"Trouble Goal" Spark People Action Step! Or: Is it me, or am I going insane?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I’m doing an exercise from my Spark People stage three action steps. This is to write about one “trouble goal”.

I had no trouble deciding on which one – the one that is hampering my progress constantly... sends me back three steps for every one forward...Oh yes, it is my weekend eating behaviour!

Other people stay on track at weekends and I don’t know how they do it! OK, I know... it’s discipline... commitment... routine... strategies.... but with easy access to the fridge, and less time at my computer I nibble, snack, pick and generally eat my way through all the good work done during the week.

So, my goal is to track at weekends and stay within my calorie ranges: But every weekend, the voice in my head tells me “It’s OK... you can eat that chocolate whatever, it’s the weekend. It won’t hurt you. You can make it up. One won’t make any difference...It’s only one weekend away... in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter as long as you weigh less over the entire week/month/year...”

OK. The first task is to express my feelings (whether anger, frustration or guilt): OK... yes, yes and OH yes... the guilt!!!

The next step is to discuss it in my blog without external pressure from other people so free to express it any way I like... well:
ARGH! I hate you weekend eating behaviour and that horrible voice in my head that tells me it is OK to eat what I like and not track it! IT IS NOT OK! Be quiet... don’t talk to me. Just leave me ALONE!!!! Next time I am not going to listen to you... I’ll be “BLA BLA BLA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

OK, well we all know that this plan will not work because:
a. Everyone in hearing distance or within sight will think I am crazy.
b. It won’t drown out the voice inside my head, however loud I shout.

So, what to do... OK. Tricks and plans. What works for me? What is different in the week?
1. At work I grab my gum. I will make sure I keep gum within reach all weekend.
2. In the working day, I have my snacks planned out, scheduled and available. I need to pre-plan what I am going to eat for the day and have scheduled snacks available.
3. I track – I have the same tools available but I track all the time at work so I will track all weekend at home.

So that’s three things I can do to help get over this. Admittedly when we are away, tracking is tricky but apart from my Vegas vacay I am not planning on camping for at least a couple of months (at least not until the snow is melting rather than falling). I can get myself into a routine and see results from positive actions which will motivate me to continue.

OK... so that’s one action step completed and I really feel better already! I will add these mini-action steps to my 20 goal challenge in the SAC for this weekend.

What’s your “trouble goal”? What can you do this weekend to move it from the “trouble goal” pile?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    such a fun blog, i like it!! i think my weakness it eating at work not so much a problem when im only getting 2 shifts a week but now that im working 5 a week and they are often longggg shifts im at work and eating there often so i've started a journal to myself that i write in before i eat i give myself a little pep talk reminding myself why im doing this and that im worth saying no to the desserts hahah as silly as it sounds its actually really helping!! ive written/talked myself out of several near binges! and when i feel like i may crumble i dont even go to the work kitchen instead i walk down the road to a cafe and buy a fruit salad or berry\ yoghurt...yes it costs $5 when eating at work would be free but some days the $5 is worth not binging hehe
    i dont know if the writing to yourself thing would help you, but it has helped me heaps so it might be worth a try!!! you can do this wooo hooo
    3440 days ago
    Good luck with your weekend plans on staying on track with what you eat. Take each day as it comes, you can do it!
    3441 days ago
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