Could running a marathon help me to meet my grandchildren one day?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for a blog. I`m at work, should be working but my brain doesn`t want to comply. I don`t feel like writing up a process for Change Management or Software Development at the moment... What`s the point really, OK – the auditors will be kept happy but no one will really follow these processes... I don`t want to amend my on-going project plan to push out the dates because we`re behind again... but I know that`s what I should be doing. Instead, I`m writing a blog, checking over my shoulder regularly for signs of managers... Nervously `alt tabbing` when I think I hear footsteps behind me.

What I really want to be doing is training for my half marathon that is on 14th August. Although, realistically, I would be finished doing that within an hour as I`ve not been doing any serious training, so maybe a swim afterwards and then some shopping perhaps. My training for the race has been pathetic at best. I was getting stronger and got up to week 4 on the C25K program but then things happened... I`ve just not got my running groove back. The world is against me. Mark has to leave for work at 5.20am now. That would mean I would need to be up and literally running before 4.45am and I don`t even think that time really exists.

So, onto the new plan – to convince Mark that we do have space in our house for a treadmill. This also includes convincing him that it`s not a waste of money and I will use it. In line with pushing this particular idea, I have moved the recumbent bike back into the living room and will be getting back into the saddle tonight – well, maybe not tonight as I`m going to try a cardio kickboxing class... so maybe tomorrow... ah, but I have Zumba tomorrow night... oh dear. But, he should realise that a treadmill would mean I could run in the morning, rain or shine, day or night (as it is really night time even at 5am), in the summer, fall, winter and spring, bears or no bears, coyotes or no coyotes.... and when he`s not home and the kids are! Oh really, how can Mark not see that a treadmill is essential ? Back to Craigslist I will go later... there are quite a few to chose from so I will need to do more research and identify what I really need in my new old treadmill. Far more important than a project plan. Perhaps I could make a project plan for my treadmill purchase... including contingency if required, as potentially Mark, as an unwilling major stakeholder could require some positive encouragement and perhaps extra time for negotiation may be necessary.

But I also have to identify a potential space for the treadmill... they are quite big... and there`s not really anywhere for it to go. Perhaps I should also buy a pergola and keep it undercover in our garden. Or I could start clearing out the little storage space in the basement that we are keeping (we are currently setting up a basement suite to rent) that has no windows and I could put it in there but then I might not hear if the girls got into mischief upstairs as I would be further away from them – but I guess a baby-monitor would help, the type with lights so I can see if they are making more noise than normal.

The treadmill is necessary and I am seriously considering signing up for the Vancouver marathon... yes, a full marathon, before I`ve even done a half... but it`s not until May next year. If I had the treadmill I would be able to train for it and be home for the girls at the same time (I still can`t understand why Mark doesn`t see this as essential!)... There`s also the Seattle Half in late November which conveniently could be combined with a Christmas shopping trip. I think I`ll sign up for that one anyway as it will hopefully keep me on track when I`m in Australia in October. But a full marathon... could I ? Should I ? Will I ? OK, I`m getting nervously excited at the thought. Is this really possible that I, with my dodgy knee and flabby body could really do a marathon ? This is my typical MO. I come up with some crazy idea, sometimes not so crazy, and then I go fast forward, head first into it before I`ve really considered what it really means. I need to read my Running for Women book, check out the training plan for marathons... do I have enough time... August. September. October. November... through to April and the race is in early May. 9 months. 3 weeks of holiday. 2 legs. 1 bad knee. Pah! Of course I can do it. The challenge will only make me stronger. In mind and body. I want one of those medals... the Vancouver Marathon Medals... well, to be honest, I`m greedy – I want to have lots of them. Not just Vancouver ones... Perhaps I can even get the London Marathon one one day.

I`d obviously sign up as a walker... to give myself the additional time. I think I would be able to walk it anyway, but I would like to run, at least in intervals. I have the best shoes now. My New Balance runners are great as they are a wider fit and have given me no problems and blisters are always my big concern. My knee doesn`t seem to be tremendously impacted by the running so far. It was initially and I think I am feeling a bit of discomfort with it, but it is improving. Before I stopped doing my C25K sessions I was definitely improving. Even when I just started the C25K program I managed my two 5K races in just over 40 minutes... which is not at all bad for an out of shape 40 year old.

OK. I will talk to my fabulous chiropractor when I see her on Friday. I will ask her advice... probably because I know that she will be all for it.

But perhaps I need to think about it a little more. Focussing on something new is a distraction technique I`m particularly good at. Thinking about the marathon and how to persuade Mark to agree to getting a treadmill will stop me thinking about what`s happened in my life recently. Look how positive this all sounds. But to be honest, it`s helping... I do feel positive. My mum started showing signs of dementia that I noticed at age 56. That is only 16 years older than I am now. My daughters would still be in their teens. I don`t want this to happen to me. By doing something like this I am seriously decreasing my chances of getting the vascular dementia that was triggered by my mum`s type 2 diabetes. My uncle (her brother) is now 55 and is running marathons. He only started a couple of years ago and a recent medical showed him as slightly overweight but fit and healthy. I am still classified as obese. I have been attempting and failing to lose weight all my life, and with Spark People since February. My weight has been yo-yo-ing and I haven`t even got to my 10% goal yet – in 5 months. It`s food. It`s alcohol. It`s chocolate. Now I need to start really thinking about things before they go in... is this bar of chocolate really worth it ? Potentially, if I got type 2 or another weight related illness, it could mean that eating the chocolate gives me one less day in my life... what could I do with that time ? Spend it with my gorgeous children. That`s definitely worth more than a bar of chocolate. So, I will sign up for the marathon... I will do it. I`m 40 and am determined I won`t be fat forever. It`s going to take time but I am going to try to think about what I`m eating more and more and what the trade off could be. A frappucino with cream on top or an afternoon spent with my family, even meeting my own grandchildren – a joy that my parents sadly missed out on.

So, onward and upward... well, hopefully downward on the scales and tape measure. I`d better get back to work. I keep hearing footsteps and I should really get something done before lunch... 1 hour until lunchtime.... I can reorganise a project plan in that time... or scout out craigslist for treadmills at least.
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    wooo i loved this blog! great attitude! i have my first ever real race on the 14th of august as well!! the city to surf its 14km and i havent gone for a run in about 2weeks :S its going to be hard! but we can do it!!!
    3580 days ago
    I think it's a great idea to sign up for the marathon. You could use it to help you with your grief and also as a tribute to you Mom.
    3581 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10364891
    I like the idea of a treadmill - you'd definitely be able to get on it and just go! Hope you find something that fits into your budget and space :)..p.s - love the title of your blog. emoticon
    3581 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9005788
    You're doing great at trying to get back at your exercise routine! I'm sorry that things have been so difficult for you lately! I'm glad though that you're using it for your own motivation to improve your health so you can be there with your grandchildren and enjoy your life to hopefully an old ("miserable" lol) age. You should sign up for the marathon (like you said, as a walker to allot the extra time if you need it!) and it will give you a push goal to work towards and a definite date to achieve it by! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! You're an amazing woman and I know you can do whatever you set your mind to! (I bet you'll even jog more of it than you walk! :)) emoticon
    3582 days ago
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