Skinny Jeans 2 week Challenge~ day 1&2

Monday, April 22, 2013

I came across this and thought why not.. Granted, I'm not ready for normal jeans and defiantly not skinny jeans, but my lower body is where I need the most work. I figure if this can possibly help people fit into jeans, it should help me to drop some inches and weight.
I receive daily emails with a daily nutritional & fitness tasks. I figure I can biog about it here and see how this goes. If this is something that works for me, I will continue-

I officially started yesterday, but never got around to writing this.
DAY 1: WHY start this and What do I WANT from this.
~I wake up everyday hurting. My back, legs & knees. The horrible and sometimes painful rubbing of legs and skin together making it even more difficult to move. My muscles have been mush and now that I am working they are sore.
~Simple things like putting on shoes & socks & going up and down the steps are a struggle. My energy level is on the low side. I want to be able to function like someone my own age(or younger) not like I'm 20 years older.
~Let's talk vanity for a sec. Yes, I want to be able to put on a pair of jeans and be able to move in them.. not look like a sausage stuffed in its skin. Nothing wrong with that!

DAY 2:
NUTRITION - Include a form of protein with all of your meals and snacks.
~Did OK with this today but didn't have any snacks... Its a process

TRAINING- Schedule fitness time. Block out at least 30 minutes a day
WORKOUT- Reps, rest, sets: Perform 20 repetitions of each of the following. Rest for 0-20 seconds between each exercise, and 20-60 seconds after each 'set' (meaning after you finish exercise #5). Perform 2-4 sets in total.

1. Wide stance squats, 2 second pause at bottom
2. Walking lunges, 3 seconds on the way down (20 each leg for this one)
3. Push ups with feet elevated, may be done on knees (knees elevated). 1 second pause at the bottom.
4. Step-ups, pushing from your heel. 20 on one leg then 20 on the other leg
5. 'Bridge' brace supporting your weight on your forearms. Keep your back straight and belly button pulled in. 20-120 seconds.

I am modifying as I need to. Pushups I did off the steps and didn't do bridges. I have trouble on knees and floors so I dont. The rest of it was rough, but I managed 2 sets. I may still get in another 2 sets later.

This is not going to be easy, but plan on doing the best I can each day. Until tomorrow....
PS- I did get my measures done and I have them on file. At the end of the 2 weeks I will re-do them and inform of the difference. It was recommended by the trainer to take front & side photos in shorts & a sports bra.. I have no intentions of wearing anything that shows my belly for a LONG time so I think front and side picts. in normal clothes are good for now emoticon

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