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Listening, understanding and implementing

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

After I had recouped for about three weeks I went and saw my surgeon and I noticed there was one thing missing and that was him not telling me that I needed to change my eating habits to get healthier and not end up with more problems. Instead he just smiled and said there is no restrictions on your diet. This made me very sad. It made me feel as if I was a failure it as if he saw me as a failure right off the bat and that it was a waste of his time if he even tried to talk to me about it. But like I said those were “my feelings” that’s how I felt which is important but I’m not saying that that’s how we meant to come off. After a couple more weeks I decided to go online and I googled what to eat after gallbladder surgery it came up with a lot of the same things that nutritionists would tell me but it also came up with a lot of different things that I thought were off my diet because nutritionists were saying don’t eat any fats ?! So I thought 🧐 about it and I found out quite a bit of information that sang to me and then it hit me all these years that I have been put out with all these nutritionists. I was always the type of person that looked at people who were talking “to” me and felt as if they were talking “AT” me and trying to run my life and wanted power over everything I did and I rebelled and do you know what I ended up doing ? “I” ended up hurting my body severely and now I’m paying the price for not listening and taking things the wrong way except for one nutritionist she really was controlling. It only took me 41 years to stop that ignorance to stop letting my feelings get in my way I’m just thankful that I survived it all. Now I’m still researching how to eat properly after a gallbladder removal and I’m happy with what I’ve found. I even went to the nutritionist that I like and respect and she gave it an A. I’ll always regret not taking care of myself and not eating properly and never exercising daily. Moving forward I am willing to eat properly especially since my taste buds have changed again and I’m liking vegetables?! 😲😲😲😲 And I’m truly excited about it 😃 I’m chopping and I’m dicing I am baking I’m doing all kinds of things with these vegetables. I’m putting them in almost everything I eat I’m even then adding them to soups shredded carrots who knew I liked shredded carrots in salads and soups it’s amazing how happy I am now. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life. I bought myself a stationary bike! And you know what I’m excited about it ! I love to ride bikes I have an outdoor bike but I can’t ride that yet because I haven’t ridden in decades and the weather is stinky so I will be riding the stationary bike until the weather warms up in a couple of months. I’ll be out there riding my outdoor bike I’ve got everything I need to do it helmet gloves bicycle pump etc. It’s very important to listen, understand and implement the good things in our lives and so far I’ve been doing it daily, just a couple of weeks now and counting 😊 Alison
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