I know this WORKS! The hard part is staying on the horse!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This new initiative - getting back on the horse - after months of ignoring what I KNOW I need to do - is a good thing! I already feel better physically and mentally and know, once again, that this program works if only I stay with the path I have set for myself. I have family and dear friends who are supportive, but I am the ONLY ONE who can do the work ahead.

I'm off to an encouraging start. 220 this morning - better than a week ahead of the goal that I had set. My next goal is 215 by June 15. I am determined to put reasonable and doable goals in front of me - not only so that I will have a greater chance of being successful - but also to counter my long-term tendency of submarining myself if I miss the mark! The more realistic the goal, the greater the likelihood that I will meet or exceed it!

So - even though 215 pounds is a very, very long way from where I want to be, it is decidedly in the right direction and my whole body will benefit. I'm working to get beyond "portion distortion" once again. Gads - it can be frustrating to have "learned" a lesson and then get lax and return to the old destructive habits! I know that I can pretty much eat whatever I want - not deny myself favorite things - just manage the portion sizes! So - here I go - next stop is 215 by June 15.
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