thursday in the frozen north

Thursday, January 04, 2018

good morning! the temps have moderated a little--it's pretty much bearable to go outside. rob is working from home today and tomorrow--right now he's out shoveling since we are in the midst of another lake effect event. I think we got about 4 inches overnight and it's still snowing.
didn't do much yesterday except take dorijane to the vet for a blood draw and stop at the feed store for chicken food on the way home. wasn't feeling quite 100 percent so I just took it easy. planning to carve some clay today and make some appliques. I threw 7 or 8 big cylinders the other day--utensil holders for the kitchen counter. going to decorate a couple with appliques and carve the rest. I bought some soap molds on amazon and tried filling them with clay--initial results are very encouraging:
these two were the first tries--I applied them to a couple cylinders I threw last week:

the tricky part will be glazing them in a way that shows them off.
the two I made for today are a peacock and a butterfly in flowers. the forms are silicone and pretty easy to work with.
time to get moving--have a great day!
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