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My Latest Attempt at Kicking the Sugar Habit

Friday, January 09, 2015

I have many friends on Sparkpeople. Some have been with me for about six years. Some are very new. To paraphrase the Beatles, in my life, I've loved you all, and I appreciate that you are with me now.

Those who have been around for awhile know that I struggle mightily with sugar. I probably have the same relationship with sugar that a smoker has with tobacco. Yes, I know there are differences but the similarities are striking. In my case, I will decide that I am kicking the sugar habit, and then for some reason it doesn't work out. I do think that I have some sort of addiction to sugar because once I open the door a little and have a little sugar, the floodgates open. Then next thing you know, I am eating a ton of sugary snacks.

I do not believe in New Year's resolutions. However, I do believe in goals. I think that it is unrealistic to resolve to never eat sugary snacks for the rest of my life. I started out the New Yeark saying that I would give up sugary snacks. That lasted for two days. I was on a two week furlough from work and did not return to work until January 5. On January 2, I suggested to DH that we go to a cafe/bakery that sells beignets. I suggested this because I knew that it would be more difficult to do this once I returned to work. I honestly do not think this was a bad thing to do. The beignets were delicious, and their donuts looked great as I saw them icing them generously (icings and toppings to order) after they popped out of the machine. However, after that, we ended up going out for dinner at a place that serves great ice cream. I was then off the wagon for the next two days.

I was able to rein myself in on Monday, and I have not had any sugary treats since. Well, there is a minor exception. I had some bags of a nutty trail mix in my desk that have some dark chocolate. I've had one three times this week. They are individual size servings. I am thinking that when I run out, I am going to try a mix that does not have chocolate. But this is not a major issue.

I tend to over complicate these things by coming up with a lot of rules. But in a nutshell, I am giving up ice cream (biggest problem for me), cake, cookies and candy. I will allow myself one of these sugary treats per week in a reasonably sized portion. The only reason I am allowing myself this much is to keep piece in the family (DH likes to eat this stuff, but more and more I am hoping to not partake when he does). This strategy will all but eliminate eating ice cream at home.

There will probably be some weeks when it will be hard to stay on track but not for awhile. Thanksgiving is almost a year away. My birthday is six months away. I think I can figure out before then how to make this work. I am not concerned if I go traveling and partake of goodies that are not normally available. What I need to work on is the snacking at home and getting back on track if I do slide (this is a biggie).

So far this is going really well. I have stopped my nighttime snacking, and I don't miss it. I won't declare victory yet (not sure if I ever will) but I think I am on the right track. And putting this out there may give me some accountability, which I desperately need right now.

I will report on this periodically. While I appreciate comments, please do not feel obligated to provide them. I know that my friends support me!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I recently stopped drinking diet pepsi. It was difficult at first but mostly okay now and I don't miss it. There are certain triggers though that make it more difficult. Certain foods, going out to eat are hard.
    Just take one day at a time. Don't beat yourself up if you slip a little, just get right back to it.
    2390 days ago
    Leslie, I made a game for myself. When I thought about having sweets, I considered whether I had met my nutritional needs for the day; if not, I had a snack that filled a void (from my trusty supply of natural peanut butter, Wholly Guacamole, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, cheese stick, carrots, celery, apple, dried plums). Usually by the time I fulfilled all my nutritional needs I wasn't hungry.

    For me, the mix of salt and sweet in a snack is a one-two trigger punch. When WW came out with Salted Caramel Brownie Bliss, I realized that although one bar was worth 2 points, I was not supposed to eat an entire box in one afternoon.

    Some articles say that if you crave sugar, your body actually needs more lean protein. I found that once I kicked my salt-sugar see-saw, I enjoyed the clean taste of quality protein and veggies even more; I was happier with less fuss. So substituting happiness with healthier eating for instant gratification and long-term guilt from careless eating has worked out well for me.
    2392 days ago
    I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you.

    Sugar is rough to cut out, but you will feel so much better the more you stay away from it!
    2394 days ago
    So very proud of you for the nighttime snacking! That's a great NSV.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean. I'm that same way with salty carbs, well probably just sugary carbs too. I know you can do this, lets just take baby steps and get through it one day at a time and if we fall down lets jump right back up!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2394 days ago
    You're always welcome back on the Limes team to hold yourself accountable on the team. We miss you
    2395 days ago
    I am a sugar addict too. I've struggled with it my whole life. Last February, I decided to give OA a try, and I finally found what what I was looking for. I just take it one day at a time, but it's been almost 365 days without sugar now. 🙌
    2395 days ago
    Sugar is a huge problem for me too. I am 3 days sugar free right now (same items you list). I hope I can keep it going. Looking forward to reading more about your progress.
    2395 days ago
    emoticon a lot of us have an addiction to sugar and it's hard to give up.
    2395 days ago
    Any addiction is tough to kick. If you fall down, get back up and start kicking it again. Just don't lay there and let it kick you. You are strong and you can do this.
    2395 days ago
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