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Help! Gotta sleep better!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Okay, on Sunday I set a new goal of being in bed no later than midnight. I did go to bed before midnight Sunday, and I slept pretty well. Last night I went to bed before midnight again, but I could not sleep! Several times recently I have read that if you are unable to sleep, you should get out of bed, so I did. I felt like maybe I could sleep around 3, so I went back to bed. But although I was very tired, I still could not sleep! So I got back up and was up until after 5. Finally I was able to get to sleep.

I was tired when I went to bed, so why couldn't I sleep? Main reason: another stress-filled afternoon and evening spent at the ER. When Charles is sick, my body does not cooperate very well with me. I did some bad eating and even had a fully-loaded Cherry Coke. Not a good idea!

The reason for setting a bedtime was to try and improve my sleep schedule. But maybe that is doing it backwards. Theoretically, I have more control over when I crawl out of bed than I do over when I can actually fall asleep. So I am trashing the bedtime goal and setting a wake-up goal instead. Maybe if I can get the wake-up time in place, the bedtime will follow.

So, new goal: Drag my buns out of bed no later than 9:00 each morning! I may set it earlier in the future, but for now that seems ambitious enough.

This will be much more difficult than the not-eating-at-the-computer thing. Thanks for cheering me on through that one!

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    2296 days ago
    p.s. With the breathing technique do it all slowly of course.

    2619 days ago
    Here is something I learned decades ago.

    Take ten deep, deep breaths Inhale-pause a second- exhale.
    On the tenth breath inhale and hold it as long as you can.

    If this doesn't work repeat.

    One can repeat a third time but I never got past one and a half.

    The air 1) relaxes your muscles and 2) sends a great burst of oxygen to the brain which somehow relaxes the mind too.

    This usually works for me.
    2619 days ago
    It`s hard to rest when you have a lot on your mind. emoticon
    2640 days ago
    Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes warm milk can help and a little TLC toward yourself. My problem is that I don't want to go to bed, and when I do, I don't want to leave my bed. Then it is all about the circumstances, the stress, and turning off the mind. I am wishing you peace. Gail
    2677 days ago
    It may be the time of the year and less sunshine.. I have started trying to get out while the sun is out and walk. So far it has not made a difference... I often cannot sleep at night. emoticon
    2690 days ago
    I think that's a great way to tackle the problem. After a few days of getting up earlier, you definitely should be able to fall asleep by midnight! Good luck...
    2711 days ago
    I am so NOT a morning person. When I have to get up for work, that's one thing, but on days off I really like to sleep in. Then I can't get to sleep at night, especially if I have caffeine. It didn't used to effect me, but as I get older, it really does. Good luck with your new goal!
    2711 days ago
    It is hard to sleep when things are going as they should (sick hubby and ER creates an active mind that won't settle down to sleep). Back your wake-up time up and you'll maybe be sleepy at night. But then again, even when I'm overtired, I still can't sleep. I find that mis-eating is my downfall for night sleep. I hope you can get a handle on this, otherwise you''ll end out exhausted. emoticon
    2711 days ago
    Well, dearie, you are not off the hook on the no-eating-at-the-computer deal. Hmph, hmph, hmph.

    Here's my take. I was recently in an ER with a loved one, and I was the worst kind of jazzed even without caffeine. So, first off - I wouldn't give myself a whole lot of demerits for not falling asleep after an emergency. It's an emergency, all bets are taken off the table.

    Second - Good for you for trying some coping techniques when you couldn't get to sleep. I have my own techniques that don't involve drugs. You'll find what works for you. Giving yourself a definite time to get up is a technique you came up with yourself, and that's a good sign.

    All right, if you're still awake through all of this bloviation, I dunno what I'm gunna do with you. You're a big girl, and we're your friends. Get your buns outta bed by 9am, or, or or ... we'll make you start your streak over.

    These are for you
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    2711 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/10/2013 3:12:31 PM
    I hear you. I've had trouble sleeping, too. These helped me; warm bath, light reading, a little herbal tea, soothing music (w/off timer), and absolutely no TV!

    Best wishes, MJ

    2712 days ago
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