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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Please forgive me if my absence has stunned some of you. Morning Sickness (a' la Almost 24/7 Sickness) has reared its ugly head.

First of all, I came down with a cold (fever, snuffy/runny nose, post nasal drip, headache), which I am just now recovering from. On top of that, my morning sickness is kicking in. Nothing like having your sinuses constantly draining into your already woozy stomach....bleck.

I take little sips of water all day long, and eat small bits of something all day long to try to keep the nausea under control as much as I can. However, I still lay back feeling woozy. I have yet to barf, but that is only because I have the luxury of laying down most of the day if I feel the need. I only venture out of the house for tutoring or errands I HAVE to make. Standing for longer periods of time makes me more nauseous, so I try to avoid it if I can.

I've read countless articles on what to eat and how I can help myself through the nausea, but really they all say the same thing. Basically, I just have to suffer through it. I keep thinking to myself, if I am only 6 1/2 weeks along right now, I can only imagine how much worse it will get before it gets better.

My one shining bright spot is the fact that late evenings/nights I don't feel so bad. I've turned a little bit into a night owl for that reason. I do things I want/need to do when I feel the least sick, and I try to sleep through all the morning hours if possible.

Last night I stayed awake to decorate the chalkboard in our kitchen, so I could take a pregnancy photo in front of it today. Thankfully, my husband cooperated. It could be the hormones, but MAN has he been irking me lately. I think he believes that my morning sickness is a figment of my imagination that I make up for sh*ts-n-giggles. He ACTS like I do it purposely to avoid doing household tasks I don't want to do. Erm, No honey, I didn't cook the chicken this evening because every time I went to grab it out of the refrigerator I started gagging...so, no, we aren't having chicken for dinner.

He, so unintelligently told me, "Andrew's wife was push mowing their lawn 2 weeks before she gave birth." (Keep in mind that I get overheated on a good day, so outdoor work has NEVER really been an option for me, so I'm not sure what idiotic point he was trying to get at) I told him, "Andrew's wife told me he has a 9 inch peni$ and gives her 3 orgasms a night. Don't compare my body and abilities to other peoples and I won't compare yours." GRRR... Men.

Anyhow, I'll leave you with this cute lil tid bit:
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  • no profile photo CD13708081
    Oh Ams! You're beautiful and look fantastic and I LOVE your board! I look forward to many more of these pics over the months!

    I hope you get over your sickness sooner rather than later! Thanks for blogging! :D puts my mind at rest!
    2828 days ago
    Sorry about the morning sickness! I think you are right that you will just have to wait it out and do what you can to survive it in the meantime. What works for one doesn't work for another and the duration is individual as well. I suffered with it pretty bad with #1 and every tip I tried just made me more sick. I still cannot eat ginger to this day due to vomiting after trying ginger supplements to settle the nausea~lol! I love your chalkboard! You look adorable and it will be fun to see your baby bump grow in the pictures. We didn't do things like that when I was pregnant. Wish I would have documented my pregnancies like that~so cute!
    2829 days ago
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