No parent should have to bury their child

Monday, February 01, 2016

Yesterday we got news of one of my son's friends, he committed suicide at the very young age of 23yrs old. I never had the pleasure of meeting this young man or his parents, but last night I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking of his parents and the heart breaking hel l they must be going through. I'm sure he didn't think of how this would devastate the two people who loved him unconditionally or the financial burden he put on them. This hit me hard thinking of the days my son was bullied and I was afraid he might do something drastic, but we have good communication with him and not everyone can say that. It also made me think of the times I felt like doing something because of the daily pain, but I'd always think of my son and husband and my love for them always so much stronger then giving into those desperate selfish thoughts of leaving them broken for life. I think the secret to our family are those 3 little words that are said to one another daily out of the blue multiple times a day, a spontaneous hug we give to one another and not only the words but the actions of love whether it be me making a sandwich so I make sure my son eats, or hubby making a smoothie or son making dad his lunch for work we show you've as well as saying those 3 little words. Life is short you never know if saying good bye to someone will be the last time you see them. Show your love, say those magic words and remember the greatest gift you can give to someone. Is listening to them.
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