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Lazy Bum That I Am

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Been a month since last blog... could say I have been busy, but lazy is more like it.

March has not been kind to me... or rather I should say I have not been kind to March.

I am tracking 98%, I am mostly staying in my points, but there is definitely self sabotage going on. Bringing things in the house that have no business being here.
Shopping at Costco so that the quantity overrules the semi healthiness of items. Like: big bag of SkinnyPop popcorn.... 14 servings eating in less than 7 days, Big box of vanilla pizzelles eaten with canned whipped cream.... , rye bread..... UGH... No self control .

Ordered 3 boxes of GS cookies from my granddaughter ... when my son brought them over I opened my "snack" drawer and had to throw away an unopened box from LAST YEAR. But the new ones got opened. In 3 weeks I had eaten one sleeve out of each kind. The rest are now in the freezer.

I ended both Jan and Feb with losses for each month. I expect to end March with a GAIN.

So... time to get serious. Been listening to podcasts by Fatdag and Liquidshano1973 (CoffeeTalk). Trying to light a fire under myself.

My goal is to lose 10 lbs by June 26. (My birthday is 6/25 but I weigh in on Tuesdays).

There are 14 weigh ins between now and then including this week where I expect to post ANOTHER gain.
So the next 13 after that I need to lose 0.8 each week to attain my weight loss goal.

I sat down and started a list of what I labeled "obstacles" that are coming up between now and then.

I crossed out "obstacles" and renamed them "Hurdles". I don't want them to be blocks in the road but things I will navigate around/over to my goal.

I counted up 14 eating out events, 10 days of babysitting 3 GD's who eat almost 100% processed foods, a 2 week trip/cruise to Alaska plus I an attending the DAR Continental Congress in D.C. for 3 days in these 13 weeks.

So, my tracking needs to be 100% not 98, I need to stop eating when out of points, I need to make better choices when eating out. I also am pledging to do REAL exercise at least 3 times a week. (All you old WW friends KNOW this is my biggest downfall !)

I certainly have my work cut out for me, but this is life.... like is full of hurdles everyday. It is also for the living.., so I am going to go get it done. Time to stop being lazy.

I'll leave you with this sign a saw in a friends house at a St Patricks Day party I went to:

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