Lots and lots of snow!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

I finally got my snow!! I've been wanting a snow storm. I know many of you are groaning at that, but I love the snow! Actually, I love all seasons in their turn. This bitter, windy, snowy weather will help us appreciate when the weather turns warmer, when we see the first crocuses peaking out, when we see pussywillows and daffodils, and when the days become longer. When it becomes too hot an humid in the summer, don't we wish for a cool breeze, a good brisk summer thunderstorm to break the heat? That's when we will appreciate the first crisp fall day, when leaves begin their riotous color changes, the first time you smell a wood fire in someone's fireplace. It's all part of the natural change of seasons.

This is the view of part of the backyard.

This is the back walk, all neatly shoveled.

This is the mound of snow from our driveway!

This is the front of our complex.

We didn't get as much snow as some, but what we got made everything look like a winter wonderland!!
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