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Friday, November 16, 2018

Last week I lost -1.6 pounds which is good considering I was calling it "prep" week and only focused on getting everything in order to start...planning, grocery shopping, etc. I did start walking and did 5 days last week but didnt focus on my food until officially starting this week. I think one more week of walking and then its time to dust the running shoes off and re-start the Couch to 5K program again. Gotta just rip the bandaid off and do it. I'm a little apprehensive just because I know it will be hard and its embarrassing knowing where I've come from in the running department. Running 4 half marathons and then not being able to run for more then a couple minutes makes me very mad at myself for letting it get to this point. The only thing I can do is re-focus and do the work. I can get there again and I WILL!

A friend and I decided to do a 6 month weight loss challenge amongst ourselves where every week the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss puts $5 into an online pool fund. Then at the end the winner gets the pot of money. We're trying to keep the motivation high. We started this past Wednesday so next Wednesday will be our first official weigh in.

Right now I'm 2 days in to tracking my calorie intake and its crazy when you start eating a normal amount of food how your "overweight self" feels like you're starving. There are a lot of bad habits I need to break that contribute to being overweight. Some i did without even realizing it. I know this "hungry all the time" feeling goes away after the initial time frame. Just have to keep moving forward one day at a time...one meal at a time. One thing I do know is that is feels good to be in control of my eating again.
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