Day 2 Flat Belly Diet Jump Start - 1.1lbs down in a day?!? Could it really be this good?!?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The rest of day 1 was fairly uneventful and I didn’t manage to do all that I was hoping... well, any of it really. I had hoped to take my eldest to her circus skills class but because I had to eat – I had to cook so Mark took her instead. I’m also a little stiff and sore in the legs so I swapped circuit training for a dip in our hot tub instead.

I measured my waist.. up 1 inch from my last measurement.. but I never get the same spot twice so I’m not too concerned. I also measured just below my belly button.. you know, that bit that sticks out but isn’t quite as low as the hips... the widest bit... the bit I’m hoping will shrink, reduce, tighten and flatten. Let’s hope that reduces as promised on the front cover (I’m sure there’s also a “Results not typical” disclaimer somewhere though!).

Dinner wasn’t bad... a bit plain but relatively satisfying:
½ cup brown rice
3oz chicken
1 cup mushrooms sautéed in 1tsp olive oil.

Then my night time snack was:
1 cup skim milk blended with 1 cup frozen blueberries
¼ cup sunflower seeds

I mixed up my sassy water last night but didn’t add as much mint this time (and I didn’t rip the leaves up as much).

Day 2 of Jump Start:
OK. I admit it. I was curious... so I jumped on the scale this morning. WOW! Down 1.1lbs from yesterday! Well, that’s not surprising is it as the weight of food I ate yesterday was a lot less than I ate the day before. So Sceptical me will have to wait and see before celebrations can take place.

The sassy water is a definite improvement on yesterday’s batch. I tried drowning out the flavour of ginger (I am not a fan) with mint with the first batch but I over did it. I might also be losing my mint choc chip wrigley’s craving a little... although... mmm... a nice juicy piece of gum would be delicious right now...

Breakfast was the same as yesterday – and I had to split it again too. Tomorrow will be easier as we have the day off work and hopefully I can get to sleep in a little later than 5.50am.

I just had a wave of craving for mint choc chip gum wash over me... I really didn’t realise how much of a gum addict I’ve become. It’s quite scary really!
9.29am. Dammit – thought about the gum again.
10.53am. Haven’t thought about the gum “that” much! I’m starting to feel a little bit hungry but have another couple of hours before I want to eat my lunch. I should be OK as I have a meeting now. It’s probably more to do with boredom.

1.31pm. I had lunch, for simplicity I mixed things up a little:
1 cup steamed carrots (cooked last night so eaten cold and they were nice).
4oz organic deli turkey
1 cheese string
I’ve nearly finished all the sassy water and have had a couple of herbal teas. I’m going to have another in a minute as it’s cold today.

I’m feeling tired... really tired. I had a broken night of sleep. Gwenna got in with us and then I was having bad dreams. She woke early again so I was up from about 5.10.

OK... 2hours and 25 minutes before home time... time for a herbal tea.

3.14pm. I’m still feeling pretty tired, but I’m not hungry. I haven’t even thought about the gum (mmmm mint choc chip yummm) since lunch time – until now! I’m looking forward to getting home. It’s been a dull day in the office really. I’ve gotten a few tasks done which is good though. I’m looking forward to the long weekend at home!

I’ll finish this blog now and write another tomorrow. I’m not finding this too difficult. The sassy water is a definite improvement on yesterday’s!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Enjoyed reading your blog. The Flat Belly Diet is how I got started on my final weight loss; that is I have always yo-yoed until now and three years ago I started the FBD and it worked great. How well I remember the Jump Start phase. Stick with the plan. I totally lost my desire for soda and refined sugar. And I felt satisfied with the amount of food (which were foods I really like).
    I hope you keep posting your progress!
    3475 days ago
    What is this jump start diet?
    3476 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10364891
    Sounds like you're doing really well! emoticon
    3476 days ago
    You're doing a great job! Looks like the water went better today. Keep it up girl!
    3476 days ago
    That is awesome!! I can't wait to see if there is more of a loss in the next few days- if there is I will definitely give the Belly Flat diet another go. I am definitely adding the sassy water this weekend. Just curious emoticon
    3476 days ago
    oh i love your new blogging style i had a good old laugh at the "9.29am. Dammit – thought about the gum again" bit!!!

    i think i need to try and start working on getting my gum addiction under control as well! i will make a note not to add too much mint when i try to make the sassy water :)

    ive been having crazy dreams lately too :( keep up the great work your doing amazingly!!!!! and keep up the blogs im loving them :D


    3476 days ago
    Glad the water went better today!
    3476 days ago
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