Imagine: Life at 159 lbs

Monday, June 24, 2013

One of our BLC challenges was to write a blog where we imagine hitting one of our BLC goals.

Instead of having a lot of mini-goals I had just one big goal which is to get my goal weight of 159 lbs.

I imagine myself for the first time since I was a teenager, having a BMI in the "normal" category. I imagine myself finally getting to wear a sexy bathing suit. Maybe even a 2 piece bathing suit. Any kind of bathing suit that does NOT have the big skirt attached to it to cover my thighs that I hate so much.

I imagine feeling good about myself, having tons of energy, and being able to shop in any department store I want.

I imagine that the plus size department will always be something I just pass by on my way to the Misses clothes, and never a place I have to do my shopping.

At 205 lbs my goal of hitting 159 lbs seems lofty at times, but I am making significant changes that I was not consistently doing before this BLC challenge.

For one, I was not tracking regularly. I track all the time now. It has become second nature to me to track. It is no loger something I need to remind myself to do, it is something that I do automatically now.

The second thing is I drink at least 4 glasses of water every day. More often than not I drink 8 but I never drink less than 4. This has caused me to go from drinking a 6 pk or more of diet soda a day to 1 or 2.

However the biggest difference of all is my desire, my need, my motivation to exercise.

Every time I workout for at least 60 minutes I get a big sticker on my calendar. Every time I do a Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout I get a star sticker. For years now I have done the "sticker method" to keep track of my exercise and to keep me accountable.

This is what my calendar looked like in May.....

This is what my calendar looks like so far this month....

There are 2 days that have 2 stickers on my big sticker. That is because I did 2 Jillian Michael's workouts on those days....

Big difference huh?

If I can make every month look like this one is looking and if I can continue to track daily and keep drinking my water, then I know I will reach my goal of 159 lbs. I am not going to imagine it. I am not going to dream about it. I already SEE it in the horizon, waiting for me.

It is my destiny. It awaits me. I am on my way towards reaching that goal now. The only thing that ever got in the way of my goals was myself. Those days are over.

I have been in this thing far too long to try and pretend that I don't know what needs to be done to lose weight. It is just about applying what I already know.

I am done talking the talk. This time I am walking the walk. :)

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