Birthday Challenge Weighin-5/17/12

Thursday, May 17, 2012

So, here it is,my 43rd birthday. I'm not bothered by my increasing years. The most difficult age I ever dealt with 'mental' wise was my 23rd. I was too old to be stupid and carefree. Out of college,living at home working full time in my career(freshly graduated) and paying for /planning my wedding, I was happy but the number itself just made me feel like the party days are over. However, I had 'graduated' to the next cheaper car insurance,so hey! Not all was bad. :)
Had I known then,what I know now I wouldn't have dreaded 23 or 30. I feel that these are my best years! I've got THE most wonderful man in the world,11 beautiful,loving and healthy children,food on the table and a stable roof over my head. I am the healthiest I have ever been in all my life! I eat lots of produce and some lean meats and all whole grains(well....99% of the time) and I exercise regularly. It couldn't get any better! (But, if God has anything better up His Almighty Sleeve,I'll be happy to say OKAY to it-whatever it might be.)
Enough rambling-last week I still had 3 1/2 lbs to get to my birthday goal weight of 130. I knew I wasn't going to hit that mark and was okay with that. Our wedding anniversary is coming the 29th and I will just keep plugging towards that date as my goal.
So, when I stepped on the scale this a.m . at MIL's, I was giddy when the little bar was still 'sunk' at the 132.....131......("EEKKK!!! Are you flippin' kidding me??!!) and even at the 130!!!! OMG!!!! It balanced perfectly on the spot on 129. I'm still stoked! SUPER DUPER STOKED!!!! Thanks to all of you for cheering me on and to my best food and weight loss coach,JENSFITJOURNEY, I surpassed my goal!!!! She told me that she believed in me! Now, don't get me wrong, hubby and the kids are supportive but DH doesn't care what I look like or what I weigh. When I pulled on some belly fat/skin last week(after showing him my sweet abs around this paunch and saying,"Now ,to get rid of this.") he said,"Don't worry about that. " And he means it,I know he does. In fact, we started dating when I was 160 lbs and had a really flabby jiggly belly. So, this is for ME! Knowing that i"m doing what I can to feel and look great at my age with my number of 'birthed all by me' children is important to me. Vain? Yeah, I never claimed to be humble~
Now, the big challenge: MAINTAINENCE. PHEW! I hate that word,it scares me. I' ve always gotten pregnant just after getting weight off. Not saying that's impossible now, but it's not looking 'as' possible as it once did. So, I'll need coaching and help from all of you who are willing and my sweet coach,Jen.
And....another goal to work towards: I want to SEE my triceps..I mean S.E.E. them! they're there,but still under a thin wrap of fluff~~ (gotta have something to work on so I don't become stagnant).
emoticon to each of you who has commented, coached,cheered and kicked my butt these months! 15 lbs since January when I got my rear in gear to lose the depression weight that came on in the fall while going thru PT and no running....
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