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Wakin' Cookie Dough Blues

Friday, December 25, 2015

I actually wrote this "pome" on December 23.

Wakin' Cookie Dough Blues

Went to confession
the other night.
Talked to my priest;
told him of my plight . . .
how I'm tryin' to fast
like a good little saint;
but when it comes to cookie dough,
strong I ain't!

Well, I went on home
with a new resolve:
no more cookie dough!
Won't need to be absolved!
Then I couldn't sleep,
so I thought to myself,
“I'll bake the last cookie dough
that's sittin' on the shelf.”

At first I did okay
droppin' dough on the pan;
Bakin' lots of cookies
for my entire clan.
And then . . . UP popped the cookie dough
right into my mouth!
Resisting temptation
had just gone south!

Oh, woe is me!
I goofed up AGAIN!
It's kinda like slippin'
and sinking in a fen.
And then I ate some cookies,
just like a silly hen.
When will I learn . . .
when, oh when!

Well, I wasn't quite done,
but gettin' awful tired.
I put the dough up,
donned jammies, and retired.
I still couldn't sleep,
I felt such shame;
So I cried out to God
my temptations to tame.

Got up this morning
to finish the job.
Never ate a bite,
not the smallest blob!
I know it wasn't me,
I wanted it so much;
It had to be God
with His powerful touch!

So if I want to tame
my temptations day by day;
I need to say to God,
“I can't do it; HELP, I pray!”
I'll be doin' that a lot
with all these cookies in the house.
Better send them out
so I don't become a louse!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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