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My struggle and a new found strength

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It's been quite a while since I have blogged. But that all changes. Now.

Warning: this is a bit long and graphic (not at all inappropriate!)

I've been on SP since March of 2007 and it has strengthened me in ways I can't even begin to tell you or even imagine.
SP has helped me look at myself and think-hey, I'm not so bad.
SP has helped me meet online friends that have supported and encouraged me in ways I've never really experienced in real life.
SP has helped me to be mindful of eating healthy and exercising while having fun (instead of crushing it for hours and not losing a pound!)
Back in 2005 after my sweet daughter was born I finally couldn't take this nagging horrible pain I was having. I feared the worst! Cancer? Thankfully, NO! It was a very inflamed gallbladder that was removed and they told me I'd go back to eating normally and feeling great.
Not so.
Didn't happen.
Nope, instead I gained in excess of 30 pounds that next year and could hardly eat as so many foods would send me rushing to the bathroom over and over again. All. Day.
This was debilitating as I couldn't go anywhere without knowing where the nearest bathroom was.
It was so upsetting and has caused my anxiety to be at it's very worst. As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I didn't always make it to the bathroom. No one ever knew, thankfully. I learned to always be prepared...extra clothes, things to clean up, etc.

Sometimes even a ten minute ride was too long. And I had many as it was 12 minutes to take my kids to their therapy sessions 2-3 times a week as my kids all have special needs.

The flare ups were sporadic and there were sometimes as much as a week or two where I was doing okay. Then either I let my guard down and ate a wrong food or it would just happen...again. My GI would act up.

I learned to keep the smile, keep my chin up as I always did through all of life. I had been through so many challenges and struggles in life already, I would just manage this too.

Or so I thought.

That was 12 years ago. I still struggle with these issues. The doctors would tell me things over the years that I needed to eat more grain, eat whole grain, eat many small meals a day. I had done all that...and it only got worse.

I systematically would just keep check food off my "safe" list that had caused me trouble, one food after another. But the issue persisted. I never ate out, ever. Some of my extended family didn't understand and seem to be more judging than supportive. Sad, really. If they only knew (or believed) what I was going through...for years.

It was a relief to just stay home or to get home after going out somewhere. When you have an issue like this, it causes so much anxiety that it worsens the symptoms of your GI. And the stress in my life from many different things including some very judging hate-filled people didn't help matters at all.

My average sleep per night? 4-5 hours. Sad. Trust me, you really can't survive on that, and yet I did. I had to.

I guess in some ways I learned to live with it, even though I hated it and would do anything to change it.

I did a lot of research online for years. Finally I was getting some answers.

People who have their gallbladder out tend to have GI issues and they are finding or highly likely to be gluten intolerant.

Many people with auto-immune issues have food intolerances and vice-versa.

People that struggle to lose weight no matter what they've tried are usually very stressed, don't sleep well and don't have many supporting them in real life.


I love SP and they have been the very best support and encouragement...ever.

I love my husband and kids and they have been wonderfully supportive.

But that is where it ends.

I have many food intolerances including wheat, corn, tomatoes, green peppers, additives and preservatives and now...rice.

It's not just GI issues, but the stiffness and achiness and lack of sleep and brain fog and memory issues.

I don't eat a lot.
I eat small portions.
I am active.
I stay away from trigger foods and ones I know my body can't tolerate.
I eat several small snack size meals a day.
I exercise some, but need to increase my movement.
I stop eating and put the rest away when I feel satisfied. I STOP even if it is one last bite.
I think positively and am an optimistic person.
I've lost 40 pounds to date. (and then have been on an endless plateau...add menopause to that equation!)
So in all the research I've done and trying different things I've kind of backed into a new plan.

I am eating what I will call a "Paleo Plus Plan."
Everything I have read and research about it points to me and that it just might work.

Meat, fish, veggies, some fruit, nuts, seeds, and some safe flours (still working on those as I don't know if I can tolerate them) - like coconut flour, cashew flour, cassava flour and safe sugar like pure maple syrup and raw unfiltered honey.
The Plus part is that I am still eating some dairy...milk in my coffee and homemade yogurt which has been helpful so much of the time. I do use ghee as well, but in very small and limited amounts.

As time goes on I will probably eliminate the yogurt for a probiotic CoYo Yogurt and hopefully will find a good substitute for milk in my coffee.

I have been gradual about switching as my body doesn't deal well with abrupt change.

I am eating:
Only grass fed and finished meats
Wild caught fish
Fresh veggies and fruit
Nuts and seeds sometimes

I am doing okay so far.
I am not as foggy in my thinking.
I have more energy.
I am not as achy, by far!
I have lost 1.5 pounds in the last week.

Okay, so if you've made it this far in my blog post, THANK YOU! Thank you for reading and supporting me!

I will continue to post how I am doing and how this plan is working for me.

I want to help others that are in a situation like mine.

We can do this!!


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    I've heard alot people say the same thing about gall bladder surgery. I hope you find a solution
    1302 days ago
    That has been a long, arduous journey for you. I am so happy there is a light at the end of your tunnel. Good job losing weight. I know there's more fun and less pain in your future. Don't give up! You have my support!
    1302 days ago
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