Weekend Thunderstorms

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I'm familiar with thunderstorms. We have them all of the time here in south Arkansas. They don't bother me. Usually. However, occasionally they do get out of hand. Saturday night was one of those times.

It had been raining, thundering and lightening for quite some time already. There must have been multiple storms overhead. I figured we'd lose electricity soon... that seems to happen more here than it did where we lived previously. So I waited about putting the clothes in the dryer (definitely couldn't hang them out on the line!).

My hubby and children were in the office together (watching YouTube videos of fast cars if I know my hubby) and I finally decided to stop procrastinating and get the laundry done. I was literally six seconds away from the laundry room when the house (or something close) got struck by lightening.

I immediately smelled something burning. After making sure everyone was fine my hubby and I frantically tried to figure out what was burning. We never did figure it out and the smell kind of stopped, so eventually we gave up our search and started checking out the electronics to make sure everything was working ok.

Did I mention we just bought a new (to us) television? I just knew it was fried. But surprisingly enough it was fine. We noticed that all four light bulbs in the master bedroom were blown. One in the master bedroom was blown. The dishwasher isn't working either. But everything in the office (where my babies were) was fine. The funny thing is, the kitchen is next to the office on one side and the master bedroom butts up to the office on the other side. Both of those rooms were affected, but nothing in the office was touched. Weird, huh?

It gets better.

Much later, when I finally got back to my laundry, I noticed the burning smell was still lingering in the utility room. I tested the washer and dryer; they were both working. I started loading the dryer when I noticed a black spot near the bottom of the side of the dryer. It was just touching the washing machine at that point, and both had black soot on them. It was obvious that the lightening had arced between them, causing the burnt spot.

And when the lightening struck I had been six seconds away from having my hands in that dryer.

Sends chills up my spine now just to think about it.

Our satellite internet was affected as well (which is why I haven't been on Spark before today) but that's fixed now (obviously).

So besides a few light bulbs and a dishwasher, we were completely unharmed. And it could have been so, so much worse. I can't even began to describe how thankful I am. And how completely blessed.

If I had been doing laundry then, I don't know if it would have killed me or not. I do know it's very likely and completely possible. That realization made me start thinking about things.

I realized that I need to slow down some.

Do more activities with my children.

Spend more quality time with my spouse.

Enjoy life.

Talk (and listen) more often to my God.

Stop sweating the small stuff.

Just be joyful.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • WANDA68
    oh Molly that just sends chills up my spine I am so glad you are okay and everything turn out okay in the end ! I bet you will be so thankful for so many things that everything turn out the way it did! HUgs!
    2925 days ago
    OMG Molly! I am glad everyone is ok! When I was about 13 (I think) we had a very bad Thunderstorm that just started out of no where! I was on the phone when it started. Of course we had always been told not to talk on the phone when thunder and lighting was happening! So I hung up the phone and no sooner then I had hung it up and walked out of the room! The telephone line was hit by lighting! The phone was fried! But not me!!! Still don't even talk on my cell phone if it is storming that bad!
    2931 days ago
    OMG ! That is so scary. We lose power a lot in high storms but I have never had to deal with lightening. I did see it fry a tree one time when we were driving in a storm ( can't remember where we were going but that doesn't matter ) . So glad you put off starting that laundry !
    2931 days ago
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