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Epic fail.

Friday, January 17, 2014

So this week has been absolutely terrible. Monday night i went to the restaurant staff party at 7 and left at 845 because i didnt want to be out too late. Hubby had met me there and was following me home. I literally was so tired i couldnt concentrate on driving and ended up rear ending a pickup truck stopped at a red light less than half a mile from my house. The pickup then proceeded to hit the car in front of him and that car hit the car in front of them. Luckily no one was hurt but i still feel so guilty about it that i couldve really hurt someone. Theres just no reason to be THAT tired at 9pm. So i went back to the neurologist (another $40 there) who told me the sleep lab i took in september came back that not only do i sleep perfectly and for long periods of time but my sleep quality is twice as good as everyone else my age. So why am i falling asleep all the time? He ended up writing me a prescription that should help keep me awake. Today is my first day taking it. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, it was going to cost me $735 to get my car out of the tow yard after the accident , but they said if we gave them the title theyd only charge $410. Thanks guys. Since the car was totaled we just handed over the title. On top of that my license got lost in my car so i have to pay $50 to get it replaced. So tuesday i had no car and wednesday matt borrowed his dads truck so i drove my other car to work. On my way home at 7 in the dark i got a flat tire and of course have no spare because dealerships dont give you those anymore apparently. Had to dish out more money for amother tow and then $120 to replace the tire.

I am just stressed out of my mind. Havent been able to go to the gym with lack of cars and i knee up in my accident so I've just been really down lately. Ugh. :-(
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    I hope everything is going a bit better for you!
    2653 days ago
    So sorry. Strangely I was in an accident just like you described almost 2 months ago. the car hit the truck. the truck hit me. I hit car in front of me. My car is still not back and $10,000 of repairs (its 1.5 years old) Your blog made me stop and think about the poor young lady who hit all of us and instead of being ticked - feel bad that she, too, may be hurting. Do whatever you can do to make yourself get happy. Just try putting on music you like and dancing around for 10 minutes. Pamper yourself and make a big mug of hot chocolate or tea and watch a movie. Take a long bath - whatever makes you happy. Personally, when I exercise I at least feel better than I did before - even if I just walk around the block.
    2664 days ago
  • CHANY009
    Goodness that sounds like such an awful week! I'm so sorry! I hope everything gets better and I'm glad no one was hurt! As for being tired, I would get your iron checked. I used to sleep 12 hours a day and still be exhausted and it ended up being that my iron was dangerously low! Very common for women! I hope your weekend is better! emoticon
    2665 days ago
    Hopefully this new medicine will work for you :) sorry to her about your troubles!

    2665 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    i would persue further testing. sometimes what makes us so tired isnt that we arent getting enough sleep. it might be some autoimmune disorder, heart issue, low vitamin or even anemia.
    and just because you slept well in the sleep study, doesnt mean you do at home.
    sleep studies are structured, you get to bed early and have a certain number of hours to sleep.
    at home, we are always rushing, stressing over work, kids, bills, etc.
    sorry to hear about your car and i hope everything works out.
    2665 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14466082
    I'm sorry you've had such a crappy week. When it rains it pours as they say. Look on the bright side...hopefully the prescription will solve the sleepiness issue and the accident could have been much worse (no one was injured). Something good always comes out of these down moments. Hang in there. Focus on walks to relieve stress and then jump back in full force when things settle. Sending good vibes your way! =)
    2665 days ago
    Wow that is a stressful week . I second the second opinion. Have they ruled out narcolepsy? emoticon
    2665 days ago
    A really tough week you have had, but look a the bright side if you can find a little room, no one was hurt in the accident. It was an accident so don't beat yourself up too bad about it. Maybe it is time to slow down and relax more. I wish you all the best. Things are bound to turn around soon; we have all been there!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2665 days ago
  • JUSTME9898
    You have had a LOT to deal with do not beat yourself up over gym time. Wow! What a week. I would also say it is normal to be down in your situation. An accident, a totaled car, financial stress. What would you say to a friend that had all this happen in one week. Now say that to yourself.
    How long are you sleeping? There are some studies that show over 9 hours can make you groggy during the day. Seven and a half to 8 and a half seem to be optimal. I would get a second opinion if you can. May be see an Internist. Since you have ruled out sleep problems may be something else is stressing you body.
    Good luck, I hope next week is better than last (I think it has to be).
    2665 days ago
  • PJB149
    The one over riding factor here is that you are okay. All the rest are temporary set backs and will be resolved, eventually. As long as you are physically okay, be grateful for that. All the negatives can and will pass. I know you will find the will to carry on. Believe In Yourself and every thing else will follow. Good luck.
    2665 days ago
    oh no! I am so sorry to hear that happened to you! that is so strange that you were so tired! hopefully this medicine helps! be thankful no one really got hurt! rest, and you will be back in the gym in no time. in the mean time, Im sending prayers and hugs your way! emoticon emoticon
    2665 days ago
    OH My! You have had a tough week! When it rains it pours right? It can only get better from here. Keep your chin up! It's got to get better. Have you been to your regular GP regarding how tired your are? You might need some bloodwork, you could be low on Iron. You should speak to your GP.
    2665 days ago
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