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~~!!Do NOT LOOK if your HUNGRY!!~~

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

emoticonHello Beautiful Sparker!!

***Here are some pictures (DO NOT look if you are HUNGRY!!)***

We are all here for similar reasons..Number ONE reason is for our HEALTH!!

My Battle is in motion..And our "Weekly Challenge" has inspired this blog.

Sometimes we are tired..The kids are cranky..We just wanna get HOME..So sometimes we will stop in ,and dare I say it?? We ALL have been guilty of it..YES get FAST FOOD!! emoticon
What exactly are we eating?? Yes most places now have "healthy menu" choices..Do we ALWAYS choose from it??


So are you thinking it looks GOOD??This has;
Calories: 660 Fat: 42 Saturated Fat: 15.5 Cholesterol: 250 Sodium:1480 Carbs: 51

Calories: 890 Fat: 45 Saturated Fat: 14.5 Cholesterol: 90 Sodium:1460 Carbs: 88
Now this is MINUS the soda..I KNOW MY Warriors would drink emoticon
How long would we have to workout to burn this off?? It doesn't look "that good".

Ok so WHY am I showing you this..I want YOU to remember this blog the next time your on your drive home.. emoticonSHOUTING..I DO NOT THINK SO!!

Its the weekend ..Your spouse,kids,or a friend wants to go see a movie.Harmless right..??
Check this out!!

Cinema popcorn: Popcorns are healthy but the one sold in cinemas are nutritional horror. The Center for Science in the Public Interest compared in Nov 2009 some popcorn and drinks combos sold at key movie theater chains in USA and found the following:

A medium popcorn and soda combo at Regal, the United States' biggest movie theater chain, contains 1610 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat.

At AMC theaters, a large popcorn contains 1030 calories and 57 grams of saturated fat.

The high calorie counts could be due to the fact that corn was popped in coconut oil. Popcorn cooked in canola oil showed lower levels of saturated fats but similar levels of calories and sodium.

(must credit the website)

Ok so I think we pretty much know what these foods have in them..SO if we MUST stop,and make a decision PLEASE..Make a good one.
I give an applause to those who look up the menu before they choose!!And HAVE the POWER to choose HEALTHY!! emoticon
If we don't we are left feeling like a emoticonwe ALL know this feeling.

YES I know..I know **YOU** already knew this emoticonBUT there is someone out there that didn't.

So what are you having for dinner??

God Bless my Spark Family..Lets make good choices in "2011"..I've said it before.."I'm READY to see people's DREAMS come true!!
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