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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Hello Sparklers... I am four pounds away from being just overweight. That is certainly an achievement, and I am proud of the progress that I have made over the past 5 1/2 months, BUT I am well aware and frankly afraid of the monster that makes me emotional eat. HOWEVER, yesterday was ridiculous...I work in a very negative environment, for a lady that at one time was a co worker elsewhere and a once in a while hang out type of acquaintance. She pissed me off big time yesterday being a major Micro Manager. Can't stand that, Don't need it to do my job in which she knows, but she is a control freak. We had it out, I spoke my peace but was SOOOOOOO Mad when I left for lunch. NORMALLY I would have went and got some yummy greasy something or other to sooooothe the pain. Not this time, and it was close... but I didn't do it. I am praying for God's continue help on my journey, I need it. I am not even close to thinking I got this. I know that at anytime, that monster can set me on a downward spiral. That's just being real, I have lost and gained before. My plan is to again RISE ABOVE it, and on payday I am going to buy a pair of all black tennis shoes that I can put on when she gets to be a you know what and Go for a Walk. I WILL overcome this monster, it will NOT let it control my destiny this time. This weekend, I am updating my resume and start chasing down some POSITIVITY!!!!! Thank God for this website, I love you Spark!
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