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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today, after reading Jane's blog I've decided to do the same... reflect, identify my weaknesses and see what I can do to refocus and achieve my goals!

What I am doing right:

* Exercise - I'm doing a variety of exercises, perhaps not enough strength training but I have surprised myself.
* Food - overall, not too bad. Most days I'm within my calorie range. I need to focus on balancing carbs/fat/protein though.
* Water intake - over the week I do well, weekends I struggle but usually make the 8 cups per day.
* Sleep - Not too bad, I always wake a lot because of my back and knee problems so am constantly changing positions but I'm probably getting enough sleep. Since I increased my exercise, I find I fall asleep in front of the TV earlier but I am also getting up at 5.30am on work days!

My naughty behaviours:

* Eating more than one skinny cow ice-cream per day/per sitting!
* Buying peanuts or other "healthy" treats and eating too much (all) at once.
* Thinking that "It's OK" to eat more.
* Thinking "It doesn't matter" when I chose unhealthy options when we eat out.
* Not being as diligent when we go away camping or other weekends away.
* Putting my writing off because "I'm too busy".

Really, they are mainly emotional eating problems. That is the root of my main problem!

What can I do to turn things around?

* Realistically I need to focus on the emotional eating side of things - no surprise there. This is where I am sabotaging my progress the most.

* Focus on the nutritional balance component. Try to reduce overall calories and DON'T BINGE EAT and DRINK on weekends.

* Reading more motivational stories from SP members and seeing how people have really turned things around for themselves.

* Making time for writing - watching less TV.

* Evaluate my workout program and ensure to include some strength training more than 2 times per week.

* Continue on the Spring Challenge Boot Camp and push myself as hard as I can.

* Find a picture of a great wedding outfit and put it where I can see it to focus my efforts on being the healthiest and slimmest I can before I go to Sydney in October.

I will also try to reflect more often. When I weigh in on Fridays, I will review how the week has gone, look at my fitness log, nutritional logs and see what is really working the best for me.

So, it's Sunday and tomorrow we have a public holiday in BC. I'm hoping the weather improves. We might have some friends coming over today with their kids for a BBQ although it might rain... when will this summer appear?!?!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    this was great i think you have really pinpointed whats working for you and what isnt :) and you have set a great list of ways you can improve on the thing your having trouble with :)

    thanks for your lovely comment on my reflection!! i think your right about perhaps not weighing in so much im going to try it for the week and see how it effects my mood and then decide if im keeping it or not...one thing i've also done is bought a heap of zip-lock plastic bags so if i do buy myself a healthy treat (eg nuts) im giong to get home and weigh them into portion sizes straight up so that theres no putting my hands in a big bag of cashews. im hoping that the extra time and effort it takes to put them into individual bags will be worthwhile :) at least that way i can know how much my snack was actually worth!! dont know if this will help you but i'll let you know how it works for me :)

    hope you have a great week! its 8am ive done an hour body pump class at the gym (so early haha) and i even made a friend which is great news shes lovely we've exchanged numbers and are going to try and go to the gym together when we can to help push each other :) im so happy!!! she's a bit fitter than me (and a whole lot slimmer) but im hoping that will motivate me to work harder :) plus she is a lovely girl!

    hope your having a great monday im going to clean my room, do my spark video and have a shower before 9am then im gonna hit the study up :) happys sparking and sorry its such a long reply!!

    3648 days ago
    reflection is always a good place to start, and it looks like you've come up with a pretty solid plan :o)

    You are doing awesome though, and way to go on the improvements you've made AND celebrated in this blog. Too often we can just look at the things we aren't achieving (am sooooo guilty of this), so I'm liking the balanced approach alot :o)

    3648 days ago
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