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Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, I've learned a lot this week.

Food was really a stinker for me. I'm an emotional eater, and my evenings can be very stressful, so my natural tendency is to eat. I've convinced myself that my life is out of my control in the evenings (negative self talk), and so when I say to myself, "No, you can't have that cupcake!" my inner child says, "Hey, I have very little control in my life. But I do have control over this. And I'm going to eat a cupcake if I want too!!" Then my little feet stomp around, and I head for the cupcake.

I need to stop the negative self talk and realize that I do have control. I may not over others and what they say or do, but I do over what I say and do. I want to be healthy. That IS my choice. And so letting the child inside me take over and demand a cupcake is not following the choices I have already made.

So, I've evaluated the problem. When tracking food, I like to do it all in the morning. I plan my meals for the day, make sure I'm within all of my ranges, and then try to stick with it. However, I think I was being a bit harsh. I was forcing myself to stick to the lower end of the calorie range. I think this will work great as I progress further in my journey, but to ask myself, a previous "3000 calorie per day" eater, to stick with just over 1200, is not fair.

So, today I made some adjustments. I kept within the top portion of my calorie range, and made sure to include some healthy snacking in the evenings when my mouth needs to chew off some stress. Carrots work great for this!

Does anyone else have ideas on healthy, chewy, stress reducing foods?? I would do gum, but TMJ is a problem for me. Anything else??

Onto the positive side to my week. I stuck with my exercise plan every day! Yipee!!! I even did a 20 minute run today with five extra minutes to warm up and cool down. Way excited about that! My body feels so much stronger! And when I did my yoga right after, my body could hold the poses, no problem, and even sustain them a little longer. I gave myself an "A+" instead of just an "A" because I really wanted to run on Wednesday, but knew I had to give my joints a rest, so I stuck with the plan and just did Yoga that day. This is huge for me, because I showed self control by NOT pushing myself beyond what was healthy for me.

So, I'm going to say this was a successful week. I learned a lot about myself... learned that beating myself up over a few extra treats was not nice, that exercise can actually feel great when you stick with it (thought I'd NEVER say that!), and that I need to break into this lower calorie habit, just as I had to gradually work my running up from 5 minutes a month ago to 20 now. I need to be kinder to me and focus more on what I do RIGHT rather than beating myself up over what I do wrong.

I hope everyone sees what they did right this week! Share it with me! Look for it. It is there! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
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    Oops. I gave you the wrong info. I was doing it from memory and I decided to check.
    It's called Source by Yoplait. Dessert Selection. Flavours are raspberry/cranberry crumble, lemon meringue parfait, strawberry chantilly, cherry delight, creme caramel, cafe latte, strawberry parfait and chocolate/raspberry. I'm from Canada so you may not have it in the States.
    3365 days ago
    I find I do much better if I eat in the 1800 to 2000 range. I like the 35 calorie dessert yogurts from danone. They have sweetner, but they come in great flavours like creme brulee and chocolate fudge.
    3370 days ago
    I like fruit for evenings. It probably will shoot my blood glucose up and not give the protein, but some sliced berries, fresh pineapple, even a "fruit salad" with tropical fruit that is drained and some pineapple is fun.

    I have some sugar free chocolate syrup and will slice bananas and drizzle the syrup over it. It is only a teaspoon or so so even regular syrup helps.

    Emotional eating is sometimes habitual eating. We eat the same times or in the same circumstances every day. Planning some different activities can really help. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, take up knitting, crocheting, solitaire, or even puzzles. Do this in front of the TV and you will have something to do with your hands. I also do my Crystal Lite to give my sweet tooth something to do. There are many choices and some of them are actually fun.

    Try some different things instead of eating the cupcake. Not eating anything may be part of the problem. I'd ditch the cupcakes as well.
    3377 days ago
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