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Saturday, March 11, 2017

emoticon Ok so 1st, thanks to the sweet customers today that brought me lunch! I helped them out and they repaid me with their kindness: a Wendy's salad. Now y'all, salads are awesome. I love salads...but...they brought me a salad outside my comfort zone. It was an Apple pecan chicken salad. I cringed first at the thought of pomegranate vinaigrette. I wanted to reach for my standby bottle of low fat Ranch, but no, I decided I will try it. Finger taste...not bad. Second cringe, bleu cheese crumbles....tried em again, nope dont like em. Third cringe, Wendy's Nutritional facts website. Oh.My.Sweet.Baby.Jesus! 570 calories and a whopping 25 fat grams. Thats just too much for salad.
I sat there. Immobilized by salad, y'all! What the hell?
I continued to stare at the nutrition facts and then noticed blue hyperlinks on the salad ingredient list. I clicked bleu cheese to see that it contained 120 calories and 9 fats all on its own! Yay, win for me, and I picked that moldy nasty business off my greens! Next I clicked on the dressing to find out that the stats contained info for 2 packets. Easy subtraction again, that subracted me another 60 calories and 2 fats. Now my scary (though totally from the heart) salad was just 390 calories, and 14 fats total.. Also provided me with an awesome boost of 31 proteins! Woot!
I would totally order this again AND I saved the pomegranate vinaigrette packet for later to have with a salad from home :)
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