Frustrated, exhausted, confused and feel so defeated.....

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last night I broke my record on my elliptical. I ran a 10K and I ran it continuously. It took me 1 hr 52 minutes.

I woke up this morning and I had gained lbs from yesterday's weight.

This month is the hardest I have EVER worked IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

I have tracked EVERYTHING. I have earned 2473 fitness minutes this month. That is more than DOUBLE what I earned the last 5 months of this year so far combined!

I earned 718 fitness minutes JUST THIS WEEK!!!!!!!

Last Sat. my weigh in was 203. Today it is 204.6.

On June 1st I weighed 208.

So in an entire month, a month that I have worked out an average of average of 108 minutes a day, 23 days out of the month. I only took 5 days off. so On the 23 days I worked out my daily average was 106 minutes.

That is almost 2 hours a day!

I have done EVERYTHING I was supposed too. I tracked. I drank my water. I warmed up. I stretched. I got plenty of sleep. I took my vitamins. I upped my protein. The first part of the month I was barely losing but I was too afraid to up my calories to make up for the increased exercise.

Spark kept yelling at me in red font to eat more.

So for the last 2 weeks I have eaten in range. Even when I could have skipped a meal I made sure to not eat below my minimum calories.

Yet, still here I am, feeling as fat as ever, and all I have to show for my hard work is a house that has barely been packed because I have made weight loss my priority, and all I have to show for those 2473 fitness minutes is a net loss of 3.4 lbs.

In 29 freaking days!


I am so freakin mad right now.

I have lost more weight not even working out at all.

It is devastating to me to put so much time and energy into losing weight and to see minimum results.

It sucks to do everything right and feel like it was all for nothing.

I am sorry to be a downer but I just feel like I have wasted my time.

I get married in 2 weeks from today and I just wanted to be the most beautiful bride and I was so sure I could be down to 191 and out of obesity and now it looks like I won't even be in ONEderland when I get married.

I have cried 3 different times this morning.

I don't know what to do.

I can't stand this.

I will be honest. At this point I just feel like instead of busting my butt working out all the time and eating the ridiculously high amount of minimum calories Spark tells me to (which would be 1760 high end is can you see why I did not want to eat my minimum calories the first part of the month?) I should just stop working out all together except to do my 20 minute Jillian DVD every day so I won't lose my streaker status for BLC, and then just go eat 1200 calories.

That way I can use my fitness minutes to get my house packed up and ready for my move in 2 weeks.

I know in my heart I don't want to stop working out because it makes me feel so good about myself. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

But have made so many sacrifices to workout this much and to see such minimal rewards for my efforts is heartbreaking.

Working out like a dog for an entire month and losing virtually no weight at all is just the most defeating thing in the world.

I feel lost right now.

I took my measurements hoping they would tell a different story than the scale but all I have lost is 1 inch in my belly and 1 in my hips. Again, very minimal results for how hard I have worked.

Any words of advice, hope, inspiration, or encouragement would be appreciated more than you could possibly know.

All I can think of, is how much progress I could have made on getting my house ready for the big move in 2 weeks if I had of spent the 41 hours I spent working out this month on packing up my belongings instead.

41 HOURS!!!!!!

That is so much time, that quite honestly I just feel like I squandered.
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  • MIRAGE727
    Stay strong and embrace the lifestyle! Our bodies will do weird things in the processing of it all! Yes we have to be patient with all kinds of crazy things our bodies do. BUT, I promise you will be stronger and better than ever embracing patience! It's a b@#$% what we have to face...but we just get better every day!
    2926 days ago
    Did you know that stress causes weight gain? It does something with the hormones which causes the gain. Bummer, eh? The wedding was stress enough....add to it your dream of weighing a few pounds less. STRESS by the tons!

    You've been married almost 3 weeks now and I hope you have had a very special, wonderful time in your first few weeks of marriage.

    You just entered a new chapter in your life and I hope you will be very happy!!!

    2930 days ago
    I don't even know what emoticon to use Shelby...You have such an amazing support group from Mustangs to Feisty Foxes and beyond...can you feel the amazing love you are embraced by?

    I came to your page having read your status update so I don't see that you have changed up your workout routine lady. Sweetie, you aren't on the Biggest Loser show and we all know that they are being paid essentially for that to be their full time job. You have a life you're living too. Take a step back from the elliptical and BREATHE. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of cold water and make a list of what HAS to be done before the wedding and the big move and think about the time you have to do it in and regroup. A week from today right?

    Your new family and life is going to be waiting at the end of that aisle no matter what. That elliptical is going to be there to challenge you and your ferocious strength and love of it too.


    It's all going to be there at the other end.

    For now for the next week you need to concentrate on YOU and that big smile. Minimize bruising (from packing), do some artm/shoulder workouts to keep you buff for the photo shoot, plan your music, do some reading, some yoga/relaxation workouts and schedule YOU time - nurture and care for YOU. Facial, hair, mani/pedi, makeup etc. etc. Some new lingerie for your wedding night that will make you both smile.... emoticon


    This is your mission for the next week. Stop by Azure and take a walk on the beach with me and listen to the water lap on the shoreline and let it calm you. Works every time. emoticon emoticon
    2945 days ago
    emoticon You will be beautiful on July 13th because you ARE beautiful now. emoticon
    2947 days ago

    I wish I could come give you a big hug! I agree with much of what was said here. I think you need to cut back on the exercise a bit and find that balance you were talking about before. I wouldn't necessarily cut all the way back to 20 minutes, but maybe an hour a day is enough. Other than that, just look for active ways to spend your time. Packing up your house is activity, going out and playing with your son is activity - you will still be getting exercise, but not pushing your body to the point of rebelling.

    Greg loves you for who you are, and honestly, you should be doing this for you, not him. You should be doing it to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be and along with your physical health, you must be mentally and emotionally healthy too.

    I want to leave you with a quote I heard at Weight Watchers long ago that really stuck with me:

    Lose weight the same way you plan to live your life.

    To me that means - do not go to extremes that you couldn't possibly maintain for the rest of your life, because we are not on a diet, we are building a healthy lifestyle and guess what - that journey never ends, as matter of fact, the better job we do, the longer the journey will be, because we have prolonged our healthy lives.

    I'm praying for you to focus on peace and happiness in the coming weeks!

    2950 days ago
    You are going to be a beautiful bride. Keep up your streak, eat healthy food, do the packing that you must get done and enjoy this time leading up to your wedding. I promise you are going to be beautiful.
    2950 days ago
    Shelby you have gotten some great advice from everyone. I read some of them and I am going to say the same. Cut back on how long you exercise. The last BLC I was in I had a captain who was on maintenance and she started to gain weight. Her problem was because she was exercising too much. Plus some other medical stuff with hormones.

    I know for myself it will take me longer and harder to lose the weight. I have an under-active thyroid and am on medicine. I have to exercise to keep my energy up and lose weight. Plus I have low iron. When we exercise it changes our bodies and can cause us to gain or lose weight. I can eat very little and do very low intensity of exercise and I will either stay the same or gain.

    Since you exercised for so long your body was probably dehydrated and retained water in both your muscles and body. Do yoga to relax and de-stress yourself. Concentrate on packing up and getting ready for your wedding. You are going to look great no matter what.
    2950 days ago
  • MAW_OH
    Don't give up! Remember the spark estimate of you calories is a guideline, you may need to adjust it down. Excercise is good for you, it can also increase your muscle mass, and keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. But having more muscle is better for your health.

    emoticon Congrats on your upcoming wedding! emoticon
    2950 days ago
    When you do something crazy like go continuously for 2 hours and you've never done it before..your muscles aren't used to it..they get sore, they may swell, they may retain water, it's TEMPORARY.
    2951 days ago

    My words here will seem harsh - I apologize in advance but I care too much to let you walk further down this destructive road.

    Remember, reality does not change just because we want it to. It took longer than 29 days to gain that weight - it will take longer than 29 days to lose it.

    It IS frustrating to work so hard and not see big progress. . . had you actually been working at weight gain in the past, you would have noticed the same pattern - it take times - it takes time - it takes time.

    Greg loves you - not cause you are slinky and small - but because you are YOU.
    Do Not let your frustration change who you are, how you behave, how you see the world. . .Greg does not love that person, he loves YOU.

    Also, over-stressing can have the unwelcome effect of actually causing you to retain / gain weight. . .Do Not Do This To Yourself.

    2951 days ago
    I agree with big brother, Have you measured yourself. I bet you are losing inches.
    2951 days ago
    Shelby i agree with evertything that was said here. You need to cutr back the time you exercise and increase the intensity instead and keep fooling your body by not always eating the same amount of calories either. But most importnat remember you are a beautiful person on the inside no matter what the scale says and Greg believes this or he would not wa to marry you. Focus on getting everything packed up and you will start to feel better. Also take time to pamper yourself each day and have you been spending time with God and telling him all your troubles? He is always ready to listen to us. We are behind you Shelby and we care about you and want you to be happy. So focus on your up coming wedding day and give us a smile. You are a wonderful teammate! emoticon emoticon
    2951 days ago
    I've not read through all of these lengthy posts, so I apologize if I'm repeating, but what about changing up the routine? Don't give up doing your exercising bc regardless of the scale, remember all the good things it's doing for you :) I bet you're stressed, which may also cause this issue, as well. Even though you're stressed, I bet the exercise just makes you feel better. Continue working out & doing all the things you're doing bc your body deserves & needs those things :) Keep your chin up! You can do this!!
    2951 days ago
    Let me add my 2 cents about the can make you gain, even when you're doing everything you can do lose. But here's another thing-are you resting enough? When I read how much you've worked out, not only do I feel exhausted just reading it, I'm thinking that maybe you're working out too much, and not resting enough. Your body needs, and craves, rest, which is just as essential to your weight loss and health as working out and eating right. I like the idea of you dropping the exercise down to a minimum, and adding in more stress relief. Yoga, prayer, meditation, anything that helps you relax and de-stress.

    Do not doubt for a minute that you will be a beautiful bride, no matter what weight you are at! Your husband-to-be loves you just as you are, which isn't an excuse to just give up, but it says so much about what a wonderful man he is. You are more than the number on the scale. You are a wonderful person, inside and out, so do not beat yourself up over this.

    2951 days ago
    I agree with much that has been said here but especially about the stress. Stress increases our cortisol levels, which causes us to move all our food to fat around the tummy area. What do you do to lower stress? Prayer/meditation, visualization, relaxing bath, reading a fun book? Make sure you are getting "me" time with all that moving and wedding planning! We love you Shelby! emoticon

    Also, are you changing up your exercise routine? The body gets used to the same thing over and over...

    2951 days ago
  • APED7969
    I would have a look back at what calorie amount you were eating the first time around when you weighed this much. If it is lower drop back to that. Sparkpeople may be set a bit high or your elliptical may be overestimating your calorie burn, most gym machines apparently do that. If you are struggling to eat enough to actually reach the low end of your range (btw that is a problem I would LOVE to have ;-)) I would say listen to your body and eat what seems right to you keeping in mind you might be overestimating your burn or SP is overestimating what you need. My fitness pal's food tracker is apparently a bit better to use in that department so could be worth a switch. Or you could play around with the many RMR calculators and formulas online and enter a calorie range that makes more sense to yourself. Either way 1inch on your waist and hips is great. Try throwing in some strength training, you may not see big changes on the scale but it often helps you lose inches quickly so you can look even more beautiful in your dress!
    2951 days ago
    I totally can understand how you must feel. I can't eat at the Spark recommended calorie estimate either, and after 2.5 years am still not sure REALLY what I should be eating, and am considering getting my RMR tested...I did that years ago and it was good to know how many calories I burn at rest. I would consider weighing yourself less, I try to do once a month ...I lose weight very slowly now and for the whole 2.5 years (I am 10 lbs from goal now, 58 lbs gone) it has been 1, 2 or 3 lbs a month, if I lost at all. I started trying to weigh myself more a few months back (read my latest blog....I talk about that) and all it did was stress me out and make me EAT more! But you are doing great and I don't think you should stop, because it is doing great things for you and I'm sure that it makes you feel good about yourself. Another reason I did not want to weigh myself often was that I wanted to focus more on the process than the scale. Lately a couple of other people have mentioned that we are so used to a "payday" on the scale when really, it is more like investing for the long'll pay off eventually even if we don't get a "paycheck" now. That helped me to hear that, I think it's true, hope it helps you, too. Don't give up!
    2951 days ago
  • KJACOBS1111
    I just wanted to say that Spark always sets my calorie range too high so I tell it I'm not exercising (when I am) and then it is closer to what I should eat to lose, but still have energy to workout. I think losing an inch from your hips and waist is good. I have to measure things or else my portion sizes creep up...also Spark nutrition isn't always right so I check it now. Since you have two weeks until your wedding you might focus on water and hydration and taking care of your skin and relaxing (as well as the packing which burns lots of calories) vs. working out and just do a smaller time when you feel like working out.
    2951 days ago
    I am MUCH older than you.. but Spark kept telling me to eat more as well.. and I managed to GAIN weight while on Weight Watchers.. anyhoo... for my age, height and weight Spark says I should eat 2200 calories a day ... I invested in getting my metabolism scientifically tested so I knew exactly what MY metabolism is .. rather than relying on a generic formula that's applied to everyone.. you know the results?? my RMR is 1400 calories.. FOURTEEN HUNDRED.. No wonder I was gaining weight for heaven sakes.. My point is this... the way Spark comes up with your calorie range is based on one of three very popular formulas.. but they are generic.. The test I took required a mask to cover my nose and mouth.. it was hooked up by hoses to a machine.. I simply leaned back in the recliner and breathed for about 20 minutes.. and then the nutritionist came and unhooked me. I waiting 5 minutes and got my results.. it cost me $125 and I live in Oklahoma.. NOW my physician and my coach have some actual data to work with.. here's a couple of links to some very general information..
    testing-should-you-try-it and

    Annie of Sassy Shamrock Sheriffs BLC22
    2951 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2672953
    2951 days ago
  • DMS1946
    Sometimes when we try "extra hard" as you have been doing we expect "extra good" results. Unfortunately weight loss doesn't always work that way. I know it is hard but try to remind yourself of this and don't let yourself dwell on what "should' have" happened. This will only fuel your anger and frustration. Instead take a break from trying so hard and focus on doing things that you have more control over. I guarantee it will make you feel better.
    2951 days ago
  • KAT321123
    You already got some feedback but I just wanted to add that you WILL be the most beautiful bride in two weeks because you're taking care of yourself and will have a wedding glow! There's much more to you than what the scale says.

    As you know, the scale isn't always a good reflecting of our size and health. If it upsets you so much, can you put it away for a week or two? Our weight, particularly as females, fluctuates SO much from day-to-day that a break might give you some peace and calmness.

    I also want to add that losing 3.4 pounds in a month is really not bad progress. Losing weight slowly can really be more indicative of your ability to maintain your lifestyle and keep weight off for life rather than people who lose a ton at once (and then usually gain it back at once).

    On your wedding day I have no doubt that your fiance is going to be so happy to be marrying you and would be happy regardless of whether you weighed 1,000 pounds or 100 pounds. =)
    2951 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


    Consider this Day One of the two weeks before your wedding. Do what you can from this day forward to make yourself feel better about yourself so your wedding day will be a blissful experience for you.

    It's time to hit the reset button. Yup, today's the day. Do what you need to do Today so that you will feel better about yourself tomorrow.

    So, here it is, Day 1, and you feel frustrated, angry, sad, let down, defeated. Let's end this day with a smile, no matter what you have to do to get one! Accomplish just one thing that is not weight-related. Something that will make you feel good about yourself so you can end this day on a good note.

    I second what the others say about cutting your workout time in half and eating at low end of calorie range for a few days then at a higher end, maybe not as high as Spark says, but higher than low end.

    Put some more effort into packing up your house. You have a new life waiting for you. I would say keep that exercise down to an hour or so a day until you have moved and are somewhat settled - probably the next four weeks.

    I hope this makes sense to you. You say you lost an inch from hips and waist. That is a big deal! Celebrate the NSV's. I know that to you it is not a big deal. Right now you are in some kind of exercise/weight loss rut. It's not your fault, so don't blame yourself.

    I am so sad that you are so sad. Shelby, I feel your pain and your frustration and your disappointment. I'd give you a big hug if I could! Please be nice to yourself. If you feel good, that is good. Feel the sense of accomplishment on all you have done. Don't let that scale get the best of you! Remember, YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER! You are flesh-and-blood person who feels the ups and downs, but you can do what you can to make the best of what and who you are. You are worth every bit of feeling good that you can get your hands on! (Or wrap your mind around.) Think of Greg and how much he loves you! That love does not fluctuate with the scale! If you gained 20 pounds he would not love you any less! You are still going in the right direction for the month of June. You have lost weight. It is not as much as you wanted, but it is what it is.

    I don't know why you had a gain. Maybe sodium? Maybe muscles? Maybe your body wants to hold on to the weight for some reason. Shelby, this too shall pass. You will get down to your ideal weight. The timeframe may not suit you right now. If you did not have the wedding in 2 weeks, would you be this hard on yourself? Relax. Enjoy your wedding plans. Look forward to the big day. On that day, the number on the scale will mean nothing compared to united yourself with Greg.

    Please smile and look at how far you have come. I know how frustrated you much feel after working out so very hard for so very long for so many days. I could not have done what you did, I physically just can't sustain that kind of exercise yet. I think I am a long way off from being able to do what you do! You are amazing!

    C'mon, Shelby, give me a smile, even a little one. You are loved by a terrific man, you have friends, sparkfriends who will always stand beside you, be behind you or be where ever you need us to be. We want to help you get out of this funk! We love you, we are a solid, strong team. You are part of a team who will rally around you. We will do everything we can to help you. Some suggestions may not suit you right now. Some may be a little bit helpful. But I hope that somewhere in all this there is a tidbit that will make you feel better!

    Yes, your gain stinks. But look around at your life and all you have (and all you have to do) and be thankful. You do have a lot for which to be thankful. Concentrate on those things. Don't put weight loss first. Put yourself first. You are eating right, you are exercising a lot, there is not much else you can do as far as the weight loss goes. So put you first. Love yourself as much as others love you. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Very proud. You are getting married in two weeks, Shelby! Don't let that nasty ol' scale get you down at this important point in your life!

    I really think you should spend that one hour or so exercising, and then concentrate on the house the rest of the time. Try tricking your metabolism by eating in different calorie ranges, sometimes higher, sometimes low end. Mix it up. Mix up the exercise and do different things on different days. That's my humble advice, for whatever it may be worth. And remember that sodium is an enemy and it can be found in all processed foods, it is even in ice cream for goodness sakes! Stay away from that as much as you can.

    Turn that frustration into a workable plan to get your house packed up, and to get your new home properly organized. Turn that anger into something useful - energy to get done what needs to be done, and which you only have 2 weeks to do! You won't feel good about yourself if you don't exercise, so keep it up, but do it less often. Your priority is you, and not getting things packed is not making you feel good. I don't want you to add anymore pressure on yourself.

    Again, Shelby, take good care of yourself. I do understand how you feel, but please turn this negative energy into something positive!

    I hope I have helped you in some way.

    Your fellow Fabulous Feisty Fox,


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2951 days ago
    Wow:::... YOU, Shelbster, are LOVED! emoticon Just feel the love, care and HUGE team effort of support swallowing you up. LOL! You can add me to that amazing Spark Gang! emoticon I just read through 12 responses...amazing wise advice from so many.
    First of all, here's what I would do to you if you and we were in person: emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    ...laughter, tears...more LOL! ..and then we'd sit down, and think about the facts:
    You LOVE fitness, are addicted to how it makes you feel, and you are one very clever queen of a gal! You have guts, determination & spunk!...:::: and you have an amazing relationship with your fiance!
    I appears that your body went from no exercise to "The Beast"...LOL! Perhaps your body is in shock and is adapting to the NEW Shelby. I do know that you can be doing everything right and STRESS can wear down your body...:::causing trouble of all kinds.( been down that road myself )
    I applaud you for giving it 100%, being TRUE to yourself and acting on your instinct! I am proud of you, I admire you immensely and I say you are BEAUTIFUL Now:::....completely THE emoticon !!
    I believe that when you've read through the perspectives of these friends and meditate on your decision, you will make the best decision for YOU.

    Cheering for you! emoticon ..::::all the way because you have already WON!
    2951 days ago
  • _JODI404
    emoticon Shelby! I know that is very frustrating.

    I honestly think that you are doing too much cardio.

    Weight loss is 80% what you eat, and only 20% exercise.
    (Exercise is VERY important, but it is not the main key to weight loss).

    I've read many, many articles that state this, including this one just yesterday.


    Packing and moving is actually a ton of work!! Very exhausting. I think if you cut back as you've described you will actually do better.

    You may not have lost the lbs that you expected, but you lost inches. And you gained in fitness, endurance etc. Think back to the beginning how many minutes you could do when starting out. It wasn't for nothing! But, for weight loss, I would suggest you do HIIT and you can get a super work out within 30 minutes.

    You will get lots of opinions, and take and leave what you like. Everyone is just trying to help if we can.

    Hang in there. Focus on the LOVE of your life, and your upcoming wedding. He loves you unconditionally, and that is just awesome!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2951 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2013 10:15:40 PM
    I had a similar crappy experience with the scale today, so you are *NOT* alone, girl. But I've managed to calm myself down by asking myself this. Why should this number dictate your happiness and who you are as a person? Did you accomplish a lot by working out? Do you feel better because you worked out? That number cannot dictate who you are. I've made the mistake of believing it could, but it doesn't. It's just a number.

    You have a lot to be happy about.
    2951 days ago
    Shelby it is probably stress. Stress can make you gain weight even. What kind of foods are you eating. Are you counting things like ketchup, mustard, oil etc.
    Just take a deep breath, relax, meditate and take a break. You might just drop all of a sudden. It could be water weight. There is no way of telling. I have had the same problem with exercise before..why I don't know.
    You will be a beautiful bride. If he didn't love you ,he would not be marrying you. He loves you the way you are. You are the one freaking out about it...not him. Just keep on going and don't kill yourself but do what you can. It will all work out and be worth it. emoticon This is material, the outside and not as important as the inside. Sure we want to look our best but you are beautiful inside and out. You are going to live a new life full of love and happiness. Look at that and let go of the scale. It will go down eventually. It is your time to be happy.
    2951 days ago
    From reading your blog I got that you feel excellent when you exercise like this, you feel a sense of accomplishment and you did 10km on the elliptical in less than 2 hours breaking your own record. You did this while fueling your body properly so you could have the energy needed to work out like this. Just working out like this has probably improved your posture enough to make up for any weight you thought you would have lost but didn't.

    In 10 years when you look back at your wedding photo do you want to see yourself skinny but remember how you starved yourself to get there so you didn't have the energy you should have had for your new husband?

    Would you rather look at the photo and see that, sure maybe you could have lost more weight, but you had more than enough energy for your new husband and the memories are worth more than any stress over some pounds you didn't lose.

    I know what your new husband would chose.

    Also in 10 years from now you will be able to put on your wedding dress and have it hanging on you instead of being like most women who can't fit into their dress anymore.

    Just enjoy your day and the weeks leading up to your wedding and move. You will have plenty of time to stress over your weight afterwards.
    2951 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    I think maybe you are working out for too long. It is not recommended to workout for two hours per day. I know you are looking for encouragement but I don't think that telling you that it is all fine and the scale and the tape are wrong is correct. You know yourself and you are not happy.

    1) stress will not be helping you and getting married and moving are very stressful events even when we are very happy about them. One of the effects of stress is weight gain, unfortunately especially around the tummy area!

    2) Greg asked you to marry him. I am sure he did not specify a specific weight for you to be for this to happen! So you are not doing it to look beautiful for him - he already thinks you look beautiful! He chose you!

    3) concentrate on being happy on your wedding day. It is not an occasion that happens every day! Being happy is not related to your weight, though you may at this point feel it is! You could be 150lbs and still be unhappy. We need to learn to be happy and not expect it to happen with weight loss

    4) I do think your workouts are too long and dare I say it too slow. (no offense meant here). You are averaging 5k an hour. You probably can walk a lot faster than that. A half an hour of more intense exercise would be far more beneficial to you and would leave more time for your other work. Shorter, more intense workouts are better for fat loss. And the calories do look a little on the high side especially if you are finding it very easy to stay within them.

    You are where you are right now and you are not going to change that in two weeks. Enjoy the lead up to your wedding. Certainly exercise and eat well but don't let it ruin the best day of your life!!

    2951 days ago
    The scale is only way to measure progress the tape measure tells a different story and I seem to recall that Greg noticed a change in you.
    Muscle also weighs more than fat so if your toning up you may be building muscle.
    Try to weigh yourself once a week only as we all gain or lose a little every day so the scales are not always a friend they can be the enemy as we rely on what they say rather than how clothing feels and how we fel in ourselves.
    emoticon we are right behind you. This is only a hiccup and it will get better.
    2951 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13081753

    Dry your eyes! It's okay... Scales aren't the only measuring devices we have to monitor our success and they certainly aren't the only indicators of our slides either.

    What you're saying is...your scale is up 1.6 pounds but your inches are down?? And you don't think you're making progress? I beg to differ! Here's why:

    First off... MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT! It's true, it does. If you were to take a pound of lead and a pound of feathers, the feathers would be bulkier in size and take up more space dimensionally than the lead would. Same thing with muscles -vs- fat. I would bet someone else's cronut (it's not on my diet!) that you lost weight in fat but gained muscle and that's the difference you see. I would further gamble that if you had a body analysis done in the beginning and were to have one done today, it would back me up. You are reducing even if it's not in the visual sign you want to see. Your efforts are not in vain!

    One thing I have learned, is that when I restrict my calories my body actually holds on to every calorie it can. I won't lose weight nearly as efficiently as I would like. My body thought it was entering a starvation period and was "banking" against the lean times. Even though I eat slow carb (aka 4hour body style), less calories meant less weight loss for me. I don't work out as much as you (back injury) but I do better on a moderate amount of exercise. A few miles (4 - 6) walked a week and some no/low impact cardio thrown in. I know everyone is different but that's how it was for me.

    Did you measure anything besides your waist and your hips? I bet you lost inches in your arms and legs as well.

    Don't give up! Never give up! You have accomplished some great progress even if it's not in the way you thought it would be. Chin up, cheer up and keep it up!

    You will be the most beautiful bride and your groom is one heckuva lucky man to have a woman so dedicated to being healthier.

    I have faith in you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2951 days ago

    Remember STRESS is hard on the body, burning so many calories so many days in a roll, is probably sending a message to your brain that you are starving, or almost starving, so it send a message to hang on to that fat, so it can use it gradually, so you will be okay. So, that is probably why you only?? lost almost four pounds in a month. I am surprised you lost anything, with all the calories you are burning up from the exercise.

    I agree, try not to worry about the scale this week, think of packing as your workout, except for your streak dvd, as that is so important to you. Maybe a 15 minute walk, if you just have to get out for fresh air.

    I would suggest 1500 calories, a little more than your thinking, but a little less than you have been taking in, and to let your brain know you are eating enough, allow yourself 500 extra calories after eating 1500 calories for 3 days, on the fourth day add the 500,

    Have you eliminated sugar,caffeine and pop(soda) including diet and also artificial sweeteners? this may help, also if you haven't and if you want to tell me your blood type, I could tell you what else to avoid which in return will get rid of any inflammation in your body or give you the typebase link where you can check it out yourself. I'm assuming your busy so will take the time to do this for you, if you want me too.

    Enjoy time with hubby to be and children. Relax, Breath deeply, release slowly through pierced lips, when you feel tense, worried, stressed.
    2951 days ago
    First off take a deep breath. The scale could have gone up because you ate something high in sodium. There a lot of reasons it could have spiked up.

    Sometimes we try to do too much and expect our bodies to just cooperate. Maybe your body is adjusting. 2hrs of working out a day is a lot. Go measure yourself and see if you're shrinking.

    I wish we could lose weight fast too but you know the norm is 1-2lbs a week. Stinks doesn't it?

    For today relax, STAY off the scale until next Wednesday. Avoid salty foods. Keep making progress for a healthier you. Take the focus OFF the scale and focus on how great you're feeling!
    2951 days ago
    What the others said, AND... don't forget water... and muscle changes. Not necessarily size related either. You could just be having a bloated / water heavy weigh in day. Do you watch sodium too? I find that to be the WORST offender for me (and also for my BP). I have about 1-2 days each week that I go over (sometimes WAY over on sodium), and definitely takes a few days to recover from those (I do watch the scale too much, but believe I'm not obsessing over it - it's my guide to look more at what I did for the 3 days prior).

    When you diet without exercise, sure you lose more weight, but you end up losing more muscle than fat. The goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, remember?

    If we take anything away from our Sparking, it definitely has to be the constant reminder that the scale is only ONE tool (and not a great one most times). I've been stalled most of this month it seems... at least the last two weeks. Sprained my back and was 'down for the count' for THREE days! What happened? I finally got to record another pound gone! So overall, a lil' plateau.

    I would do as the other said, too - take that workout time and halve it - at least until you get packed (you'll burn calories doing that, it's not quite being couch potato)... you'll also then not have to worry so much about the red warnings about not eating enough!
    2951 days ago
    Just my uneducated experience here, so take it for what it's worth. Sometimes I just try just too stinkin hard. When I back off, work out reasonably (nothing extra, not hours a day, just a workout), eat at the very low end of my range, I usually shock my system enough to blast through it. I've learned that when I work out every single day, hour long interval training, I'm gonna stall or gain. Stinks. For me, I have to alternate eating at the upper end and lower end of my range, as well.
    I'm sure sorry you are feeling so defeated!! Hang in there!! Super duper emoticon
    2951 days ago
    i am so sorry to hear you struggling like this. I've been there. In all honesty, I'm still struggling with it myself. All I can say is if YOU KNOW you've done all you can to loose the weight, then keep it up. As much as we all wish it were an exact science - burn 3.500 calories to loose 1lb on the scale - it isn't. Maybe cutting your workouts by half, so you can use up some energy/workout minutes packing would help. Then you will still feel accomplished - you've burned your calories exercising. And you've done some packing in the exercise time as well. And maybe cutting your fitness intensity back will be the shock your body needs to start showing you that your hard work is paying off.

    When I get really frustrated, I will also try calorie cycling to sort of shock my system. I will eat in the low range of my calories for 3 days, then one day in the high range. Not always 3 and 1. Change it up a little. Basically keep your metabolism guessing. It never gets used to when the higher days will be. But eating higher will kick the metabolism to burn more. And it will keep burning even when you cut back for your lower days. I found that used to help me out quite a bit.

    I also found I had to force myself to take one day off a week. If I didn't my weight loss would stall out. But if I took the one day off, it kept every thing in high gear.

    Hope some of this helps.

    2951 days ago
    First of all, I feel for you! I hear your frustration and you have a right to be....

    However, I also noticed besides doing all this hard work (namely working out, eating in range, counting calories) that you have only used ONE tool to measure success---the scale...

    the scale is ONLY one accurate yourself said you are feeling absence of the scale, so stand tall and be proud....this feeling of accomplishiment is much more important to take into your marriage than a difference in the scale of 5 points....remember onederland is a ficticious emotional barrier that we ourselves put up.

    Here are some questions to use...
    Do your clothes fit better?
    Your dress?
    Have you lost inches?
    Has anyone noticed?

    AND muscle weighs more....if you are working out more...even could be gaining muscle which looks sleeker although it weighs will also burn more fat next time you work out!

    Stay strong....know you are doing your body good!
    2951 days ago

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