Pictorial - snow puppy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yup, the puppy is back! But she is doing much better on the potty training. Can only hope that mom has the energy to keep it up. Mom misses her terribly and we went up to visit her on Monday and planning again on Friday provided the roads are clear. We haven't had snow for about a month, but it has been cold and now the moist front moving in is bringing some snow again.

Missy has seen snow, but it was frozen stuff. This is fluffy and packing....see the results....

Not sure if she thought there was a rabbit in there or just looking for some bare ground.

But she got snow all over her face. And once she did her business like a good puppy, I turned her loose.

The snow was about two inches deep and she could scoot herself through it and make little snow balls bounce in front of her and then chase them.

She was having way too much fun and I was laughing so hard that I know I burned lots of calories!

A real snow dog!

She didn't want to come in, but she must have been cold, we were outside for almost a half hour.

The snow balls wouldn't pull off without hurting her. They were even on her belly. And when I dipped her leg into water, it only waterlogged the snow balls. Had to let her stand in warm water to melt them off. I'm gonna try baby oiling her legs and hope that keeps the snow from sticking to her.

Oh and one last photo...

Left to right - Echo, Hawk, and Big - also doing fine in the snow.

Me...I'm staying warm and praying the power doesn't go out. Smiles!

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