DAY 1 of the No-Sugar Challenge!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

At the suggestion of my friend Whitney (FIT-WHIT), we are going on a one week with out refined sugar challenge. If you are interested in the "rules," check her latest blog.

I started yesterday and here's the report:

It's not easy eliminating sugar! Especially if you're like me and totally hooked on the stuff. I do an okay job of staying off it when I'm being vigilant about my diet, but, alas, that hasn't been the case much lately (that's going to change, though).

Soooooo, how did I do? Actually pretty well! I went to town so I could work out and go grocery shopping and here's how I negotiated the challenge yesterday:

Breakfast was my usual: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 oz. raisins (fruit is allowed under this challenge; its the junky refined stuff we want to eliminate), 2 servings of whey protein powder (unsweetened), and herbal tea. No trouble there.

Mid-morning I set off for the gym and errands. Normally I would stick a Builders Bar in my bag, but those have 20g of sucrose, so I took a pass on that. There was basically nothing in the house, so I did not pack a snack. Bad, I know, but nothing I could do about it.

After my workout, I was really hungry, but I mentally scanned all the restaurants and eateries in Medford, and most of them had bad features: too much fattening food, too salty, etc. Not exactly a health-food mecca! I was really tempted to go to the Indian place, but its a ton of carbs plus I love the tamarind sauce (sweet!) so much that I drown everything in it. Um, no, not today.

But I was planning to shop in Ashland, which is a health-food mecca, so I drove the 15 minutes down there, parked at the Coop (one of my FAVE places, btw), and ran in to buy a loaf of flourless bread, some turkey, an apple, and some homemade slaw and asparagus from the hot food section. Yummy!

After going back in the store with a full tummy, I did my marketing, then drove to another store to complete it. Amazing how you have to shop at several stores to get all the things we want. It's tiring! I left a lot of things on the shelf, too, that might present a problem during the week. Not bad stuff, mind you; just things that are incompatible with 7-days-without-sugar.

After I finished all that hubs called me - would I drive to so-and-so's and pick up a package of bees (yes, you read that right, my husband is a beekeeper). Naturally, I had never been to this guy's house before and it's 25 miles out of my way, but I finally found the place and we loaded the big box in the back of my station wagon. I drove right home (in case you are wondering, yes, some of them got out, but they didn't bother me).

By this time, its pushing 5 and I was beat. Hubby saved the day here, because this is the WORST possible scenario for me - it's late in the afternoon, I'm tired and hungry and there's a whole houseful of food beckoning to me. He said, sit down, and I'll make dinner. What a sweetie! Thanks, darlin'!

It wasn't gourmet dinner, just a salad and a salmon burger, but it filled me up and kept me out of the kitchen.

Soooo, DAY 1 Completed!

What to you do to stay away from temptation?
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    Good job!! I try to avoid most sugar too as it triggers me.

    We had a huge bee hive in our yard a couple of days one year. It was so neat. We took pictures of it.
    3762 days ago
    I have taken to repeating these lines in my head ... over and over and over:

    * Be tough
    * I refuse to turn to food for comfort because I will end up feeling worse!
    * Fat people give in to cravings ... fit people prepare for cravings.
    * Success is non negotiable
    * "Life isn't fair, success isn't free, welcome to the jungle."

    I'm learning mental toughness!
    3762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2011 11:34:29 AM
  • WEEZYB7881
    what an exciting journey you've begun. I realized I was a sugar addict several decades ago when I went into withdrawal after giving it up. weird. I had no idea I was physically addicted to that stuff. but reading labels and being attentive ensures that I stay off the stuff.

    withdrawal was ugly - every joing and muscle hurt. I had headaches and the shakes and sometimes even sweats. and it took 6 long weeks to get through them. But I survived. and you will too. (Ironically, 6 months later I went back to the stuff - after all how do you do Cmas without sweets? - and had to detox all over again.)

    now I never even consider that stuff. It's in the house for my grandkids and guests but it's not for me. I don't even consider it for myself.

    and that's a true blessing in my life. My freedom date with sugar? Jan 1, 1981. yep - 30 years ago. there is nothing I could eat that would justify the pain of going off that stuff - nothing at all.

    good luck with your challenge. it's worth it.

    3762 days ago
    I have been staying away from refined sugar for a very, very long time. Since my gallbladder issues have come up I haven't had any unless you count honey. That means I have been sugar free and refined carb free for 5 months. Also red meat free.
    I wish you all the best on your 7 day freedom from sugar! Just think of how much your organs will love you for doing this.
    3763 days ago
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