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Feeling Awfully Rejected

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I thought about it a lot and for a long time, but finally made a decision. I reapplied for my old placement as a First Grade teacher in the Puerto Rico Education Department. I applied on time and did all they asked for in the application. I filed all the medical papers they asked, including several transcripts from College, one for may BA as an Earlychildhood Education, one for my MA as a Reading Specialist, and one for my second MA in Education Administration and Supervision. I, also, got and email receipt telling me that they got my application and assignend a number for it.

Today, after 2 months of silence, I look up in the teachers Registration List, to find out the Education Depártment left me out of the Rooster list. That means I will not be called to a teachers placement and I will neeed to wait until February 2013 and re-apply again.

I called my brother that is the one that can help me find out what was going on and he found out everything has to do with the fact that, in last election day, November 2008, I worked as a Vote Center facilitator for a different political party than the one that won the elections. Can you beleive it, my Spark Community?

I feel terribly frustrated and down. I am a well prepared teacher that loves the teaching of reading and the goverment decided to punish me this way. This is not fair, it is like I am not worth enough for them cause I have a diferent idea. I feel so mad that I feel like crying all night long. I feel rejected, and rejection kills me. Why does goverments do things like this? Why is this so unfair? Why can they decide about your future? I mean I love my home and I enjoy been a housewife, but I feel I am young enough to keep giving from myself to students. I feel staying at home is a waste of my talents and my abilities. I guess I do feel I am not worth enough....

Oh my gosh I feel so sad and frustrated that I do not know how to handle all this frustration right now and the worst situation is the whoever said it, was correct, "Life is hard, but food is easy."

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog. Thank you for allowing me to vent all this frustration with my beloved community. I really appreciate your time and support. I will be looking forward to you wise words, and please forgiveme for this messy Blog. Remember that I love you all and that I love SparkPeople. Good Night and have a great emoticon
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    Red tape and politics . Shame, shame. We have to pray all the harder to not overcome our working abilities.

    You have allot of faithful Christians praying for you here and me also. When one door closes another door will open.

    My one Granddaughter goes to a Christian School who is to be taught the word of God. In a Non-denominational school. Which all my children went to when small.

    My son was asked to pay extra money if his daughter wants the teacher to teach bible study and questions to be answered. They have cut out the bible reading and the bible question time in the day. It is now a secular school. He said that is why I paid for her to be in this Christian highschool and now because other people on the board or goverment wants to band the Christian gospel that it as a outcast. I have to put out more money. This is so out of order and so wrong he said..

    So it is happening to the best of us Canadians too. . Even Christian and Churches are going so secular thinking. Christ is not even first. He has been put on the shelf. And the churches here are bringing in the worly things. Justin Biber Christian Rap. Can you believe this.
    Do you know how many students need your help that all this has come about. . The teachers are letting the students go on their own and you know the parents have know idea how to help them in those highschool studies. If they have cut out no more gym then for goodness sakes put in work for teachers to have the help that is needed for students. Like you.

    My oldest Granddaughter is in her 2nd year of University. She took piano and other instruments as a child. She was missing two instruments she did not take.. They tell her because she did not have enough instruments playing as a child. She will not beable to teach music to her lower grade students when time comes.. They never told her that when applying till middle of first year but then you cannot go back as a child. So she has loss out. She has won contest singing now and in her teens. Has a pretty voice but now it does not count now.

    So she is sadden so is the family. She is 19 and she is so talent as to be a teacher. She has worked with children as a teen. Yet what will her future hold.

    Some one said that soon students will be left to do all studies on the computer and the little ones home schooled. I pray not. That means they wont need teachers only to mark the tests and exams.

    The Lord tells us if we are his. He will take care of us. So I am having faith he will to all of us. That is his promise.

    We must hold on and believe that nothing will come between our Lord and us. He will be in power of all that is going on in politics and all red tape .

    Get in the word and pray with your Lord. We all are in agreement to that. Amen.

    Dont let the enemy discourage you. Pray, even Praise in the middle of all this disaster.

    Give not the enemy and inch he will want the yard.

    Lets send him packing.
    3134 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/31/2012 11:09:56 AM
  • no profile photo CD3604344
    I am so sorry that you have to experience this. It is very unfair, however, part of our world that is not kind or fair. I pray that you will find an open door soon.
    3367 days ago
    Politics stinks! Can you tutor or do something else in the meantime? Can you lodge a complaint anywhere??

    3374 days ago
    I just read your blog, and I am so very sorry for your disappointment. I truly believe that when one door closes, another one is getting ready to be opened. My prayers are that another better situation will be opened for you soon. God does have a plan for your life. Trust Him, and believe that His plan is perfect. You are a bright lady, and have a lot to offer. It is the Education Department's loss!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3386 days ago
    Hi, I am happy to be your friend and so sorry this has happened. That can't happen in the US, but other things have happened to my friends. My girlfriend was a good teacher, but couldn't get a job in her children's school. She said it was because she was Catholic-in a Baptist community. I know there are other smaller reasons, but believe that this was a big part of it. One of the principals I worked for hated fat people. "Hated" should be underlined. If I had been trying to get a classroom teacher's job, there would be no way. I was applying for a Speech/Language therapist job. There was a shortage at that time, or I wouldn't have been hired. It's really hard for someone to work here in the rest home who isn't white. Not that they wouldn't be hired-they have been. It's not the business or the workers who are unkind. It is the old ones. We have one lady who is 107 and a great many over 90. They think, talk and act like most people used to all those years ago , and it's rough on those workers. Oscar, 94 year old American Indian, is a friend of mine. He was forced to be Christian and in the past few years, he has gone back to the old Indian ways. He said that people cuss him, etc. I have seen a few refuse to sit with him. I would rather he was Christian, but I still treat him with the respect he deserves. Cheryl
    3386 days ago
    I am sorry Carmen. I will remember you in my prayers.
    3391 days ago
    Carmen may all these prayers take hold and God intervene. I pray that the door closed so that an even more spectacular position opens up and is perfect for you.
    Elaine emoticon
    3392 days ago
  • SUE_2U
    Oh golly that is darn illegal is it not? How horrible!
    So many things happen with teachers. It is so very hard to find a good job. My husband was a teacher, too. It was terrible for him because he was not American.
    3393 days ago
  • AUNTX4
    Carmen, I'm on the First Steps Club with you. I am a first grade teacher here in the States. I am shocked that teaching is tied up so much in government there. I know it must be frustrating to not be able to do what you love to do. Is there someone in the local government that you could sit down with and try to work this out? I think tutoring is a great idea! As a teacher and reading specialist, you could really make a difference with struggling students who need extra help. Good luck with everything and hopefully something will come your way soon.
    3394 days ago
    Lo siento mucho pero no me extrana. Llevo mucho anos fuera de la Isla pero que descriminan y te castigan cuando trabajas por el partido que no esta en el poder. Y no disimulan. Aqui esas cosas si se hacen pero con mas disimulo porque siempre puedes poner una querella por descriminacion. No podras hacer eso en Puerto Rico? Seria una pena que se salgan con las suyas y ya es hora de que las cosas empiezen a cambiar y de la unica forma empeza a poner querellas y demandar. .
    3394 days ago
  • EUEK098
    So sorry, sugar
    3394 days ago
    I am not your sparkfriend, but I noticed your post because we have a mutual sparkfriend. I still wanted to tell you I am saddened to hear about your situation. And even though I think it is ridiculous the way that you have been treated, I agree with many others here. I do believe that when you are given a strong sign that says 'No" or that says, "Wait," there is always a reason. There is another plan for you. Sometimes God will allow roadblocks because He has something else more important for you to do at that time. You are still worthy and you are still valuable. It's just not time for that move right now. Maybe something else will cross your path now that will prepare you for when it Is time. Trust Him, and take one step at a time. The direction that you need to go will be revealed when it's time for you to make a move. May God bless you and hang in there.
    3395 days ago
  • no profile photo CD557571
    Carmen, that is so awful for a government to be able to do that to someone. So frustrating - I can see why you need to vent.

    But instead of waiting until 2013, can you start by being a tutor to some students? You have so much to give, and I'd love to see you be able to start doing that.

    3395 days ago
    Wow Carmen, I am overwhelmed to hear that a government can be so petty and cruel. I am sorry that you had to go through this! I am a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful kids. And yes, some days I feel like my time and talents are being wasted. What keeps me going is that I look at my kids' friends (whose moms work), and I see what they are missing. They hang out at my house because they are trying to fill a need that only mom can fill. I look at the things that would never happen if I chose to work. My oldest would not be on swim team as the schools don't offer a bus to take them home. My third child would not make it to her specialist appt. that only happen during school hours. My kids would be hanging out at someone Else's house getting influenced by that family's beliefs. While I feel your pain, don't be down on the role that you are in now. It may be that is where God needs you right now, and it may be the best thing your kids remember about you in the future!
    3395 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11132184
    emoticon I agree with the other responses. It hurts a lot right now and is a challenge to work through but God knows His perfect plan for you. Hang in there!!
    3396 days ago
  • IRMA46
    Hang in there. God has a plan for your life, maybe it doesn't include being apart of that team of folks. Continue to keep your head up and look for employment elsewhere if you can. Things will work out in your favor, be strong.
    3396 days ago
    Carmen, I am so sorry. It is sad when people look at insignificant things about you to define who you are. It is their loss, I am sure. I have no doubt God has a plan for you. Sometimes it is hard to really know that when we don't understand. But, keep believing. He made me wait 15 years to lead me to the most amazing job. I know the 19 years I spent at my old place prepared me to do a really great job here. Maybe you can tutor or something. God bless.
    3396 days ago
    Good Lord Carmen! I don't blame you for being frustrated and upset! The way they treated you sounds archaic....sounds like a dictatorship instead of a government that is interested in the welfare of their residents. I am so sorry! What a loss for them!

    Hugs, Wendy
    3396 days ago
    I am so sorry!
    3396 days ago
    Carmen, I'm so sorry that you have been treated so unfairly. Red tape and politics. You are not the one who did anything wrong. Don't beat yourself up over it. I believe when God closes one door He opens another. Just ask Him to place you where you are needed most. Not easy to wait I know, but God only has our best in mind. In the mean time don't give up and give into cravings. I have that temptation often. Something good will happen. It may take time, but I bet you will be looking back at this in the future and will be able to smile. Take care, Eileen
    3396 days ago
  • BERTA48
    ALL things work together for good to those who love the LORD.

    In Jeramiah it says "I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans not to harm you; but to give you hope and a future!!!

    Another door will open. And a better one. we don't always understand everything that happens to us(Gods ways are not our ways) But he always has our best interest in mind when they do.Don't worry about tomorrow HE is already there!

    Beileve in yourself, stay strong, use this time to help others and then you will be helped.
    3396 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2357972
    Hi, Carmen. First of all emoticon ! I feel your hurt and frustration.

    I agree with what has been said below. Re-read them, if you need to.

    Most of all - believe in yourself! emoticon

    3396 days ago

    Another hard time for you, but you can get through this without food. Food is not going to help you educate or get you where you want to go. Again, I am not sure how PR works but do you not have private schools? Is the public system your only route? Are there any opportunities for you to help out those students who may need help outside of school to make better grades or to read better. Do Not limit yourself! Think "outside of the box". Do you have any friends who are currently teaching who may know children who may benifit from private tutoring? If it is your passion to teach, then look and find a way. I was really impressed with how great of a education you have and know that it is THEIR loss that they did not choose you to teach the wonderful children of PR!! Stop beating yourself up and start deciding your next step. You can do this!!! ROAR
    3396 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11785027
    Carmen--Hang in there. Be proud of what you have done. Things may look bad now but don't let it beat you down. You are not to fault for what has happened to you. I will share that my niece in Venezuela who was at the top of her graduating class and very talented was turned down for a job due to her political leanings. My niece stuck to her political beliefs, went on to get a better job in another country, marry a wonderful man, and is happier than ever. It is unfair what happened to you and to her....but keep on being who you are and other doors will open! emoticon
    3396 days ago
    I'm sure your decision to work at the voting center was something you based on your beliefs & I don't want you to regret getting involved in something so important to you. The world is full of people who will hold your beliefs against you, so stand strong.

    Sometimes are hearts are wrong. We all have that one guy in our past that we were just so sure he was "the one". You knew it in your heart! But turns out he was a big LOSER & your so glad it didn't work out.
    I think that is what is going to happen here. This position may have been the one you thought was right for you, but you'll come to find out there is a better one waiting for just the right time to present itself.

    Chin up, shoulders back. Your a child of the King!
    3396 days ago
    Hi Carmen,
    I am sorry for what has happened to you. But you can choose to do one of two things.
    You can feel sorry for yourself and let it devastate you or pick yourself up .Look for something else. Life is so unfair. Its hard when it deals us a bad hand. But as it has been stated here by others " When one door closes another one opens". I have found if you put your trust in the Lord He will open a better position for you. First you have to know you are worth it, Two believe He will do it. Start by putting out your applications elsewhere . Watch the Lord work. You will be in my prayers God Bless emoticon
    3396 days ago
    Don't let them decide for you how you feel about your own self worth! You are worth more then that! Perhaps God has plans for you in another better opportunity! It's sad tho cuz they lost out on a great teacher! emoticon
    3396 days ago
    Wow! How ridiculous is that? I'm so sorry about that, Carmen. As others have said another door will open.
    3397 days ago
    When one door closes, God opens another, BETTER, one! emoticon
    3397 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    This is a great place to vent! That's got to be one of the worse political things I've seen. It's totally ridiculous-you weren't teaching politics. Good grief. I'm sorry your dream of becoming a teacher this year hasn't worked out but hopefully will soon. emoticon
    3397 days ago
    As your brother says, this MAY be the reason. I too am VERY outspoken in my political beliefs, but not on SP. Here I just discuss health and fitness. But outside it's very clear where I stand politically. I measure the risk. Have I lost friends? Yes. Has some family turned me off? Yes. But my values mean more to me than casual chit-chats, Dancing w/the Stars, Idol, etc.

    At the present time, the State Department and most U.S. government heads are strongly progressive; i.e., the U.S. Constitution as written is outdated and needs to be changed to a more Socialist position. These branches very often turn away people who wish to adhere to a strict view of early documents.

    Is what they do right? Of course not, but the agenda is so important to some people that they cannot imagine a teacher who will be objective enough to teach from basic lesson plans. For example, Planned Parenthood is becoming increasing strong in the U.S. public schools, especially on the West Coast. Some schools, therefore teach that any kind of sex is normal, and this teaching starts as young as possible. A teacher who takes issue and refuses to teach such things to children will be very unpopular with school administrators.

    I agree with MILDOLLARSMILE in that I believe you should in faith THANK GOD for bringing good to you out of this. You don't know yet what that 'good' is, but you are believing anyway. "In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thessalonians 5:18 (NASB)

    We understand, and we're on your side!
    3397 days ago
    Sorry to hear this, but not surprised. I am very careful not to join anything that'll impact anything I do in my career for this very reason. Especially since it's so easy to track these things on the web. It's awful, for sure. And not fair. But then, not much that I see around me is fair these days. Turn the hurt into motivation to go elsewhere and find a better spot. Wishing you the best.
    3397 days ago
    3397 days ago
    Carmen, do not let some official who has no brains and made a stupid decision get you down. It is no reflection on you, it is a reflection on them. You are a good person and have much to share with students. I feel sorry for the students who will be denied your knowledge and passion for teaching and learning. When you can reapply please do so. Don't let this stop you from returning to what you love.

    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5551790
    Carmen, I am so sorry that you got shafted like that!! Govt. has no business hiring/or not hiring folks just because of their political views!!! People need to be accepted for their valuable ability!! Can you do private tutoring? I hope you can get your name on the list for next year!!! emoticon emoticon

    We have a lot in common. My BSE is in Elem. Ed. 1-6, MSE in Literacy Specialist and have 24 hours over. Retired before I finished second MSE in Curriculum Supervision & Administration.

    I wish you were over here. I bet I could help you get a job!!! I spent 34 yrs as a full time teacher! I still sub on a part-time basis.
    3397 days ago
    Sorry to hear that. I have been through similar situations but not for political reasons. There were many jobs that I would have loved and felt down when they rejected me for various reasons. In Montreal with some jobs they require excellent French. My French is pretty good but not always good enough.

    Keep an eye out for other opportunities and something better will come your way. Don't give up no matter what and stay focused on your health.

    Good luck!
    3397 days ago
    I do not have any advice, only hugs and caring to offer you. Try not to turn to food for comfort. Know we all care about you. I am here for you if you need to vent. emoticon emoticon
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11848595
    I understand your frustrations, but remember, everything happens for a will see this on down the road!

    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1362503
    Sorry to hear this but I agree so much with Meriana, you are ment for better things just have the patience to wait!! Don't get discouraged! Just have faith! Some thing great awaits you just around the corner!!

    Living in the Island and being a teacher myself I totally understand you. This is always a game of chance but your chance will come and your stuents will love having you as there teacher!!

    Wilma emoticon
    3397 days ago
    I wish I could add to the ideas you have already had, but all avenues seem covered. Everythinbg happens for a reason, even if that is not immediately clear or ever so. The better things will also happen at the right time for you.
    3397 days ago
    Vent away helps in so many ways...I don't see how that is ethical of them to do that...Dont give up...God has a better plan for you!! Keep your head up!!
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12127761
    That doesn't sound entirely legal!
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11911746
    Wish I could help I cant believe they can get away with that BS Maybe you could do some tutoring after school
    3397 days ago
    I have read lots of good ideas on other comments, your Spark Friends are here to lend a shoulder.

    Do not get down hearted. Have Faith, Trust & Believe that the timing is what you need to consider. It may be that you are needed somewhere else to plant that seed in a child's heart.

    There is a reason for everything we go through. We may not understand but time will tell the tale of why things are not happening at the time in which we think they should.

    Do not feel rejected, use this as a sign that you are meant to do better things wih your time. Just be willing to wait to see what they are. Apply to other places, venture out and see what else there is out there. You may find a whole new perspective as you search for your heart's desire.
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1035627
    Oh, that is just awful. I'm so sorry, honey - but perhaps if they are willing to let someone like you go over something like that, then maybe they aren't right for you in the first place? HUGS.
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088329
    It's a shame they'd deny you just because you voted differently. That shouldn't be a basis for hiring into a job. Sorry you got hurt thru the situation. It's definately not right. emoticon
    3397 days ago
    Applying to private schools like Geminisue suggested may be a work around for you?

    Volunteering at your school?
    Substitute teaching?
    Starting an after school program to help children with homework?

    There are many ways, chica linda, to share your gifts... but you will have to get your head out of the pantry, first!

    : )
    3397 days ago
    Ugh. Politics Suck. I am really sorry. But I truly hope you can get over taking it personally as far as your teaching ability is concerned. My guess is they are concerned you are too GOOD of a teacher and will spread your ideas of thinking for oneself!!

    Keep your head up and exercise off some frustration! We are here for you! emoticon
    3397 days ago
    I'm so sorry this is going on. You should not feel rejected by this at all! When it comes to politics, things simply do not always make sense, they are not always fair, and some decisions defy common sense and reason.

    I hope you will find some other way to keep busy and give back to your community while you wait for the political folks to come to their senses.

    3397 days ago
    I am so sorry that you had to experience this. emoticon
    3397 days ago
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