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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterday I got full marks for the Rodeo Challenge for BLC. I managed to eat right – tracking everything and fell within (although at the top end) my calorie range and also fats, proteins and carbs so gold star for me!

Going back to Circuit training wasn’t so bad - although I was feeling tired, I did get a good workout in. I’ve decided to cancel my Zumba classes that start on Monday as no one else is coming with me and I can use my wii Zumba game instead. I’ll go to two circuit training classes each week until the new year. I’ve signed up for Zumba again in January and am hoping that at least one friend will join me! Circuit training is included in my annual rec centre membership whereas Zumba is about $11 per class.

I am still tired! I can’t believe how long this jet lag is hanging around! The girls went to bed a little earlier last night at 9.30 although they complained that they weren’t tired, but I managed to get them to stay in bed. They were excited to be going to daycare today for pyjama day! They thought it was great fun to go in the PJs and they looked so comfy.

So I guess I should start thinking about some new goals now that I’m back from vacation... OK. What do I need to do... I have my half marathon coming up in late November... it’s Christmas soon...

OK... think... think... think... Let’s get some “to the end of November goals” as well as some year end goals... maybe a goal weight target date... a realistic one... based on current progress and previous results!

Goals for End of November:

Stick to the running training plan defined by my Smartcoach app on my iphone (3 runs per week).
Run the half marathon in less than 3 hours.
Circuit training once per week minimum.
Wii once per week minimum.
Swimming twice per week minimum (starting next week as I’m full time at work this week).

Weight Loss & Food Goals:

Alcohol only once per week.
Track intake all day at least 5 times a week (if I make 6 for at least 50% of the weeks, I will treat myself to new nails!)
Lose at least 0.5kgs per week, aim higher but minimum of 0.5kgs – no averages!

Weigh at least 2.5kgs less at the end of November (starting with tomorrow’s weight).

Year End:

Maintain running at 3 x per week, maintenance plan to be developed after half marathon.
Maintain swimming at 2 x per week
Use the wii more!
Circuit training – average 1.5 times per week.
Sign up for Vancouver half or full marathon in May!

Treats for year end (will have to come up with some):
Get into the 70s (kgs) (around 175lbs)
Get into the 160s (lbs) (77.2kgs)
Get under 75kgs – bonus treat!

OK, so realistic and achievable goals I think. It will be a tough challenge to get to the 160s but it’s not totally out of the question – it’s a loss of about 1kgs per week on average. I will probably get a good result this week (at least I hope so) as I should have lost a bit more than usual because I gained so much on holiday and I’m hoping some of it is sodium. To get to my goal weight I’m still over 26kgs away... so realistically it will be over 6 months which is rather depressing. That takes me past April next year. However, if I continue to go at the current terribly slow up and down pace, it will take me years! Since starting in February I’ve lost less than 1kg per month. Really pathetic. But I’ve had holidays and trips and situations that did not help. Life always ends up “getting in the way” but it’s not really getting in the way is it? Life is a series of challenges that up to now, I’ve been struggling to win. I’m definitely feeling stronger than I did when I started this journey and I know I can do it. I know my weaknesses and I really must start addressing them when I am faced with challenges – rather than ignoring them and failing again and again.

Here are some changes since February:

Down 5.6kgs. That’s over 5%, so not bad really I guess. It’s an improvement!
Fitness wise I have completed a half marathon! I’m stronger and fitter than before, and probably since before I had my children – even since I hit 30.
Nutritionally, I am eating cleaner – I eat way less processed foods and chemicals.
Life goals – I entered a short story competition and I have the beginnings of a story written but I haven’t touched it for months and months. This definitely needs work. I need to add some mini-goals for my writing but I will do this when I have my day off next week.

So, overall, I guess it’s not all bad news. I need to really focus on what I do when we travel. We tend to go camping a lot, and combined with our other trips, this has been where I have slipped up repeatedly. My resolve falls apart and I order whatever I want when we eat out and I don’t track. I also drink more alcohol when we are away from home. In my advantage until Christmas I have no trips away planned (possibly one camping trip if it doesn’t get too cold or wet in early November). But I am going away to Vegas for 5 days at New Years... this will be tricky to manage and I guess I’d better factor this in.

I am going to set myself a target of getting to my overall weight loss goal by the end of June next year. This allows me a bit of space as April (6 months) would mean a 1kg per week weight loss which is pretty tough.

So, by the end of June 2012 I want to be in the 50kgs (131.8lbs). That’s a total loss of 26.8kgs or 58.9lbs in 35 weeks. That doesn’t give me too much breathing space...

The end of July would be 39 weeks... maybe I should set myself goals and rewards depending on which month I hit my target... I’ll think about this some more next week when I have my day off!

OK. It’s time to go for lunch. I feel good about this blog. I like to set myself targets but up to now I’ve been pretty hopeless at reaching them! Hopefully if I am more realistic about my abilities and focus on getting through my weaknesses positively, I can get to my goal in time to look great on the beach next summer!

What are your long term goals? Have you thought of any rewards for when you get there?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Such a great blog!!! i love how it became more and more uplifting as it went on :) soounds like you have some great goals and have set yourself realistic time-frames to achieve them in! You have achieved so much already, i just know you can continue to suceed!
    hope the jet lag goes away soon!
    3487 days ago
    Way to go! You've done a great job so far!
    3491 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9898685
    Woo Hoo! Way to go!! Awesome goals!!! You sure are rock and rollin' to me!!! Woo Hoo!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3491 days ago
    You are doing great! Keep up the good work! I have a hard time focusing on long-term goals now--I need to think about it.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon amy
    3492 days ago
    Great goals! I will support you the whole time. I like your comment about "life getting in the way". It's life- it will always be there, throwing up challenges and adversity. It's how we choose to deal with those challenges.

    Great blog!
    3492 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10364891
    Very realistic/doable goals. I'm going through a similar process..I so want to see results soon though because I've been at a standstill for awhile. It's good to know that small changes are making a difference for you! emoticon
    3492 days ago
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