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Old Me & Inner Diva Battle it out Everyday

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To Start off, I have had a great couple weeks. Go to the gym every morning M-F at 5am which is a huge accomplishment because I am not a morning person but I found I am loving it. I am Tracking all my food. Oh!! but the battle. This is going on in my head... The Old Me raising its ugly head (I know she will never go away, I just have to keep her tame) and the Inner Diva I never new was there.

Old Me - get off this machine, your tired, you have been at this everyday. Take a break.
Inner Diva - NO!! NO!! NO!! I am not going to get to my goal if I get off (envisioning myself in a swim suit) Keep Moving!

Old Me - Go ahead hit that off button on the alarm clock. You have gotten up everyday, you deserve to sleep in.
Inner Diva - GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THAT BED!!!! Sleep in is on Sat.

Old Me - You can eat that because you have done so well.
Inner Diva - SWIM SUIT!!!! Save cheat meal for when you have no choice.

I know we all have these battles with our selves but I am over the moon happy that for the first time in my life the Diva in me is winning. (disclaimer - I know I am taking about myself in a third person and I promise I am not loony LOL )

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