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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bit bored at work (again) so I’ve got some time to blog!

I’ve been looking at ways to increase my protein and have decided to try a new breakfast cereal to mix things up ;o) Cheerios are good (and I chose Multigrain) but I am going to try Kashi Go Lean so they are on my shopping list for Friday. I hope the change will also help keep me satisfied for longer. I’ve also put liquid egg on the list as I thought some mornings I could have eggs, as I’m always over on carbs.

I’m trying to be careful with portion sizes too. I usually have a Lean Cuisine or other packaged frozen meal for lunch at work as they are easy, particularly as the calorie counting is done for you. Leftovers are tricky but cheaper and probably healthier in the scheme of things as they are not processed. Today I had a really small (for me anyway!) portion of the chicken curry with wild rice I made last night. I think I must really start measuring foods to give me a really clear picture of how much I am actually eating. I tend to guestimate too much and probably underestimate calories. But, considering the smallish meal, I don’t feel too hungry. I’ve been taking my herbal teas (PC Chocolatey Chai and Rooibos teas I like best) and chewing gum. I’ve reduced my snacks quite considerably too to save space for the Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Ice cream bar that I finish each day with (sometimes 2!). Let’s hope it makes a difference on the scale!

As I was thinking about my protein issue (and fat too as it seems I’m not consuming enough fat either) and I have decided to commit to trying one new recipe a week. This can be from Spark People or from any one of the multitude of cook books I buy. Hopefully this will help to shake things up and pull me out of the rut I appear to be in. When my recumbent bike is set up I hope to be able to read more so will start “The Fat Belly Diet” book – I also bought the cook book so perhaps I can start with some of those recipes.

My tennis elbow strap appears to be working. My elbow isn’t sore to touch which is good news. I also got a cancellation for the chiropractor and can see her on Friday this week instead of next. My shoulder is definitely better today. No pain killers needed. Hooray!

I’m feeling pretty tired today but have Zumba tonight! I’m looking forward to it and hope it’s not too twisty on the knee. I might try to pop out and buy a good strap bandage for my knee to keep everything where it should be. I also need to go out and buy a new t-shirt as unfortunately after cruising, my t shirts are too tight ( I hate tight clothes that show my bulges). They were tight before but I wasn’t wearing them in public before really!

Tomorrow is my last day at work before the long weekend – hooray! I’m looking forward to going swimming as it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I last went!

I weighed myself on Tuesday and it wasn’t quite as bad as initially thought following the cruise but it was still a gain of 1.5kgs (nearly 3.5lbs)... So looking at lbs I slipped from the 180s back to the 190s. Hopefully I’ll be back in the 180s by the end of next week.

Have a fun humpday everyone, although my Aussie friends have only one more sleep before the weekend! Thanks for reading my blog. Your comments really help me.
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    Thank you so much for this blog!! we have so much in common!!! haha
    my protein has been down a lot too :( i never seem to get enough :( so im going to try and up that a little bit :)
    i think your one new recipe a week thing sounds great! you might even find one that you like so much that it becomes a regular meal for you :)

    so glad to hear that your elbow is feeling better and your shoulder!! i was starting to worry a bit that you might be out for a while due to injury but it sounds like your doing really well!! cant wait to hear how your new bike goes!!

    i had zumba last night too :) i wasnt really feeling in the sexy crazy mood zumba usually has me in, but it was still great fun, i hope you enjoyed your class and that ur knees didnt get too sore!!

    your doing so well, im loving your positive attitude!! keep it up cause it helps me a lot having such positive and motivating friends like you :)
    3641 days ago
    Do you have a food scale? It's so helpful with portion control. Have fun swimming!
    3643 days ago
  • MISSME1223
    I love the little pouches of tuna for some yummy protein emoticon

    I have been using my Comfort Food Diet cookbook alot lately, it's from the people who do the Taste of Home magazine. So far I have only had 2 recipes out of it that I wasn't fond of. But several that I will definitely make again.

    Glad that your elbow and shoulder are feeling better.

    I'm all for measuring your food. When I was diagnosed (borderline) diabetic I started measuring my food and now that I'm in the habit it's not the hassle I thought it would be. I actually enjoy it.

    good luck getting the bike together...I love to watch my shows while I'm on mine =)
    3643 days ago
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