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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Hi Good Friends & Family!

We got through yesterday, (Colonoscopy Friday 9/6as we called it). The prep is clearly the worst part of the whole thing! The Coolyte (the worst tasting clean out solution ever thought of or invented) did a fantastic job; about 2/3 of the gallon caused Mark to make a mad dash - or as fast a a person with left side paralysis and in a wheelchair can make a dash to the toilet!!! He did the best he could and I jumped in with mop and bucket, and clean-up wipes to take care of the rest.

In the end (pardon the pun) there were no further negative findings - no evidence of colon cancer, polyps, tears or fissures, just the internal and external hemorrhoid, which will be removed in the surgery next week (Thu 9/12)! We were quit happy and relieved to hear this news.

Now let's see what I did with your support for me and my program. I did follow my plan with more emphasis on real food, not just the liquid protein. I did find out that eating half of a delicious free-stone softball sized yellow peach was a delicious bright spot. I also did an omelette with one large egg, some diced tomato, onion, mushrooms and pepper. I keep that vegetable mixture in a container in the fridge next to the bag of grated cheese blend.

I had an office visit with my endocrinologist, who was ecstatic with my numbers, but I am spilling protein which could indicate kidney damage. It is probably explained, however, by the fact that most of my blood & urine tests are done after exercise days at the gym, when the body is clearing the broken down proteins normally cleared during the in-between exercise days. My weight, CLOTHED, was 183.2!!! We will just wait and see if timing my lab tests to after recovery days. I did find that my the lower blood pressure (110/50 range) is a NORMAL BP, for me, and goes along with my "new" body size and successfully maintained for over a year and a half.

So how am I feeling? I gotta be honest, a diagnosis of cancer in Mark does concern me. Oh let's be really honest - it scares me! But I am equally determined to maintain my hope and faith in his being cured of this pesky dis-ease. Yes, I hyphenated it! Also I do believe that my God is alive and well AND working in all our lives TODAY, if I let that Loving Friend into my life in every area. After all look at what is and is continuing to happen in my body.

OK that's where I am and WE are today! Thank you for your love and prayers and friendship!

Carl (and Mark too)

PS I'm still weighing in under my goal weight range (180-185, mid point 183) Today 179.6.

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