Eat Like you Mean It!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I am so programmed to eat while I watch TV or munch while I cook or just grab something unthinking and gobble it down. How often do most of us really THINK about what we're eating - make conscious choices - think about what we will feel like if we eat ..... - thank about what the scale will say if we mindlessly eat ...... - Mindless eating is something that many of us need to beat! It is a good measure of WHY we have the weight that we're hauling around, beit 10 pounds. 110 pounds, 210 pounds or more.

The weight comes because we don't Eat Like We Mean It! We don't think about the quality / quantity of the fuel that we are selecting for the most important engine in our lives. I wouldn't dream of putting offbrand regular gasoline in my 8 cylinder 2003 powder blue Thunderbird! Of Course Not!! That engine purrs only with Premium! And that's what I buy! Because Bluebird deserves it!

Well guess what? I deserve the best quality fuel to make my engine purr! But it takes thought - it takes planning - I can't just drive into the Chevron station and in five minutes I've got a tankful of Premium fuel. It would be nice! But that's not how human fuel works. We have to think about it - plan for it - be conscious and present when we eat - pay attention to what we are putting into our bodies and remember just how important it is to a little process called our HEALTH.

I only get to go around once. This body has been entrusted to me and I have the responsibility to care for it to the very best of my ability soooo - I'm studying, I'm learning, I'm adjusting recipes, I've decrapped my pantry. And I'm EATNG LIKE I MEAN IT!!

Be Well and only buy and consume QUALITY FUEL!
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  • ROCKMAN6797
    OK, catching up here....

    My life truly changed once I began viewing food as fuel, as a means to better health. Certainly I miss some of my comfort foods but given the choice between a bowl of soup, a great sandwich, and a crunchy salad or a cheeseburger the decision is rather easy!

    Excellent blog, I love the message!
    3267 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    3269 days ago
    Patti, I hear what you are saying. At first I did it for them, but now I am doing it for myself. I guess I have to update my Spark Page. I knew I was killing myself with food and did not really care. With 20 lbs down, I am feeling good about myself. Thanks for your concern. Pat
    3269 days ago
  • JDFAN448HS
    emoticon emoticon sounds good to me & thanks for sharing. Have a QUALITY FUEL my furnace kinda week. Woo Hoo. Oh yeah, and I shared this with a friend. Well done!! emoticon emoticon Cheers to you on your journey this second half of 2012.
    3270 days ago
    I will mindlessly eat while cooking if it is a whole raw food. Otherwise - I won't let myself do it.
    3270 days ago
    Good observation. Now that you know that,you can make a consious effort to change. Maybe a post it note on your fridge, stove and tv would help. Pat
    3270 days ago
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