I missed my first Half Sparkivesary!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OK. I’ve not blogged in a week... poor show, Smiffy!

So, what have I been doing? How have I been feeling? What’s been happening!

Well, the weekend was pretty bad nutritionally. Days were good but in the evening we had 3 bbqs. I ate badly, sausages and cakes... very, very naughty. But, in the week, I’ve been much better although I’ve gotten out of the habit of tracking EVERYTHING – yes, tracking does mean tracking night time snacks, dinner and those nibbles that I grab when I get home from work. I am great at work... I can only eat what I take to the office obviously. I am LOVING my breakfasts at the moment, it keeps me full for a long time:

1 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch
½ cup plain nofat yoghurt
1 tbsp ground flax
1 tbsp hemp hearts
Handful of gorgeous fresh blueberries

Deeeee Lish. I’ve not really eaten fresh blueberries before – they were always more expensive in Australia but in BC they are super cheap at the moment... 2lbs for $4 I saw yesterday! I’ve frozen some but I wish we had a bigger freezer!

Lunches have been “cleaner” recently although this week because we were out all day on Sunday I was unable to prepare in advance so I’ve been on frozen entrees again this week. I prefer the fresh salads and grilled turkey with some cold wild rice medley though.

My chiro was pleased with my performance for the half. I had some adjusting and she said that I’m doing great. My knee is still a bit sore from the race but she said it’s to be expected. It’s not sore when I run, but when I try to stretch. She said that the soreness in my upper thigh/hip was not from weakness but from lack of stretching. She showed me the stretches again... Why have I forgotten them! I was thinking I needed to do more squats but she said that I have the strength already. So, overall I’m pleased. We talked about the Vancouver full marathon in May and she said I should be good for it as long as I keep up my training. She estimated I’ll do it in 5hrs40... Hopefully I’ll beat it ;o)

On my day off on Friday I went for a swim and also did a run. A W5D2 workout for C25K. It went pretty well. I also did a run the day before after work. I was a bit stiff and a little tired on Saturday so I had an easy day. Mark had to work so it was me and the girls home alone. I even had a nap in the afternoon which is unlike me! On Sunday we went on another big walk and then to a bbq in the late afternoon. We also went for all-you-can-eat Japanese which was naughty.

My day off was Tuesday this week as I had to sign up for book club at the library (it’s very popular so you need to sign up on the day) and I also saw my accountant. It looks like most of the tax I will have to pay will be spread over payments in November and April so that means we should really look at getting our roof re-shingled. It rained on Monday and we ended up with quite a full large saucepan of water below our leak. I’m hoping that we may even be able to get it done before we go on holiday as I don’t want to leave the leak for three weeks. We’d have to get friends to check it for us and that’s a nuisance for them.

I realised that we just need to do it yesterday. I was thinking about the extension we’re planning to put at the front of the house – and our idea that we should do the roof at the same time. Realistically we’re not going to be able to pay for an extension for at least a couple of years... so we should just get the roof done before it really damages more of our wood frame. How frustrating that we have to spend a big chunk of money when we only bought the house in January and there were no signs of the leak when we inspected.

Anyway, it is what it is. As my kids say, and they taught them at day care – you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

I also am up to W6 now on C25K. I completed day 1 today – which was easier than W5D3! I think sometimes it’s not good to know what’s coming up! I kind of held back from doing W5D3 as I have never run for 20 minutes straight before! But I did it! Woo hoo! Yesterday I also moved the recumbent bike back into the living room in front of the TV and did 30 minutes on it yesterday. Not pushing myself too hard but I did work up a sweat by the end of the 30. I need to start doing that more often. It was really nothing while I was watching a movie.

No real weight loss... in fact I’m up a little. I’ve signed up for BLC17 and am looking forward to the challenges! Hopefully it’s just what I need to shed some kilos! I want to be overweight not obese!! ;o)

Oh – I was just seeing where I was 6 months ago... I’ve realised I missed my half-Sparkiversary! I weigh just over 15lbs less which isn’t great... but I’ve gone from about 10 minutes of exercise a day to running 3 times a week, swimming 2 or 3 times a week, Circuit training once a week and Zumba (although not currently) – I’ve also run in two 5k races and a half marathon!!! And I’m considering running a full marathon!!! That’s amazing! I’m eating the majority of my meals “Clean” and I cook more meals from scratch now. I enjoy it too. I’m enjoying the exercising and I look forward to my running sessions – I can’t quite believe that... I look forward to running?!? Am I insane! I need to really focus on my weight loss and nutrition. That is my biggest let down. I need to lose this belly, and the flabby back and arms... losing a chin would help too ;o)

So, in 6 months I lost 15lbs... now that would put me into overweight if I was to lose the same again for the next 6 months but that is not a great average. I need to try to lose more than that. In 6 months I really want to be closer to my goal weight... I must focus! I can do this!!! I have about 56lbs that I want to lose. I should see how far I get by February 8th.. my 1st Sparkiversary and just after my 41st birthday.

So, fall is nearly upon us... I am looking forward to the challenges that I will be given and also those I set myself. Are you setting yourself any bigger challenges? Where were you 6 months ago? Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

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    You have come so far and accomplished so many things! Way to go!!!
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