1005 lbs of VICTORY!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How do you communicate the sweet taste of victory in a blog?

Well, there's always a good meme out there;

Maybe a kitschy ad sporting a storm trooper;

Or you could just show a glass of beer;

Then again, you could write about it, describing the adventure, the drama, the struggle of man vs.......

OK, let me just get on with it

Today I lifted a combined 1005 lbs between squats, bench press, and deadlifts....a personal record, beating my previous score of 955 lbs set last February!!

Hmmm, where to begin....

Well I got there early to cheer on the women. They started an hour before the guys. There weren't too many familiar faces, most of the women I have competed with these past few times had stopped lifting for the summer, shredding down for bikini season. Knowing that, the sponsors of this event opened it up to many folks from the greater DC area. Some were first timers, others were experienced (One beast of a gal finished with a total score of 855! But the high drama was from a first-timer who eked out 525 total....she was focused, dedicated, and gave it her all!)

At first there were only 3 of us guys, then, right before starting time, 4 young Marines showed up.....strapping young lads in their 20s, they looked straight off of a superhero movie we had a show!!

I had planned all my lifts, starting off with a weight that was challenging but that I knew I could get. For squats I started at 315. It was a piece of cake, so for my second squat I put 345 lbs on the bar. It was a good lift, not pretty, but I straightened back up.

I struck up a conversation with the lead Marine (He was warming up with the 315 I did for my first lift!) He was made of rock-solid granite, but as is usual with serious lifters, real easy to talk to and ask for advice and pointers. I noticed he and his buddies were wrapping their knees before squatting.

"So what's up with the wraps?"

"Oh these are real good for stability, they keep your knees tight. I can add 40-50 lbs to my squat with knee wraps"

"Really!?!? So, can you guys wrap me up for my next lift?"

"Sure, but we should only do it a minute or 2 before you lift, these things really block off your blood flow"

With that, I told them to add 10 more lbs to the bar for a 355 lb total.....and nailed it!! The judges said it was the best of my 3 squats today and that I could have done another 20 lbs easy!

Overall this was amazing, because I had been most concerned with my squats. I'd been working hard on them, but struggling with the depth....well smooth sailing from now on, so on to bench press!

Same deal, I started with a weight that was hard but that I knew I could get.....255 lbs. So I added 20 and went for 275 on my 2nd attempt....

....2d attempt failed! I got the bar 4-5 inches off my chest, then no mas. So by the rules of the competition, I had to do the same weight for my 3d attempt.

I chalked up, psyched up, got under that bar, and pushed.....and pushed.....and pushed, but I couldn't straighten my arms out! Arrghh

So overall I was at 610 lbs total (355 squat, 255 bench). Deadlifts were next, and I felt most confident with them, but I had to shake off the disappointing bench press episode.

Again, I started with a tough but achievable weight, which for me was 345 lbs. It was almost easy, so for my 2nd attempt, I added 20 again, for a 365 deadlift.

Almost easy, but not bad at all.

Now I had to do some math in public.

So far I had a total of 975 lbs (355 squat, 255 bench, 365 deads), 20 lbs better than my previous 955 in February (see blog ). I was thinking I could safely add 10 lbs to the bar, then thought, "Nahhh, push the limits and add 20 lbs".....that would give me a new PR of 995 lbs....

....but seriously 995 lbs?!?!?!

Could I really get that close to 1000 and not go for it? I'd have to deadlift 395, that's a lot of weight.....that's 40 more lbs than I have ever lifted before....but.....but...

"But WHAT!" I told myself!! I had already set a PR, the worse that could happen was that I lift the bar a few inches off the ground and drop it. Last February I was real concerned about my deadlifts, but these past few months I have been really focused on my form and proper lifting technique.


I high-fived each of the Marines, had them each give me a big Hoo-Rah!, went over to the bar.....and pulled that bad boy straight off the ground letting out a victory cry as the bar passed over my knees!!!

10005 lbs of victory!!!!

Man, was I a happy camper!!

So here it is, 8 months after I set my goal to lift a combined 1000 lbs, I made my goal (see blog ). I wasn't expecting it.....I really figured it would take me till October to reach it.

Now what?!!?

I had already decided to ease off the lifting through the rest of June and July, focusing on kettlebell work. I've got some goals for the kettlebells. I'm taking my 35 lber on vacation with us this summer (we're going to Boston then over to Niagara Falls for about 2 weeks) After that life's a wide open book....I'm sure I'll figure out what to do next while blogging with all my Spark buds!

For the rest of tonight....all I want to do is eat, watch TV, and go to bed!

Have a great night Spark friends!!
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