SJC day 3

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

*My friend Mary posted this awhile ago, it still makes me laugh :)*

emoticon emoticon NUTRITION emoticon emoticon
Continue with the protein from yesterday and add 1c green veggies with meals & snacks
*Include any and all green vegetables and salads. 3 of the most effective for detoxification and fat loss purposes are cucumbers, celery, and broccoli*

This is something I hadn't heard before. I'm not into smoothies too much- mainly due to fact cleaning blender everyday is a royal PITA. I'm also scared of some drinks I have seen.. Some remind me of a bad hangover from back in the day I had them..YIKES!!
If I have an omelet or something I can throw in some spinach or kale into my eggs, but if anyone has any suggestions as to adding green stuff to breakfast let me know!
emoticon emoticon GET YOUR SWEAT ON! emoticon emoticon
*Sweating helps you clear toxins and excess fluid and can be a great starting point for a healthier lymphatic system and a speedier metabolism.*

TODAY'S WORKOUT - A circuit session:
*Today I'd like you to complete at least 15-20 minutes of the below circuit, but you can keep going for up to 30. No more than 30.
Complete all exercises in a row with no more than 10 seconds rest ideally between exercises. After you do the final exercise rest for 10 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on your level of conditioning. These circuits should get you sweating, but should not necessarily 'kill' you.*

-20 dumbbell walking lunges (20 total steps)
-20 push ups on toes or knees
~did these on steps~
-20 full sit ups
~for me this means on a ball~
-20 burpees with hands reach up as you jump (yes, 20!). *If you can't jump, change to just lying down and getting up off the floor.*
~This is an issue for me since getting on and off the floor is a major struggle. I'm thinking Jumping Jacks instead :)
-20 dumbbell bent over rows
-20 alternate lying leg lifts
~again this are standing for me~
-20 (total, not each side) alternate standing dumbbell shoulder presses
- side-brace (45 second each side)
~What is a side brace?? I Had to investigate this- it is basicly a side plank. Again a slight issue, standing abduction exercises work for me!
-20 jumping squats, shooting hands up into the air as you jump. *If you can't jump then do full depth squats with dumbbells instead.*

Repeat until you reach your time max!

Lets be honest here.. 1 round of this at a time is perfectly fine with me. As time goes by perhaps 2 sets and move on from there. I do have floor mats that I will one day put down to cushion my knees and all so I will be able to do more things, but that requires some room. That's a whole different thing!
This is a learning experience for me. Some things I will be able to do and others not quite yet. I'm ok with that. I'm not about to start comparing myself to other people. I can only worry about my own abilities.

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