Race #20 for the year done and transitioning to Heavy Lifting for the Summer

Saturday, June 08, 2013

I won a free entry to a local 5 Mile Race, so figured "Why not?". Since I had just ran Niagara Falls Half last Sunday, I wasn't going for an all out effort. But it ended up being not much of an effort at all. In Mile 2, my headphones kept falling out from all the sweat (was SO humid), then my beautiful necklace with my 13.1 & 26.2 charms fell off, so I had to stop to make sure I didn't lose anything. Did I mention it was really humid? On top of that, this race has been around a while but had only had a 5k, but they added the 5 Miler this year. But there was so much confusion about the 5 Mile course so some people went one way, some went another. So people who ran the 5 Miler ran as little as 4.2 and some as much as 6.8 miles. My Garmin GSP said I did 5.5. It's a little defeating when you're hot and tired and your watch says 4.95 but there's no finish line in sight. But I finished and at least we got a medal, which is rare for a 5 Mile race. So this was Race #20 for the year. I did 18 races all of last year, so I'll probably do at least 30 total races this year.

So starting Monday, my routine will dramatically change. I will lift weights much more than doing cardio and will only run twice a week. I'm excited about the change. While I don't plan to get back to my competition size, I plan to get reasonable and maintainably close by September. I'm excited about it!

Come September, I'll transition back to marathon training for the New Orleans Rock n Roll Marathon on Feb. 2nd, where I will again go for Boston Qualification. Hubby will be as well.

With some of the ladies of Black Girls Run! Tampa!

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