pain/breathing issues are related to?


    Please contact the hospital where you were treated. Every hospital has community outreach program or their case managers know the community services an can put you into contact with then in order to help with things - they can recommend reliable sources for dealing with your snow, getting groceries, etc. Use those resources - most of them are backed by your tax dollars. You paid for them, UTILIZE THEM. Let them know about your limited mobility and you may even be eligible for a Physical Therapist to visit and make recommendation on activities to do while indoors to help get your feet in better shape and help with your breathing issues.

    You are in my thoughts and prayer. Take care and reach out if you need something.

    3805 days ago
    I hear you about how people tend to forget you when you are hurt but you were always there for them...that seems to be a newish affliction. Hopefully someone will actually remember that you NEED someone too. We have an elderly friend here that is practically bedridden now and for all that she was most peoples mother/grandmother/best friend and helper, in her need now, her friends have shrunk to just a few.
    Hope you feel better little by little.
    3805 days ago
  • TWENKY215
    I'm sorry to hear that you are disabled, what a way to be. As for the snow, can you call the nearby church and get someone to help you. Don't be too proud to seek help. I know you said that you are the caregiver but we need help too. It's just as good for us to ask for help and expect it. The people who haven't called you---pick up the phone and bug the bejeepers out of them. Be selfish. you need help and a lot of it. See if you can get somebody to stay with you at night. A best girlfriend, ex husband, ex boyfriend, someone. You don't need to be shoveling NO Danggone snow either. I shoveled it and it had me sore. Are you a cheese head? I will look back at your homepage and see what state you are in. If I were close by i'd check up on you.
    GET SOME HELP, That is why God has us all here for, to help each other even if we don't believe that, it's so so true.
    Take good care of yourself and get better.
    Christine emoticon emoticon
    3805 days ago
    I am SO sorry you're still in so much pain! I haven't had such a bad accident, but understand they can have terrible repercussions. I just hope that your healing speeds up! I agree about letting your church know (if you have one). Even if you don't, if there's one nearby in your neighborhood, I'm sure they'd love to do some outreach ministry. I know that our church helps local neighbors, in the hopes that they will come and visit the church.
    So, I wish you a much speedier recovery! (My daughter just leased a Volvo and she LOVES it. Very, very safe, pretty and excellent rates.)
    Hang in there!!!
    3805 days ago
  • LIZK007
    I'm so sorry about your accident! I'll be praying for you. Wish I were in a position to help you. Please keep us posted!
    3805 days ago
  • C0NV3RSEL0V3
    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident :( What a horrible thing to have happen.

    Here's some movies to check out!

    Away We Go (favorite movie of all time)
    Moulin Rouge
    True Romance (shoot 'em up movie-- just a warning)
    Due Date (hilar!!)
    Return to Me
    Boondock Saints (see TR above)

    Maybe have one of your kids run up to the library for you and pick up some tv series on dvd. Glee is definitely on that recommended list :) and anything Law and Order.

    Best of luck on your recovery!!
    3805 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2932352
    Good morning! I am so sorry to hear of your accident. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to you in your time of distress. Please take it easy. Try and relax your mind (I know that's easy to say). I do agree with your statements that sometimes the people you think will help most, or at least send a card or telephone, don't. It seems the world is a "one way street" at times. Please take care! Bob.
    3805 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/23/2011 8:28:48 AM
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a speedy recovery! God bless!

    3805 days ago
    My prayers are coming your way....I am so sorry to hear of your journey over January.....
    I am trusting that you are starting to feel better and that the swelling in your feet and legs has started to go down and that you are breathing easier and can at least get to bed instead of the chair....

    emoticon Big emoticon
    3805 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident I will lift up in prayer and in Jesus name you will be better soon.God bless.. emoticon
    3805 days ago
  • KATHY024
    I am so sorry about the accident. Yes, percocet can be addicting but your Dr. will be hard pressed to give you more than 60 days worth. 30 days at a time. I've taken it after two surgeries and I can honestly tell you that a person would have to be nuts to take that stuff for longer than necessary. I found that while it eased the pain a great deal it also made me tired, sick to my stomach and "fuzzy headed". I doubt you will ever feel like you'd "want" to overindulge on the stuff.

    Yes, we have a "sue" society because many people like the girl that hit you do not own up to their responsibility until they are hit financially. Please don't be in a big hurry to dismiss calling a lawyer as the reprocussions of this accident may be with you for many years. She shouldn't be allowed to get away with not being held accountable!!

    When our car was broadsided by a man we didn't sue him. Less than 10 years later I developed severe neck problems that have really disrupted my life and put a big burden on me financially. He was 100% at fault for running a red light and we were "midwestern nice".

    God bless you
    3806 days ago
    I'm sending healing thoughts your way. Take care of yourself. We are all pulling for you.
    3806 days ago
    Sparklinjewells, Do you attend a church? If so, call them and tell them you need assistance as you recover. If you do not, do you have a friend who attends a church? If so, then maybe that friend's church could help you out.
    Do not be afraid to ask for help. You will be amazed at how many people will jump at the chance to help you.

    I pray that God's blessings and healing will surround you and strengthen you.

    3806 days ago
    Sparklinjewells - Here's an Angel of Comfort coming your way to help bring healing and grace as you go through this difficult period in your life. Praying for a quick recovery!
    3806 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your accident. I pray that God lays his hands on you and makes you well. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care!
    3806 days ago
    Sending you as much positive energy that the Universe can muster, and since the Universe is pretty darn big, then you should be getting a rush of energy coming your way. Please do not let this situation get you down! You have lots of Spark friends here who would help you if they were close by, and at the very least we sending you our prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes.
    I do hope the doctors can DO something for you, especially the chest pains and nerve damage. Be cautious with the meds, they can potentially be worse than the original problem!
    Sending you big hugs and warmest wishes for a quicker recovery!
    3806 days ago
    I send out the warmest, joyous, and fastest-recovery prayers to you. Do cheer up. Rest fully to regain your strength, because you reflect strength to so many others. You have touched so many people through your page and blog. So keep at it! -peace emoticon
    3806 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    3806 days ago
    many many hugs to you.....I pray that you have a sudden and surprising turn around! God bless! love Tina
    3806 days ago
    I am sending you positive thoughts and wishes. I am praying that your pain gets better and the swelling goes down in the feet and ankles.

    Thank you for keeping us updated.
    3806 days ago
    Sorry that you are still in so much pain!
    You asked for some movie suggestions...I don't know if you like these sort of movies, but I really like Masterpiece Theater, and the Downton Abbey series was just great.

    3806 days ago
    Sorry that you are still in so much pain!
    You asked for some movie suggestions...I don't know if you like these sort of movies, but I really like Masterpiece Theater, and the Downton Abbey series was just great.

    3806 days ago
    Sorry that you are still in so much pain!
    You asked for some movie suggestions...I don't know if you like these sort of movies, but I really like Masterpiece Theater, and the Downton Abbey series was just great.

    3806 days ago
  • JAMKAR84
    Hi Sparklinjewells. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I pray that you have a speedy recovery. God bless you emoticon
    3806 days ago
    I am so very sorry to hear about your accident and the pain your having to live with! I know that this isn't much consolation, but God can heal your pain and restore your life! If you believe in him! I know that when your the one going through the pain, it's easier for someone else to say that, but it is true. I hope that you believe in the power of prayer because it can move mountains!
    I will be thinking of you! I will remember to add you to our prayer list at church this Wed night! You are remarkably strong because God didn't make no junk! Just believe in yourself that you can get back there, and you will! I know some of the damage is irreversible, and that is hard to live with. I can't say I totally understand because I have never been there, but I do hope you realize we are all here to support you! Remember to take baby steps and remember God loves you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3806 days ago
    I am so sorry to read that you are still having so many problems. It doesn't sound like you are able to rely on neighbors to help.

    Please call some local churches or even boy scout troops and tell them about your situation and see if they have any volunteers that could help you. There are dozens of organizations that have people more than willing to help if they were to only know.

    A few years ago I was rear ended by a kid to busy talking on his cellphone to stop at the red light. Even though he was going less than 25 miles an hour I was still bruised up like an eggplant from my seatbelt for almost two months. It hurt to even breath. I can only imagine how miserable you must be feeling. Wishing you a quick recovery. I'll keep you in my prayers.
    3806 days ago
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