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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sitting at my desk, pondering the Delta Half Marathon, 2 months away, I thought it was probably time to blog again.

This weekend I was naughty with food but I did well with exercise. We took a nice walk on Saturday and on Sunday I got up bright and early and went for a C25K session. I’m now on Week 2 of the program and it’s going well so far. I’m very stiff in my legs and I think this is because I’ve not been stretching after the sessions. I do the sessions first thing in the morning and when I get back to the house, I have to get the girls up and shower and do breakfast... and I just forget about stretching. However, from now on I am going to make a concerted effort to start including stretches at the end of my workout. Hopefully this will help as I’m finding that my legs are making me feel like the half marathon is going to be too much for me.

Camping was fun. We had a dry weekend which was nice as it’s no fun packing up a wet tent trailer. The girls were pretty good all weekend but on Sunday night, back at home, overtiredness overwhelmed them and they were “difficult”. Gwenna did not want a bath and wouldn’t sit down in it. I had to wash her standing up and she wanted out straight away. She cried the entire time. Kerensa had a late nap and when she woke up she just cried for about an hour with no reason. I was on my own as Mark is trying to finish the bedroom in the basement as his mum arrives on Friday. There’s still a way to go but most of the painting has been done. He’s just got to put in a carpet (which we still have to buy), put in the skirting, and put a bit of a frame around the window, buy and install a curtain rod and I think that’s about it. The wardrobe doors will have to wait!

We went out for Mexican for lunch on Saturday, sort of a birthday treat for Mark. It was nice but I ate too many of the tortilla chips and all the other bits and pieces... I also binged on Friday night, eating too many chocolate mini-wheats!

There are just 15 weeks left until our Australian holiday... that’s really not a lot of time to get down to a lower weight... I need to really focus on upping my game and getting this weight shifted. Mexican lunches are not the answer! If I lose 1kgs a week I will be below my leaving weight (when I left Australia in February last year) which was still too big. I must really try to focus on that as a realistic goal. Losing 0.2kgs in a week is not anywhere near enough. I am sabotaging myself with binge eating. To get into the 60s I need to lose 16.1kgs... It’s not an unrealistic goal... especially with all the additional exercise I’m doing. If I lose 1kg a week until the Delta Half Marathon I will be carrying 9kgs less than now... that is a lot of weight. I wouldn’t want to walk the marathon holding that much or even wearing it in one of those fat body suit things. Perhaps I should try to aim for losing 10kgs before the half marathon... Just over 1kgs per week.

Maybe I should just sign up for Weight watchers again... OK let’s see.. I just checked out their website and Jennifer Hudson is looking fabulous. There’s a meeting at 9.30am on Friday mornings... But it is $60 per month... and I have the tools here. But I’m not using them!!! I need to give this more thought. I have two new diet cook books arriving this week from Amazon too. The Eat Clean Diet. My massage therapist actually mentioned these on Friday and says she loves the plan and idea.

Oh, I’m all over the place. Perhaps it’s panic setting in.. my deadline is getting closer but my waistline and weight are not getting any smaller. Focus. That’s what I need. So, to set myself some realistic challenges... perhaps I shouldn’t call them challenges as that sounds like it’s difficult. Eating within my calorie range shouldn’t be difficult. OK. I need to set myself some guidelines... that’s better, more realistic expectations of my eating behaviours.

Now, these guidelines should include:

1. No binging whatsoever ever.
2. Including as many fresh fruit and vegetables as I possibly can, keeping within my ranges for calories and carbs.
3. Smaller portions. I know that I do not need to eat such big portions. Savour flavour, less on the fork at one time and smaller bites.
4. Concentrate on carbs. My carbs are always going over the range for the day.
5. Keep within my calorie range.
6. Restrict the use of Skinny Cow truffle bars or similar.
7. When we are on holiday, pick the best healthy option and leave some – do not finish the plate except for salads.
8. Track absolutely everything – even when I’m away and can’t use the online apps.

You might notice that I’ve not mentioned water or exercise. Generally I’ve not got a problem with my water intake – although at weekends I’m a bit slack... let’s add it in as well:

9. Drink at least 2ltr water per day.

I’ve not included my exercise as I definitely don’t have any issues there. I’m doing 3 x C25K sessions per week. I go to Zumba and Circuit training once each per week. As a family we do lots of walking too and I have the Wii (I haven’t used it in ages and should start again) and my exercise bike. I will just keep that momentum going.

I still haven’t looked for and found a picture of a dress for my wedding outfit as a motivator. I think I need to print out my fat photo and stick it where I can see it. I will also put this list of 9 “Guidelines” into a nice format and print those out too.

I will keep the Weight Watchers idea in the back of my mind. It really worked for me after Gwenna was born. I need a kick up the backside and perhaps WW is the way to go. I have until Friday to decide. I can just about make the meeting if I get into the pool at 8am on the dot.

I think I need to add a drinking guideline. When we’re camping and with Mark’s mum visiting I will probably be drinking more than usual... so I should perhaps limit it to 3 nights a week maximum and one of those nights is a 2 glass maximum.

10. Alcohol only 3 days per week, one of those days a 2 glass maximum.

OK... realistic guidelines are set. I will see how I go this week and if I’m not feeling very confident I will sign up for WW on Friday. Oh magic bullet where are you?!? Oh around in circles I go... I think I’m going to go for WW... and stay on it until I go to Australia. Then I will go back to what I’ve been doing and with the additional knowledge gained from my brief summer flirtation with Weightwatchers I should be able to get down to my ideal goal weight in time for Spring next year and perhaps I’ll be able to run the Vancouver half marathon early next year.

Have fun, Sparkly friends. Fear not, as I will still be on Spark People every day as this support network is amazing. I will just track my food the WW way for a while... but I’m still not fully committed – I’m going to see where my mind takes me this week!

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  • MISSME1223
    Stretching is sooooooo important. I'm glad that you are going to make the effort to include it. You will notice the difference.

    Yo have set great guidelines...GOOD LUCK! I know that if you really put your mind to it, you can do it!

    3625 days ago
    Love the blog and the honesty there. You have great guidelines set for yourself and now you have to make the right choices to do or not to do. I know that you will make it happen.
    3625 days ago
    Great job for getting things planned out! It sounds like we have some things in common. I also have a vacation coming up, but I battle with emotional eating sometimes, and that has not helped my waistline. Lately I have been telling myself that when I want to eat junk when I'm angry or stressed, to "take care of myself," that is not really taking care of myself--I try to stop and ask myself, "What do I really need?" If I am hungry, I need to eat something nutritious. If I'm tired, maybe I need to rest, etc. Hey, we still have enough time to lose some weight before our vacation/holiday. We can do it!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon amy
    3625 days ago
    I always find it hard to get my stretching in. One thing I try to do is stretch in my bed before I go to sleep if I can't do it after I exercise. It's better than nothing, and helps me relax a bit.
    I'm glad you had a nice weekend. It sounds like you do a lot of fun family activities, and kudos to fitting in so much exercise!
    Do you track your food on SP? It has been a huge success for me. It worked best when i had to turn in my food logs, because that made me accountable. Now that i don't have to turn them in, I am not so great at tracking. Another thing that worked great for me was eating 5-6 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. You have to be careful that your snacks aren't too big if you go this route, but it really helps your metabolism. Portion control is huge too. I know you already know all this!
    I am rooting for you! You have such a great attitude and I know you will find success!
    3626 days ago
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