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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi all!!

I've been a Spark People member for a while now, but really didn't get serious about my weight loss until Sept. of 2010. If it wasn't for my husbands persistence, I most likely would still be morbidly obese.

About 3 1/2- 4 years ago, my Dr. was trying to get me to start a diet called Medifast- under his supervision of course. I'm not one of those people who've tried every thing out there and didn't really even listen to him try and explain how much I NEEDED to lose the weight. But something must have stuck because about a year 1/2 later, I decided to join Spark People and at least appear to be making a change in my eating habits. I guess I'm a little stubborn huh? A year 1/2 to do something? LOL

Well... moving forward, my husband heard about Medifast on the radio (June of 2010) and tried to talk me into giving it a try (he knew the Dr. had recommended it) and I looked into it and was like "What are you crazy!"... I would go from eating these huge meals to some strict portion controlled foods (including shakes) ... YUCK!! LOL It took him 3 months to talk me into it. Even after hounding me, he had to make a deal or I wouldn't even try it.

The deal was if I tried MF he would stop smoking... if I cheat, he cheats-If he cheats, I can stop the diet. Well, 3 weeks later he started smoking again but by that time I wasn't sure if I wanted to stop the diet.

Do I like dieting? No way! But just having that little bit of control over my eating habits gave me a chance to really sit and think about what I was doing to myself. I took a few days, while I was still dieting, and really contemplated WHY I wanted to diet and needed to. If I stuck this out, what would be my true motivation. Was I really willing to see this through and stick with it, or was it going to just be another one of those... "I'm only human" "I'll do what I can" type of decisions.... I'm telling you, for me, the Nike saying has been soooo true. Just do it!

On September 25th, 2010 I started using MF as a diet tool to help me lose my weight, but a little over 3 weeks later (Oct 19th) I truly made a decision to lose this weight.... and I've never been happier that I did. Now don't get me wrong... there are times that I tried dieting, I just wasn't into all the fad diets or even commercialized diet companies. And sure there were many times that I truly did want to lose the weight and really did try to stick with it and watch my weight. I'm really not sure what is different this time... is it the diet itself (MF), am I just more mature now, was I really not trying before? I really don't think any of those statements are true and there really is not a moment or a specific thing or happening that I can account to make this time different. I just made a choice to DO this and not TRY... does that make sense to anyone? Maybe because for the first 3 weeks I know I didn't really have a choice- if I cheated my husband would go back to smoking... so in my mind I really DIDN'T have the choice. It became an absolute- I COULD NOT CHEAT. That little taste of truly knowing I could do it if I wanted to gave me the confidence to know that I CAN do this.

No matter the real reason things changed, I just know that they did. It truly is about choices. Dieting does not have to be a struggle. You don't have to get up in the morning and feel like you're fighting every single day just to make those good choices. If you give yourself a pep talk (or stern talking to) every morning before you even get out of bed, you can already have made the "choice" that cheating is not an option. I'm telling anyone that will listen, YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS!

Yes there are days that I still struggle and times I (literally) have a fit because I can't eat what I want to or because I'm still hungry. But I know that the hunger is temporary and I know that the next day will not necessarily be as hard. Every day gets easier and easier for me to make those healthy choices. It truly is becoming a "life style change". I wonder if I am the longest running member of Spark People in Stage 2 .... lol

I'm still doing MF with my Dr. and still have about 35-45 lbs to loss, but now I've added Spark People into my daily routine. I know that with a good transition plan from MF and my DR. along with my activity in the Spark People community, I will not only make my weight loss goals but also be able to transition into life time healthy eating habits and maintain these through out my entire life.

My plans now? I've started the C25K running program and am just starting to add strength training- diet is only half of the healthy life I want. Who knows... maybe I'll encourage others to change their lives. There are a few people I know personally that have already started making those choices and have lost some weight. I would like to start blogging once a week with my thoughts and things I've went through and overcome.

No matter what diet tool you use, remember to make good choices for you and know that you're worth the effort it takes to accomplish your goals!

Good Luck!

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    it is really encouraging to know that we can do what we set out to accomplish if we do it wholeheartedly. it helps me to realize that there are others who have done what i am trying to do. thank you for showing it can be done.
    3707 days ago
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