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Back again.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Round three! I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I've just been having a lot of medical issues going on. We discovered the main problem by the grace of God. I've been pretty sick since last May. Kind of felt like a flu that I couldn't shake. Six months ago or so the foot they did surgery on started hurting and swelling. When I went in they found that the screws they put in had begun working their way out of the bone and were rubbing on the tendon that goes over that bone. We had to postpone the removal of the screws several times but finally, the first week of May they took them out. About a week later I began to feel better. The farther away from the removal of the screws I got, the better I felt. I consulted three doctors and they all agreed that I was having a bad reaction to the metal in the screws. In the last three weeks I've done more around here than I've done in the whole of the last year put together. I'm so grateful that those things started coming out and hurting!

I still have some issues that need taken care of. I fell way behind on the injections I get to keep me walking. I have gotten the usual ones now but need to have one in each hip yet. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists with the right being far worse and incredibly symptomatic. I'm scheduled for surgery on that side on the 13th. According to the surgeon as soon as I get the worst side taken care of, the other one will drive me buggy and I'll need to get it done. I'll wait and see.

I just completed a two night, in home sleep study last week and I'm waiting for my doctor to get the results. She's pretty sure that I have sleep apnea and I tend to agree with her. I'm hoping to get that settled in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting kind of desperate for some good sleep. I know that I'll have to get used to the CPAP mask and so on but given that my average sleep per night is two to three hours, I'll survive the adjustment period. They've come a long way in the designs of the CPAP machines and masks as well as the cleaning of them. They now have a UV machine that cleans and sanitizes everything but the hoses. The machines now weigh as little as 10 lbs and they have masks available that cover both nose and mouth but allow you to wear your glasses. Of course the insurance company will only cover a certain portion of the cost of the newer stuff but after being so sleep deprived, I'm willing to spend some money for some good sleep. Blessedly my hubby feels the same way.

My daughter turned 30 this past March. I managed to go out with the family to a nice dinner. Her step-sister came to town with her two kids to celebrate with us. Her hubby had to work but between the eight of us we managed to make a good time of it. Yesterday was the first time in over a year that I could spend a good amount of of time with her and her two. It was great! I spent ten hours with the three of them. We went to visit my father and then just chilled. I was exhausted by the time they left but it was really enjoyable.

I hope to be able to check into SP daily again from now on but I won't swear to it. I need the support of the wonderful people here. I'm back up in weight and my sugar levels are hovering around the range for pre-diabetes. I eat a fairly sensible diet but my activity level has been close to nil for nearly two years. As soon as I get those injections into the bursa of my hips, I'll be adding chair exercises back into my routine. Meanwhile I've been getting my house back into some kind of order. I work for a bit then rest for a bit. Stuff is getting done but slowly. Once the carpal tunnel and the hips are taken care of and I start sleeping good, I don't think I'll need so many rest breaks.
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  • no profile photo CD15653250
    emoticon Sorry to hear you're having medical problems. emoticon

    1064 days ago
    So glad to see your blog; but sad for the many health issues! Please take care of yourself. Blessings to you. You have been an encourager for me and I so appreciate it. emoticon emoticon
    1076 days ago
    Jeanne, I had no idea you were going through all this trouble! The bad reaction to the metal screws really threw you for a loop, it seems, so it's just so fortunate that a reason developed to take those out. I remember that when you were last on Spark, you were in quite a bit of pain and having a hard recovery.

    Sleep apnea--my husband has had it for years and years, but it was only about three years ago that I finally nagged him into doing something about it. The sleep test revealed that he stopped breathing hundreds of times a night, but after being fitted with the CPAP mask, reducing the amount of food he ate, and walking to the station every day instead of taking the bus--he is getting much better sleep, and it has improved his health and his moods. I hope you will get some restful sleep at last and feel refreshed in the mornings.

    So glad to hear from you! Let us know how you're doing sometimes. I have missed your sweet presence!

    1082 days ago
    So good to hear from u!!
    1082 days ago
    SOOOOOOOOOOOO great you are on the mend! & that 'they' figured out what was wrong!!!!
    I hurt my knee, but getting better everyday! I've been doing SP Nichole's 12 minute seated core work out. At least keeping me toned. Also I have a swimming pool, been swimming allot! Hope you find alternatives, too, as you heal!

    My world today: emoticon 7-5-18 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon (We made it through the illegal fire woks & held LUCY pup, all night long! I hope to sleep tonight!!!! Noise right out side our bedroom window, for many days & last night many hours! I LOVE our home, so 1 time a year is OK!) emoticon
    1083 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5241267
    Gracious goodness this set in my inbox and I didn't even catch it, I'm so sorry Jeane that I haven't gotten back to this sooner. It seems we have both had our 'year' and it's time to start enjoying life again. I had a knee injection in April that set me back to walking with a walker and cane, thank goodness that's over with. I also do a bit of housework here and there and rest. It eventually gets done and you know what? People come to see me not my house and if they can't deal with it then they know where the door is. lol. So glad you are back here once more and I'm so glad they found out what was causing all of those issues. Now your feet can go 'screw' sorry bad humor on my part. Have a blessed day my friend. Love & hugs... Donna
    1084 days ago
    Oh! I am SO glad to hear from you again!!!! Sounds like you are making progress, and keeping your goals in mind.

    It is so difficult to take things slowly, when your desire is to put it into fast forward mode!

    As I read the comments, I can see how much support you have from the ones who care for you.

    Just do what you can, and keep in touch when you can!

    1085 days ago
    Oh my goodness, Jean, I wondered what had happened to you! I pray that you are well on the road to recovery now! I will keep you in prayer, my friend... please stay in touch! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1085 days ago
    I am so glad to see you back again.I am sorry to hear the screws are giving you grief.I hope it is soon sorted.I am happy you hope to be back daily again.Take care of yourself and I am so pleased to hear from you! emoticon
    1086 days ago
    Happy to see you post again. I enjoyed our chat the other night. My face was still goofy from the dental visit. Hopefully the rest of you week is as blessed as your visit with your DD and grands. I'm sure we'll chat more later. Looking forward to seeing you participate again, but please take care not to over do. (((HUGS))) prayers and happy thoughts to you!
    1086 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14476702
    You have really been missed and it is so good to hear from you again!
    1086 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10676776
    It's wonderful to read your blogs again. I hope you will continue to make small and painless recoveries from your medical issues. emoticon Keep the FAITH! You are in my prayers. emoticon
    1086 days ago
    welcome back and are getting health issues under control. spark when you can
    1086 days ago
  • MAYIE53
    Welcome back, Jeanne! You have really been missed but I knew that you would be back. So sorry you've had to endure all the medical issues. It frightens me to hear about screws working their way out . . . I start thinking mine might be doing the same. Silly me. I can also relate to the house being a mess. I hate to put weight on my injured leg and so my surroundings have really suffered. Going on 9 months and I just seem to let things fall apart. Daughter doesn't visit often because this place gives her anxiety. I suppose it gives me anxiety too, just not enough to do anything constructive about it.

    Good luck with the CPAP machine. I am fortunate that I take a pill (not a sleeping pill and not addictive) each night before retiring. It allows me a decent night's sleep. Before that I was soooo sleep deprived Iwalked around with suitcases under my eyes. Wishing you the best. Hugs.
    1086 days ago
    You are one AMAZING person! God bless you. Good things are taking shape. emoticon
    1086 days ago
    Good thing those screws are out now. Hope your sleep issues get sorted out. Running chronically short on sleep really messes with you. Did you know that it can affect your blood sugar levels?
    1086 days ago
    Great to see you back, I thought you were gone. Hope you are finally on the road to mending. I have been down since January. I had 2 compression fractures in my lower back. Could not move at all for awhile. Had over 5 months of physical therapy. Neurosurgeon said surgery will not help my back. I am on a walker but have a lot of pain when walking. But hey that is better than they thought I would do. do chair exercises and walk as much as I can everyday. We can do this. Hugs Pat.
    1086 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4687980
    So sorry you have had all the medical issues. I am so glad you are back. Happy Birthday to your daughter! emoticon
    1086 days ago
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! It is SO NICE to read your blog!!! I have missed you! I am so glad they figured out why you were feeling so crappy and the screws started coming loose.....that was God's way of saying "Here is the problem" when you couldn't figure it out. I have heard of that happening before. You are on the uphill climb my friend and you are only going to start feeling better and better I just know it. It will take time but YOU are worth every penny of it and more. Keep taking those tiny steps forward! I can't wait to read your next blog!

    Have a blessed day!
    1086 days ago
    SO SO SO SO SO GLAD to have you back on here and feeling better my friend!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1086 days ago
    Wow! Isn't it amzing how a reaction to something like the metal used for the screws in your leg could affect your health so much.

    Hope for you that the cpap machine helps you. A good sleep is so vital!

    Wishing you all the very best with your carpal tunnel surgery. Hope that helps you feel better, too.

    You have so much going on, but glad, overall, you're feeling better!

    HUGS and prayers this continues.
    1086 days ago
    Welcome back from me too. It sounds like you've had to weather one heckuva storm but the important word here is "weather". So glad to hear you had that lovely time with your daughter. And it's also good to hear that you're willing to do the things you need to do to get well.

    Sending you lots of good healing energy. emoticon
    1087 days ago
    1087 days ago
    Oh yay! Im so glad you are feeling better....
    Glad to have you back on the team and so very happy to see your posts. Hugs sweet friend💕
    1087 days ago
    Good to see you back and thanks for letting me know you are back! I am not as active on Spark as I once was but I do check in from time to time! :)
    1087 days ago
    1087 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    It is so nice to hear from you again Jeanne! .. In spite of all the health issues it sounds like you're in pretty good spirits.
    And the old saying : "One day at a time" as well has one issue at a time.
    I read and liked what Sharon had to say about you in regard to the tracking and so forth. Very good advice from her.
    And it will also help a great deal when you are able to start doing the chair exercises with Sparks TV. There are some really good ones! .. I was just getting into bed and turning my tablet off when your blog popped up but I hope to see you again really soon on the team! .. I feel good now knowing we can stay in touch! .. emoticon
    1087 days ago
    emoticon So sorry you are having medical issues. It is never easy. But I am glad to hear that you are on the mend. Hopefully you will start doing even better after you get your cpap if that is needed. I know I love mine now. But it took awhile to get there. You will be in my prayers!

    1087 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Slow and sure will get things done. You have so much to deal with. Sure glad the screws acted up so they would remove them. I've heard of reactions to them before. I am not moving so fast since my fall, but keep my yard work done and inside is always a work in progress. I pushed away from the table this past month and lost four pounds. It's always a struggle. It has been so hot and humid, being outside is not good for walking yet. But I march in place and even did so at my girlfriends when we sat too much. She is fairly disabled and giggled at me marching faster and faster. Her little dog just loved that activity. Keep on, you can do it.
    1087 days ago
  • ARMY_MOM17
    ... welcome back!...i am thrilled to hear from you again... so sorry you have been going through dad always said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger 😁, take care of yourself as you grow stronger... especially those B.S. levels...
    1087 days ago
    It is nice to hear from you.. I have missed seeing you here at Sparks..take care of yourself and check in when you can.. I will be praying for you..God Bless
    1087 days ago
    I am so glad things are smoothing out for you! You’re headed back towards health again and that is wonderful! Don’t worry about being speedy, just give it your best each day! Have a wonderful, productive week! emoticon
    1087 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    emoticon I'm sorry you've been dealing with so many health issues. I am glad to read you are getting back into the swing of things again. I hope you get your sleep issues reslved soon because that restful,quality sleep you ate craving, and so desperately need, will help your body recover.
    emoticon For letting me know you are back. Start with the basics, tracking food and exercise daily, along with your water. The rest will fall into place with your consistency.
    1087 days ago
  • KURTZIE1998
    I was worried about you, so glad you are on the way to recovery, when I had my bunion removed on my right foot, I also had problems with the screw, it started working its way out, they took it out. They also put a screw in my right foot when they took that bunion out but it was on my 2nd toe so it would stay straight, that screw had to come out to. My body doesn't like foreign objects that don't belong. Welcome back very happy to her from you.
    1087 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2018 11:22:37 PM
  • LINDA!
    It is so nice to see your blog. I knew that you had been gone for a very long time. I am so sorry that you have been so ill. I also have sleep apnea. It doesn't take too long to get accustomed to the mask.

    I wish all the best. God bless you. emoticon
    1087 days ago
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